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  1. 1 (1b) Running Pihole (this one broke D:) 1 (1b) Running Logitech Media server for squeezebox 1 (pi Zero) connects to my powermeter to see current power and gas usage 1 (3b) Running homebridge and custom home automation software 1 (1b ?) is gonna be a an Octo print server i own 3 1B originals. Bought one when they came out, as so did my brother, he stopped using his so i got it. and around the same time i got one from my internship the Zero i bought as an impulse buy, the 3b was bought to play around with for the custom software Thinking of buying a 4b (4gb) to replace what the 3b does, and run pihole on the 3b Or run pihole on a VM on my nas
  2. The problem with 3rd party cheap chargers are bad terrible power supply's that can destroy the phone. iOS has software level protection for the Lightning connector. (if you connect it to a computer is asked, do you trust this device). that only shows up when the device is unlocked. if the device is unlocked. the port goes in to charging only mode
  3. The Pen is way to expensive for a 329 tablet, but the pen is pretty good i have been using an iPad Air 2 in my backpack for years, with a case and sometimes a case with keyboard. it still looks great, and i have done a lot work on the iPad, i know that is just me. But there is a lot of app's so you can do work on it ( i work as a web developer )
  4. if you want to use the Freesync tech. you need the AMD Gpu
  5. I own a HP Microserver Gen 8 (G1610t) and it's a pretty good nas. got it for 220 Euro's did update it to a i3 2220 and 16gb of ram
  6. i'm a big fan of the h801 controller, also a esp8266 in a box https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/1-stks-H801-WiFi-RGBW-LED-WIFI-controller-RGBW-WiFi-LED-H801-Controller-DC5-24V-ingang/32833287206.html
  7. Yes the voltage will be the same (9v battery's are 6 AAAA battery's) and the amperage available will be higher. but that is a good thing, it will only use what it needs so it will last longer
  8. Don't now if palm scanners are a real thing to be ownest but there are some cheap arduino compatible finger print scanners on AliExpress https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/biometric-reader/954287680.html for 2 , yes you could with the use of correct electronics (a transistor and some resistors) connect the pc powerpins and for 3. you could make the arduibo emulate a keyboard and let it type your password
  9. i like the hue bulbs the most. the app and eco system is really nice. and i like the colors.
  10. For me it's the interface. my tv has a plex client and a file browser. the plex client is netflix like and makes it easy and simple to watch a movie. Also streaming to my phone , and syncing. sharing media Also i have sonarr installed, so when i get home i can turn on the tv -> plex -> watch my tv shows without turning on my pc or laptop. For me personally it's great and i have a plex lifetime pass
  11. This is super cool. i always wanted to also design one and just have it hanging on the ceiling. My original idea was to build a nano sat like http://www.delfispace.nl i visited the dutch ESA facility and there i've met the person behind that project and got to hold and play with the Delft-C3 testing bed. (as the real one was in space ofc) and he explained how it worked. He also told me that the cost of the satellite was pretty low. and the launch was the most expensive part
  12. i rather have a hub (or acces point) dedicated to the bulbs. but more to make it easier to controll them. a wifi radio can have 127 devices connected to it. so your not gonna run in to a lot of problems there. for data my longest running Xiaomi Yeelight has used arround 100MB in a year. and offcourse keep them in a different network. i have my iot devices in a different Vlan, that is closed down with my Home automation server on the main Vlan and the iot Vlan
  13. most light's have an Api (Hue, Xiaomi, Lifx ((don't now about tp-link but probably)) and the data usage of both the Hue and Xiaomi lights is super low, so they are not sending audio back. they also don't have microphone's
  14. i have Philips hue and xiaomi lights. the Phillips are better. but for the price of the xiaomi bulbs they are great