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  1. Was about to say the same thing. OP the way it's typed is confusing, can you upload a photo of the question? The parenthesis are important
  2. The analogue L2/R2 triggers on a PS4 controller bug me slightly, sometimes when I try rapid firing a pistol, I don't reach the actuation point (which I can't feel) and I randomly stop shooting. I find a mouse easier in that regard.
  3. Yeah lol this, BenQ are the kings of 144Hz. I don't see many consoles supporting 144Hz these days
  4. Any tips? Don't force things. I backup by cloning important docs to Dropbox and downloading them on my laptop. That's a very simplistic, crappy way of doing it though.
  5. It's software, of course it can get exploited. This seems pretty minor, and will probably be patched in a fortnight or has already been done. What do you mean by a "lot of issues". They can't help people using easily guessable passwords/email addresses. You can't fix people's stupidity. FYI: MAC =/= Apple Mac.
  6. Here: It's called 'initialisation'.
  7. No difference, but I've heard that the 4TBs use double platters or are slower. Not 100% sure about that. 3TBs are fine though, I use them
  8. Please post requests for help in the relevant section, such as the planning thread. This is only for actual builds.
  9. There will only be a GTX 980Ti if AMD bring out something better than the GTX 980. Why would they bother? Might as well keep the chip for a GTX 1070/1080. Just because there was a Ti last year, doesn't mean there will be one this year. There was a GTX 660Ti, but no 760Ti.
  10. I had green Kraken Pros, audio was average, there were meh for comfort, but the mic was horrible, almost 0 volume. I wouldn't recommend them, even for $73 bucks.
  11. YES So many useless attachments and gadgets just make things cluttered. Why are there 3 different suppressors for every gun? 3 different ACOGs/MGs, 3 different Holographic & Red dot sights. etc. I miss BC2:V, US had M16s, VC had AKs. No silly scopes/heavy barrels etc. Just balanced warfare.
  12. You should probably hold on to that 660Ti for just a little while longer and see what 20/22nm brings, allegedly just around the corner. The 660Ti is no slouch... But if you really want to upgrade --> Strix/G1 for me
  13. Not too bad one either, i7-4770 + R9-M290X isn't too shabby tbh
  14. This. Never underestimate 0RPM fans, they are legit amazing. Back on topic, the reference cooler >>> everything else, they're quiet, and fucking beautiful.