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    i5 6500
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    Asus Z170-AR
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    Hyper X 16gb 2133 DDR4
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    Sapphire 380x 4G Nitro
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    Corsair 400Q
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    Kingston V300 240gb SSD and Seagate Barracuda 1tb HDD
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    Corsair RM750
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    Dual BenQ 27" 1080p 60hz
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    NH-D14 and four Noctua NF-F12 PPC
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    Daskeyboard Model S (MX Brown)
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    Steelseries Rival 300 CS:GO Edition
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    Alesis M1 Active and Sony MDRXB950BT
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    Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, DOS and Ubuntu
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  1. Help me decide

    good for compatibility if you don't want to think about it, probably also fine if it is a cpu only loop. But yes...
  2. CSGO PGL Major Final Prediction?

    gambit v IMT solid meme zues op plz nerf
  3. Optimal fan setup for Corsair 400C

    probs top and front intake and rear exhaust
  4. Grommets

    since im cutting the hole myself it shouldnt matter much. Cheers
  5. Grommets

    I'm looking for a replacement grommet for the corsair 570x. I'm going to make a new hole at the bottom for GPU cable routing and I'd like it to look more professional.
  6. Help me decide

    I recommend 1 of 3 options: Get the EK S240. It's aluminium, so you CANNOT mix metals and have to be careful when shopping but it should be fine to expand in the future. The quality is not an issue. If you do want to do your GPU as well (I know you said you didn't but may as well let you know that it's there) theres the S240G and if you really want to pinch pennies there is the S120, although the S240 is much better value. There is also the S360 but if you are just cooling a cpu the 240 will do fine. Get the EK L240. Pretty much the same as the S240 but with copper blocks so you dont have to fret about mixing metals. This wont really get you much performance increase from the S240 and it does cost more. Get a monster air cooler like the NHD15. This will do just as good of a job as an AIO or even a small custom loop (more or less) and probably will end up being cheaper and less of a headache. Water cooling is still a good option but I recommend you go for a custom loop in a kit or a air cooler. AIOs are not recommended by me. Some people swear by them but I've has way too many failures and found them to be less than impressive in terms of long term use and maintenance and quality of construction. EDIT: forgot to mention that both custom water cooling kits I mentioned will be fine for hardline but you'll obviously have to replace the fittings. ANOTHER EDIT: forgot to give links. Listed below: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-kit-s240 https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-kit-l240-1 http://noctua.at/en/products/cpu-cooler-retail/nh-d15
  7. Cable routing mods (Corsair Crystal 570x)

    cheers. I probably will cut another for the GPU cables. Is it possible to order a match grommet to line the new hole with?
  8. Cable routing mods (Corsair Crystal 570x)

    A routing hole for the IO or the PSU cables?
  9. Cheap AM4 cooler

    Yeah, all I'd be doing is going into the BIOS and checking that everything is working and detected.
  10. I'm planning to build in the 570x and I'm concerned about the mobo I/O cable and GPU cable routing. I wanted to cut two holes in the PSU shroud to run these cables into. Very similar to the cable routing options in the s340. (pics of both cases included) I have never attempted any sort of case mod. I don't know what tools to use, what exactly to do or ANYTHING. Plz halp
  11. Cheap AM4 cooler

    It says it can cool up to 70w tdp chips and the 1800x is at 95w stock. Will that end up being a problem with the system running for just a few minutes?
  12. Loop idea

    Right-o. Thanks a ton for the help in both threads. Gnight mate
  13. Loop idea

    Also, both links lead nowhere. Goes to the bitspower site but says the product is not found.
  14. Loop idea

    Ew. Will definitely avoid the red. I'll check the specs and look into ordering from them but if the shipping to the west coast of Australia is too obscene (assuming it'll come from the US), I'll just go with a d5 from EK.
  15. Cheap AM4 cooler

    Hey, I'm planning a water cooled build and I obviously want to test the system before I go and slap water blocks on everything. The 1800x doesn't come with a cooler, so I'm looking for the cheapest air cooler that will handle the 1800x for a quick component test...