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  1. Hiya. I'm having the problem of having CS:GO resetting my settings every time I close the game. The simple fix to this is to make sure that the CS folder is not read only. Problem is every time I untick the read only option it just reverts when I reopen properties. Anyone know how to fix this, I really dont like resetting like 100 binds everytime I open the game.
  2. ok so after all that I realise that multicore rendering disabled itself. Fucking cs go. Fixed. Cheers anyway.
  3. Ok. Ran benchmarks. Sorry for the late reply. Ran the Crashz benchmark. I got around 100 avg popping up to 230ish when looking at skybox or ground and around 40 in a smoke. Heres the console message I received: # FPS Benchmark v1.01 - 01:42:765 ========================================================================== - Test Results Below: Average framerate: 119.34 No one can buy!! ERROR!: Can't create physics object for models/weapons/w_rif_ak47.mdl ERROR!: Can't create physics object for models/weapons/w_rif_ak47.mdl CSoundEmitterSystemBase::GetParametersForSound: No such
  4. made sure all my drivers are up to date and even went back to previous ones. I have reinstalled cs. Nothing happened. I have a couple benchmark maps but what exactly would running them do?
  5. Hey forum In the last few days CS:GO has been running at around 100-140, dropping as low as 60 from time to time. This pretty much makes the game unplayable, especially on a 144hz monitor. I've tried verifying the game files, reinstalling, I've checked that my cpu isn't throttling or anything, I've made sure nothing is eating up my CPU or memory. I've also made sure that I have all the standard launch options for CS to make the most of my pc. All I really know is that it's not a GPU issue. I usually run 4:3 stretched at low settings and when I put that to high and 1080p I had prett
  6. 380x (it was in the post) I just prefer a stretched 4:3 res. CS go is a bizarre game. Always played it, always will.
  7. Hey forum, long time no see. I'm having trouble with my resolution in CS go. I'm trying to run 1280x960 stretched, as 768 is too low a res and 1024 is too stretched for my taste. I'm running a 380x with latest drivers. I was not able to run 1280x960 when I was using my BenQ RL2755 regardless of graphics settings or monitor settings. It just didn't show in CS settings. When I switched to a Zowie (BenQ) xl2411z the the option just appeared like that. I went to Lan and when I got back home and set my PC up again the option no long existed and had changed my res to 1280x1
  8. They're for older versions of windows and don't answer my problems, why do you think I'm here?
  9. I can see threads online of people saying they got it to work. I even did it on my old laptop without a problem.
  10. So my internet is down and I want to stream audio from my phone to my computer via Bluetooth. When I try to connect on my phone it does nothing. It says it's paired as a phone on the devices dashboard. I think the PC thinks my phone is just for calls and isn't recognising it as an input Bluetooth device. I'll include a couple pictures. Any idea how to get this working? Using a pixel xl running the latest version of Android and windows 10, (Pixel down at bottom, looks as if computer is recognising it as a phone) (What it looks like on my device)
  11. good for compatibility if you don't want to think about it, probably also fine if it is a cpu only loop. But yes...
  12. gambit v IMT solid meme zues op plz nerf
  13. probs top and front intake and rear exhaust
  14. since im cutting the hole myself it shouldnt matter much. Cheers
  15. I'm looking for a replacement grommet for the corsair 570x. I'm going to make a new hole at the bottom for GPU cable routing and I'd like it to look more professional.
  16. I recommend 1 of 3 options: Get the EK S240. It's aluminium, so you CANNOT mix metals and have to be careful when shopping but it should be fine to expand in the future. The quality is not an issue. If you do want to do your GPU as well (I know you said you didn't but may as well let you know that it's there) theres the S240G and if you really want to pinch pennies there is the S120, although the S240 is much better value. There is also the S360 but if you are just cooling a cpu the 240 will do fine. Get the EK L240. Pretty much the same as the S240 but with copper blocks so you
  17. cheers. I probably will cut another for the GPU cables. Is it possible to order a match grommet to line the new hole with?
  18. Yeah, all I'd be doing is going into the BIOS and checking that everything is working and detected.
  19. I'm planning to build in the 570x and I'm concerned about the mobo I/O cable and GPU cable routing. I wanted to cut two holes in the PSU shroud to run these cables into. Very similar to the cable routing options in the s340. (pics of both cases included) I have never attempted any sort of case mod. I don't know what tools to use, what exactly to do or ANYTHING. Plz halp
  20. It says it can cool up to 70w tdp chips and the 1800x is at 95w stock. Will that end up being a problem with the system running for just a few minutes?
  21. Right-o. Thanks a ton for the help in both threads. Gnight mate
  22. Also, both links lead nowhere. Goes to the bitspower site but says the product is not found.