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    "light" OC(till it die or till magic smoke), programming, modding gpus and mobo. Bikes
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    Student of electro engineering.


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    Ryzen 5 3600 4.2
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    Ascrock B550 steel legend
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    Patriot Viper Steel Series 16GB KIT DDR4 3600 MHz CL17 (15-16-16-35)
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    GTX 1650 super memory +1250 Mhz core + 200 Mhz volt mod and shunt mod
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    EVOLVEO Ptero Q12
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    Seagate BarraCuda 2 TB
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    Seasonic S12III-550
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    Samsung C24RG50
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    ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240
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    some old stuff
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    Logitech G203 Prodigy Gaming Mouse
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    100% legal win10

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  1. If your VRM has a fault in it. 50/50 chance that core is dead (at least in my experience trying to repair broken gpus). Best way to test VRM is to find datasheet for your mosfet or Half_Bridge (depends on what u have) and look for minimal voltage (u can also check rezistence, calculate R=12/ [ W/U] ) or put 5V into 6 pin and PCI power and check voltage on the core. If there is 5V your card is dead or close to dead. Or u can fuck it and add vire from a cap behind the core and another vire to the ground and check voltage. If there is +12V or your PSU trips. Your card is dead
  2. Hi guys. I'm currently modding one of my old cards (r7 370X) and there is some weird power plain and power distribution. I don't want to overload my PCI power (I found moded bios where are all limits disabled) and when I measured PCI power it was pulling 110W. So I want to solder wire (+12V) from 8 pin to the PCI power. I don't think it should short anything, but to be sure I'm asking if it would be problem. Because I don't want to short my PSU rails. In the past I just cut the lines from pci power and soldered wire from 6 pin to pci on my 1650S. I don't want to do this here. So what's your op
  3. Did u try driver reinstall? Or different port on your display and gpu? U can also try different cable.
  4. I live in Slovak Republic. So there aren't any good company for this application. So I will go for dell or HP. My classmate have to configure software. I read about AI needs. And. There is a lot of different "AI". But epic 75F3 should be enough (32cores 4GHz). But now I'm lost. Because there is so mutch what my school wants from it. Estimated cost from dell is 35 000€ without A100, that I need to buy (+12 000€)(40GB version) .But I think it should be possible for me to install it and set up PCI lanes for it. So there is 2TB of 3200MHz ram, mentioned epic. 4TB Ssd gen 4 for AI storage and ect.
  5. Good to know. So I should pick server with A100 for school server. And what about cpu. Is it overkill to use epic 7763 and 2 tb of ram? I don't care about storage, we have more some local server with 100TB. Sorry for so many questions, but I never build server and also AI server XD. I still don't understand why they picked me tho. Sever will be also configured for some light video rendering and something with music, idk. But main use will be for AI
  6. So building it by my self is stupid? Because I have to do some physical work on this project. I guess, I will just install gpu if it will not be in the options and setup server. Thank u for your recommendations
  7. Hi guys. My school gave me 50K for AI sever (it's my project). And I want to ask, what components should I use. I was thinking about new zen 3 sever chip (7763)64 cores with 2TB ram. And some quadro gpus. Or is there something better? My budget is 50K, ideally 40K. My currency is €. Feel free to any suggestions. This server will be also used as cloud for my school and it will run some virtual machines. And catch is I have to build it. I'm good with normal pc builds( I build more than 25pc, but never server) and how should I configure it.
  8. I'm running r7 370 as display output and 1650S for mining. I have both drivers installed and from time to time I'm swapping only to 1650S or r7 370. In both scenarios I didn't run into drivers conflicting. But it can be possible that drivers are the issue. This performance lack can be caused by slow ram. If u are running only 2133MHz or anything lower than 3200MHz, this could be the issue. Or if u are running 3600 cl18. Vega 11 is dependent on the ram speed, because all of it's VRAM is half of the ram(you could set it up to run for example only 2gb, doesn't matter ). So I would check ram speed
  9. Bro, I think your driver is corrupted. Try to reinstall it. It should do. If not reply and I will write down more solutions
  10. Hmm, maybe some software issue. If u have clamp meter, try to measure amps going to the 8 pin. Amps*12=Wats. But keep in mind that card is still pulling some power through the mobo. But if HS/s or gaming performance is same, personally I wouldn't really care too mutch. There could be driver issues, software bugs, ect. So if it doesn't affect thermals in a bad way or performance, I wouldn't care too mutch about this problem.
  11. Lack of memory, so when u open other app gpu will drop some minig threads. Less ming threads means less gpu usage and that means less power draw. This is absolutely normal behaviour
  12. So if it is only with warzone, I would try to reinstall it (I know how big the game is) or driver reinstall. And also, if u have friend, try gpu in his pc and try warzone there. There is software issue. So I would go from driver to the game scripts.
  13. so its monitor, maybe some of capacitors are gone. this would explain the issue. try to check it and replace it
  14. No, not even ESC. So should I update bios? I tried different keyboard and it still doesn't work.
  15. Hi, so like a month ago I bought asrock b550 steel legend. My previous mobo was msi x570 gaming edge. And I don't know any shortcuts for asrock bios. On my old msi I only pressed F10 and bios automatically /save and exit/. Now I have to go there manualy. And many more shortcuts that worked on my msi and also on my friends Asus bord does not work on mine now. So I don't know if bios is broken or my keyboard is not supported on this bios. I can't even save my settings, because I can't set there a name and save it. Have anyone else experienced this? I can attach photos if needed. My bios is origi