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  1. I think we all are curious what performace will have Ryzen+
  2. Ok you buil you pc as you want i build my pc as i want im just making conversation to see how other think i dont want to trigger you dont take it that seriousli ok?
  3. Yes you dont upgrade very year but who khows what procesor heavy programs or games will apear and if like me you are on a buget pc and you need to upgrade as fast as posible as cheap as posible and as much performance as posible and without changing motherboard saving money
  4. You are right i discoverd that dvi to vga is not posible for pascal arhitecture (1000 series gpu ) only for 900 and down
  5. I know ,I know coffee lake is best at gaming and tie at editing but AMD promises that they will have new prosesors for AM4 soket for at least 3-4 years that means you can get high end prosesor in 2021 without geting a new mothet board and also ryzen is cheper and overclockble without a premium edition .So Ryzen is the long therm smart choise and intel is like who has money to spend trowith to us
  6. Instead of buing a new monitor for you new computer you can instead buy a HDMI adaptor to vga for 10 dolars so you can save some money for other acsesories or components like a stick of ram, a motherboard or a psu
  7. I want to edit , potoshop , and do a some gaming what do you recomend ?? 3gb or 6 gb or somting else but under 300 dolars
  8. For 50 dolars is a very handsome cooler but, one of you guys know how many deggres have in load with an ryzen 3 1200
  9. Will be very good because im going to buy a ryzen system and to have after 3 years for AM4 a brand new line of procesors will save some money for not buing a motherboard
  10. I think AMD will stick to zen 2 and vega but , they coud make a surprise and made a new procesor for treadripper soket
  11. Do you tink guys that AMD will have a comeback in at least 1 year for one upgrade for zen cips like for ryzen 3 1200 and 1300X upgrade to a ryzen 3 1250 and ryzen 1350X to make as much performance as a i3 8100 or 8350 but cheper ???