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    Asus Rampage V Ed. 10
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    32GB x4 Corsair Vengance
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    Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
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    be quiet! Dark Base 900 pro
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    MyDigitalSSD 480GB M.2
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    Corsair AX760 Platinum
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    AOC 2460G5
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    cpu - Corsair H115i gpu - Corsair H50 / Kraken G10
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    Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 USB
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    Razer Deathadder - 10,000 dpi
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I have an i7-8700k and with black Friday around the corner I'm debating if I should upgrade to an i9-9900k for $300 or save up and switch to Ryzen in a year or so? What do you guys think? I need it mostly for gaming and some light production stuff.
  2. I was wondering if anyone would help me figure out how to overclock my amd rx 570/580 cards on a linux ubuntu 20.04 rig where I'm mining ethereum. I did a bios overclock on the cards a while ago using polaris. It's been such a long time I don't even remember how i did it, but I know that it's done. I use to mine on windows and I could use the graphics overclocking tools to overclock the memory, but on linux it's another story. I recently switched over to linux for the mining setup and I'm using nanominer, but I'm not getting the same hash rate like I was able to get on windows. I appreciate an
  3. I had nothing but Samsung phones before I switched to Pixel. In my experience the Samsung phones were awful over the long term. They have lots of buggy software that Samsung forces you to have on there. Also, they ran into trouble trying to "make things better" and you can read it here. What I like about the Pixel is that it's entirely designed to give the best Android experience in terms of user experience with software and features. Google assistant is very helpful in so many ways compared to Samsung's Bixby - what a failure that is. I switched to Pixel 3 last year and it's been a world of
  4. It's possible the bios update changed some of your default settings. I don't remember the exact setting, but there is a bios option that basically makes the cpu run at full even if it's idle. It has to do with intel's P-state and C-state settings. You'll have to search through the bios to find it and change it.
  5. Going from dual to quad nearly doubles the available memory bandwidth which is great, but you won't see much of an impact in video editing or gaming. If you have cash to burn go for it, but the benefit is going to be so small that I wouldn't suggest you pay extra for it.
  6. Basically dual/quad channel allows data to flow faster between the RAM and CPU. You can read the wiki for more details. If you have 4 sticks of ram and the option is either dual or quad channel than go for quad since you will be optimizing the full potential of the configuration. Ultimately it comes down to your use case. If your looking at a gaming system to just play games on and surf the web it won't make much of an impact to performance which one you use. I have a HEDT with quad channel and a gaming rig with dual channel. I have 4 sticks of ram in both now, but I've tried the gaming rig wi
  7. I found some good options for that on ebay with a nice 7820hq too. Thanks for the help!
  8. Hi, everyone. I need some help picking out the right laptop. I need something that will be a workstation. I'm looking at the 600-900 range. Obviously the cheaper option would be best. It needs to be able to handle a lot of chrome tabs like 50 or more while running things like Adobe PDF, MS Word, Excel, and some other background tasks. I found this IdeaPad, but I'm not sure about the Core i5-1035G1. The other option I found for myself was this HP ProBook 455 and it has a Ryzen 7 4700U which should offer more bang for buck. Which would you pick and do you know if there's anything out there that
  9. I used K9 Web Protection, but it seems they were purchased by Symantec (which was later purchased by Broadcom) and the software was terminated. This article provides some alternatives. I'm not sure if those will run on Linux, but at least it's a start.
  10. Try either Chromium or Brave 1.0. Brave is a new privacy focused browser built on the Chromium open source project (not to be confused with Google Chrome). Or you could always old school it and try NetScape Navigator LOL.
  11. Check the cord, I've had that noise happen to me before too. Turned out the cord wasn't making a stable connection so that noise was actually the electricity barely making contact with the pins. Unplug it make sure everything is clean. If you still hear that noise try putting some pressure on the cord where it connects to the PSU and see if the noise stops. If it does stop I would suggest you replace the power cord.
  12. check that the memory is securely in the slot if you were messing around with them earlier, otherwise, they might be dead. To test this try removing the ram sticks and only boot with one at a time. If one of them is dead you won't be able to boot.
  13. As long as you don't have a leak it's fine.
  14. Looks more like a power grab to me too. I hope this will be the final nail in Wiki's coffin. Wiki is full of shady information. I stopped trusting them a long time ago.
  15. Even if the sound is sporadic it shouldn't be making the noise. It could be something simple like a bad fan, or it could something worse. I wouldn't advise you to risk it since this PC is mission critical for you and the PSU is mission critical for your PC. If that fails and has a catastrophic failure that could destroy the entire system including your data, but these types of failures are extremely rare and in most cases the PSU will brake without harm to other parts. Try to figure out how to open up the case than examine the PSU.