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  1. In all the comparison shots and videos I've seen online the iPhone 7/7+ did look a bit better than the iPhone 6s/6s+ especially in low light, but it fell slightly short of the s7/s7 edge/Note 7 camera most of the time. Still for my uses any of these are fine seeing as my iPhone 6 camera still serves my needs very well, the extra zoom from the iPhone 7+ is something that would be handy though, there have been situations in the past where I wish I had optical zoom on my phone.
  2. Lol what? The actual release date was 2 days earlier than the Note 5, in some countries it was actually 2 weeks later than the release date of the Note 5; but either way I don't see how that, or the announcement date matters in terms of 'rushing' the device, especially if we're talking a time frame as little as 2-10 days... Whoever wrote and titled this piece should find a new profession, I actually took the time to read the whole article and not once is there a strong correlation between 'ineffective management' or 'a desire to beat apple' and the battery issue. Just a lot of far
  3. Wait... it gets worse The 28th of September is just for South Korea, the date for the US re-release is not until the 21st of OCTOBER No word yet on the actual UK date, but I'm praying it's much closer to the South Korean date than it is the American date...
  4. Fair enough, personally I couldn't see that specific benefit when I compared my friends iPhone 7+, but I wasn't playing games/watching movies on it, and it was in a lit room. If it is noticeable in certain situations though then even more the reasons why Apple need to switch to OLED on their iPhones.
  5. On phone screens? I'm only specifically referring to the difference between the iPhone 7/7+ and the Note 7 (Or other OLED panel phones).
  6. I'm going to go beg one of the stores to let me buy it as my pre ordered Note 7 never came Edit: It seems the reason why it doesn't have the green battery icon yet is because it violates google's terms: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016/09/samsungs-latest-note-7-battery-fix-violates-android-compatibility-docs/
  7. You're right, they don't look that much better on phones, if you put the iPhone 7+ and the Note 7 next to each other you'll just see slightly more vibrant colours on the Note 7, probably wont even notice the deeper blacks. But it has other advantages, like the option for an always on display and less power consumption, which is why I think Apple will move to OLED in the near future.
  8. Did you read what I wrote?? I said it takes a long time for jailbreaks to be released now a days. I'm very aware that there is no iOS 10 jailbreak yet, and that there wont be for a while. Which is one of a few reasons why I'm getting a Note 7 and not an iPhone 7+.
  9. I already went into this in detail on another thread, but burn in isn't an issue to worry about on modern OLED panels for phones, under normal use before burn in occurs you're likely to have purchased a new phone already, especially if you follow the 2 year cycle which I do. I think it's LG Displays, and JDI that do the iPhone displays, Samsung do the iPad displays only. I agree iOS is dull at stock and very... very limiting. But a jailbroken iOS device in my opinion is just as good as an android device, the jailbreak community make some amazing things, it's jus
  10. While this may not be 'innovation' it's pretty undeniable that the iPhone 7/7+ displays have taken small 720p/1080p IPS LCD displays to their limits and made it even more power efficient, that's pretty impressive imo. I'm looking forward to when they make the shift to OLED, then they will have a shot at being the best phone screen on the market.
  11. Re:Zero just aired its last episode of the season today, it's 25 episodes and really... really good. Sousei no Onmyouji (Twin Star Exorcist) is mid way through, it's going to have 50 episodes, it's at 23 right now, also very good. And if you haven't watched it already I would 100% suggest watching Magi (both normal seasons and the Sinbad flashback season) And also watch Nanatsu No Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins). They are all action based and pretty modern (the first 2 are from last season and continued into this season) and they are similar to the ones you said you al
  12. Hopefully it's solved in a software update, but it seems to happen at various loads, some reporting that even at idle they can hear it (but only when the phone is close to their ear) and others, including Darrell Etherington, who is former Apple PR now a TechCrunch writer said that he could hear it at a decent volume while simply going through the set up process. But yh I think most cases are just when people are playing demanding games or under other heavy loads.
  13. There are lots of reports of iPhone 7/7+'s making a very noticeable hissing sound when at high loads and a not so noticeable one when at 'low-ish' loads, have you noticed anything with your device yet? Or any other iPhone 7/7+ owner.
  14. @Cooly568 @GoodBytes On top of that there is no 3200x1800 QHD+ option, which is probably what would swing me towards the xps line, or the Asus Zenbook ux305ca w/ the QHD+ display (Which I'm assuming will be a similar price to the 14" Inspiron when it comes to the UK) and no touch screen option. It seems you can also get dual drives with the Inspiron (Although not much use for me) This is the HK link: http://www.dell.com/hk/en/p/inspiron-14-7460-laptop/pd?oc=14a-d5520 Although it doesn't show memory/processor options on there, only one model in two colours for now
  15. I guess It's hard to have a lot of cops to regulate things like this, it's just like speeding, you see people speeding all the time so the best bet is to deter people instead with harsher penalties. It wont stop a lot of people, but it will cut down repeat offenders, and hopefully stop some new drivers. But the people who have been using their device at the wheel for years and still haven't been caught, they're probably the people you'll keep seeing unfortunately