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  1. You americans should not worry about trump. He is nothing compared to our politicians.
  2. This beauty queen will even look more beautiful when painted. Great work definitely.
  3. I am right now playing BF4 and would like to have a buddy to fight with side by side.I mostly play on Asian servers because of the low ping. Origin: Xenic_251
  4. EA= worthless trash bags,price of pig's poo,scumbags. They don't care about their customers and they never will. It's up to us,we can change them. We can stop buying their games(espcaislly pre orders) and then let them give some space to change the way they think. Please never pre order any game.......plzz
  5. Whatsapp service charge is $0.99/Year. So in this case the user don't have to worry,right?
  6. If anyone is interested in playing with me in mostly Asian servers then my origin ID : Xenic_251
  7. Really want to see trump as a president and see how the country gets rekt.
  8. I can't put on my headphones with out getting a bit electrocuted. Headphone has a metal frame and it only happens when I plug in headphones port. Sorry bad enough.not in mood to even write it!
  9. it can actually be made earth quake proof. If you place it on a board supported by soft springs(springs underneath the board) and put it in a reinforced steel cage. Springs will save the components from extreme vibrations by lowering their amplitude.(bad English can't really express what I have in my mind)
  10. Please don't post anything that is religious or related to terrorism. Not all Muslims are same. ISIS members are not Muslims. They destroy mosques,they don't know where to pray and bow their heads,in short they do everything that is against the teaching of Islam. Media has brainwashed a lot of westerns....
  11. It's because those people want to feel different which totally doesn't makes sense. Moreover it doesn't really makes them cool looking hipsters. The way you say that God is the worst engineer of all times is actually wrong on all levels. If something smashes your fantasies to ground then just think differently. And then there are people who actually worship devil for real for in turn of something they want. It's real. Believe me.
  12. Mine craft is filled with kids. No interest in all ways anymore.
  13. aaaaaand the reason behind it?
  14. Which one should I buy. Sorry I don't remember the router's name. It was from TP-link.