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    Some random Island in the middle of the ocean.
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    Surfing, Skateboarding, PC Gaming, PC Building, Sim Racing and some more.


  • CPU
    Intel Core i5 4690k @4.2Ghz
  • Motherboard
    ASRock Z97 Anniversary
  • RAM
    2x4GB Kingston HyperX Fury 1600Mhz RAM
  • GPU
    Sapphire Radeon RX 480 Nitro+ 4GB
  • Case
    Phanteks P400S Tempered Glass Edition
  • Storage
    Seagate 1TB HDD+ WD Blue 620GB
  • PSU
    Seasonic M12II-620 EVO 620W 80 Plus Bronze Modular
  • Display(s)
    BenQ EW2440L+LG 22EN33S+Samsung 42 Inch TV
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Strafe RGB MX Brown
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502
  • Sound
    Some random Trust Speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home

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  1. Yeah true that, but the H110i is only 3 euros more over here than the H100i V2, I also would want to futureproof myself since I might be upgrading to Z270 Platform.
  2. I can't decide what's better, the Corsair H110i or Corsair H100i V2? One of them has a 280 Radiator but I heard it has a worse pump and it's connected through Sata and it covers less the CPU and it has better and bigger fans And the other one has a 240 Radiator and it solves all the problems above plus it looks better, but obviously, the radiator is smaller
  3. Gonna flip the CPU cooler when I will have some time, my previous case had clearance issues and the cooler had to be in a horizontal way because of it.
  4. Well, I can't make my room cooler, I live in the Canary Islands and 25ºC and it's night time already soo yeah... I have it pretty close to the wall, but I can't put it away from it because my desk doesn't let me
  5. Okay so lately I've been getting really high temperatures on the CPU with Prime 95 without Overclock (to check the temperatures I used RealTemp) and on full load I get 75ºC with all of my fans on max (case fans and CPU fan). What am I doing wrong?
  6. Yes, I know I want the P400S over the S340 mainly because of the sound dampening foam and the fan controller (PC Is loud as f*ck). Also one more question, does the fan controller also controll 3 PIN fan connectors or only 4 PIN Fan connectors?
  7. I'm questioning because I want to know if I should get the P400S or the P400.
  8. Anyone knows at what are the 3 default speeds on the fan controler on the Phanteks Eclipse P400S?
  9. I feel Happy seeing my PSU in Tier 3 haha
  10. I have a little problem, you'll see, I always used 3 monitors, one monitor with a VGA port, one with DisplayPort and one with HDMI, my graphics card was the Gigabyte Radeon R9 270X 2GB. Now I just got the Sapphire Radeon RX 480 4GB, and I have a slight problem... I CAN'T CONNECT ONE OF MY MONITORS! I know that you have to use Active adapters to connect a VGA monitor to the RX 480, but there aren't really other solutions to connect it without the active adapter? Thanks.
  11. Okay, so my friend built a PC, specs: (i7 6700k, Asus Z170A, MSI 1070 Quicksilver, EVGA 650G2, Samsung SSD) and everything worked, he tested on Dirt 3, worked, then he tried play Forza Motorsport 6 Apex and the PC turned off, then when he tried to boot up, nothing, no lights nothing. Then he unplugged the GPU PCIE Connectors and the GPU started to light up and the fans started to spin, no signal. Then he tried to boot up on the integrated graphics, same thing but still no signal. Does anyone know what could happen?
  12. Clear the CMOS man, it should do it.