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    Official member of the OLTT
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    Well, I'll spare all of you from my 3 page long Biography...
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    ASRock X79 Extreme 3
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    16 GB G.Skill Trident X @ 2133MHz
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    Reference 780Ti
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    NZXT Switch 810
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    128 GB Samsung 840 Pro, WD Caviar Black 2TB
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    Corsair CX750M :(
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    Asus PB278Q, 42" Samsung 3D TV
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    Zalman Performa (Watercooling soon)
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    AKG K702 with anniversary pads
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

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  1. Jobobee


    Meant specific to Star Citizen. Might want to check the section it's under!
  2. Jobobee


    Hi everyone, Been a while... Some of the old folk on here might remember me from the early days of the org, but considering I haven't been around for about 2 years, most of the people here won't. Anybody fancy giving me the quick run-down on what I've missed? I haven't played the game since early alpha, so I'm sure that I've missed a load.
  3. Interesting card, but a 6 and a half minute video for a graphics card? (Sponsor was 1 minute)
  4. That's more or less my old connection, paid for 20/1, but got around 12/.7. Upgraded to Fibre to the Cabinet, paying for 50/10, and normally get 47/10, so pretty good, I'm happy.
  5. Managed to fix this after quite some time. I tried it in a different plug, and it flickered on and off. I turned the lights on to see if that made a difference on the screen, as previously when the lights were turned on the screen would flicker off for a second. I noticed that the lights flickered every few seconds, so I turned my attention to the fuse box. I turned the main fuse on and off, to no avail. I then turned the fuse at the main box (The one that counts the electricity used), on and off. The problem continued. The only thing that I could think of that was different was that I was charging a Mac Book air. I unplugged it, and all of the problems went away. I believe that the charger has a short circuit or something in it, causing problems with the electric circuit. Thanks for your help everyone.
  6. Something else weird that I noticed, when the computer is turned off, but the second screen is on, the light stays blue, when it would normally turn yellow. EDIT: Also, when only the second screen is plugged in, I can get to the screen's on-board menu. When they're both in, I can't...
  7. Hello, I'm having problems with my monitors. When I only have the secondary one plugged in, it works fine. However, when I plug the main one in, it goes black, although still detects a signal, and the computer detects it being plugged in. The problem also occurs in the BIOS, as the secondary one normally displays the UEFI, however with both plugged in, it stays black. This problem has only started today, I believe that I accidentally left the monitor on overnight, although with the computer off, it would have quickly gone to sleep. I have re-seated my GPU and cleared the CMOS, to no avail. Thanks a lot, Jobobee
  8. I have a HOTAS (SAITEK x52 Pro), rudder pedals (Saitek), and a yoke (Saitek). I haven't played Star Citizen much at all, and I certainly haven't calibrated the HOTAS as when I try to use it it spazzes all over the place. I might use the Yoke when I'm doing non-combat stuff, which will be a large part of the time, but it's simply not practical for dog fighting. You'd certainly want to get rudder pedals, as the extra axis is very useful, although lots of joysticks have it built in, you could use the one in the joystick for something else.
  9. I liked this one, it's nice when Linus and Luke give some insight as to what's going on at LMG. More tech news is obviously required, but it should be balanced.
  10. Ah, well, you kinda need someone to deliver it... Sure, it might be able to be done by paying the game and then it gets loaded onto someone else's ship as cargo, or something. Sure that it would be cool to run a private one though.
  11. Oooh, I would love to do a FedEx service or something. With possibly a little bit of illegal cargo in some of the ships. But we will CERTAINLY declare everything through customs. Unless you buy the gold package.
  12. Ah, out of date for me. STARCITIZEN NAME: Jobobee STARCITIZEN MONIKER: Jobobee SHIPS: Freelancer MAX.
  13. Hello, I'm trying to get my Canon Inkjet MX320 to work with my Asus RT87U Router. I've configured it in Windows and it was working perfectly, however now it stays on "Printing" for a long time, and then eventually, says "Error, the printer could not print <Document name>". It works if attached directly to the computer. Thanks, Joseph