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    "light" OC(till it die or till magic smoke), programming, modding gpus and mobo. Bikes
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    Student of electroengineering / semiconductors
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    E-bike servis


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    Ryzen 5 3600 4.2
  • Motherboard
    Ascrock B550 steel legend
  • RAM
    Patriot Viper Steel Series 16GB KIT DDR4 3600 MHz CL17 (15-16-16-35)
  • GPU
    GTX 1650 super memory +1250 Mhz core + 200 Mhz volt mod and shunt mod
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    EVOLVEO Ptero Q12
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    Seagate BarraCuda 2 TB
    Toshiba from ntb 2TB
    Samsung evo 870 1TB
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    Seasonic S12III-550
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    Samsung C24RG50
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    ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240
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    some old stuff
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    Logitech G203 Prodigy Gaming Mouse
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    Windows 11 home
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    Samsung galaxy A70

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  1. Hi, so today I repaired pc and noticed something weird. PC was crashing while booting to windows (that eventually brought it to blue screen). Customers had it in 3 repair shops and they said that motherboard or cpu was bad. So he called me. He was using pc with gigabyte b45pm h and r5 3600. He bought new motherboard (some Asus b550, it is some rog, idk) it was doing same thing. So set cpu to 3Ghz 1.4V vcore and system to 1.1(from 1.05). Ram to 1.4V. And system started working. So I did some testing and cpu was so degraded that it can only run 4.05Ghz with 1.375V and 1.1V (that other important
  2. Check hot spot with gpuZ. This issue may be from hot spot. Yeah, gpu can be around 70°C but hot spot can be 90°C and in that case gpu starts underclocking itself or it can shutdown it self. If hot spot is higher than 90°C try to remount cooler. Because you may have bad pressure from cooler to gpu core. And lower power to 70%
  3. Try RMA. Maybe it's just bad. This sounds like it just committed suicide. Messure core rezistance behind gpu caps. It should be around 1~0.1 ohms. Memory should be around 65~25 ohms. These are two mains components that u can messure
  4. Did u try replacing thermal paste? These temperatures are a little higher then it should be, only around 5°C, but that is only matter of airflow. You can also try upping fan curve, for example try to make it so when it hit 70°C fans will go to 85%
  5. Like yeah. We should do it manually, but it's too time consuming. So someone came up with an app for it. I'm in Slovakia, one of worst economics and highest taxes in EU and world. School system gets very little money for its needs. Even worse, I'm in "richest" region so my school gets minimum money by law( other regions are better, but this school has a good name and I have "bright future", so I will have good paying job). Not best conditions, but I have to work with what I have. At least for now. And yeah, average phone user XD.
  6. When it starts lagging and slowing down I check memory usage in settings. But it will reach 5GB and then it will slow down significantly or app just crashes. When u have 2000Hz rising Edge and u need to really fast find some spots and need to compare with oscilloscope, app will crash after 400~700 devisions. Its frustrating because when it crashes u can't start where it crashed. 10GB ram is with some headroom for the future. App was made by some student in my school to help us. But it was primarily made for iPhone and only adopted for android use. My primary subjects is making IC for computing
  7. I know its midrange phone. But I'm looking price tag around 500€~700€. In my state we can write is as business expense and it will get you - 23% of price. On android I would need at least 10GB ram for my usage but apple needs only 4GB(my friend has a iPhone and he needs only 4GB ram and still has headroom, I still don't know how it is possible). And I have serious strist issues with oppo or huawei. I don't have problem if they will scan Icloud or my Google photos because store where I have data is their property, but I have problem with scanning my personal device that I bought and it's my pro
  8. I know that it's not high end phone. I'm constantly running out of ram. Android on my phone is using 2.1 GB ram, as soon as usage hit 5GB it starts to extremely slows down. I need better optimization. CPU is still fast enough also battery is still good after two years of heavy usage. I would need at least 10GB ram. My but my friend with iPhone is good with 4GB ram and still has headroom. This was why I was considering iPhone. This time instead of android.
  9. Yes, it meet all aspects. But I'm concerned about CSAM. I'm just pessimistic from my experience with AI. At least with that I come across in school. There is just too many things that can go wrong. We worked on some face stuff that should shown your ethnicity, but it was catastrophicall failure
  10. Hi. Over the years I tried every big company but not apple. So now it's time for upgrade, because A70 is just not powerful enough for me. Now I want to try apple and wait for new iPhone, but I don't like what they are planning to do. They will be scanning, my face for child abuse and their AI will be scanning for child porn? I get it, but I like my privacy. My gf is, let's just say she has smaller breasts. So now AI will flag the photos and send it to verification? AI will for sure make a lot of mistakes (AI are hard to train for this application, I worked at similar project and we failed, bec
  11. Sadly no. Issue is still there. But buildziod shown work around that but I didn't try it yet. Something with amd cores ect. I don't know, didn't look in details yet. As I said. I didn't try it. But he fixed different problem that I don't have right now.
  12. It will work. But I won't have any new drivers support. It will maybe run gtaV, but nothing more powerful
  13. Put your card into freezer or under some heat greater then 100°C but below 160°C. Because this seems to me as one of your bga soldering balls or something between your gpu and pcb may be damaged. It's more than common with this older cards. My old r7 370 has same issue. I put it into freezer for two hours and let it dry for a day and used head gun for making sure there is no water. Card worked for 4 months than it happened again. So try this, you have nothing to lose. (this happened because of thermal cycles)
  14. Thank you for helping, I installed win11 already. I just installed it from USB drive that I modified.
  15. Or try tu set up PCI to 8x gen2. This should boot everything. Or you can disassemble gpu and check vrm, rezistance of core and memory. There is possibility that vrm burned down, its common issue with this kind of amd gpu. But I need to put down cooler. Core should have around 0.8~1.5ohm and memory 25~65 ohm.