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Sigala Sunda

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    ATL, GA
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    Buddhism, Linux, lifting weights and parkour, 80's and 90's anime
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    Buddhist Layman and Linux Lover. Living in and Loving ATL,GA...Pretending he speaks 12 languages but can really only speak 2 working on 3 ( Sinhalese anyone? )


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    Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz × 8
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    The thing in my Toshiba
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    The thing in my Toshiba
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    Asus 24inch
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    logitech surround sound - Presonus Audiobox setup
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    Ubuntu Today

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  1. I would recommend just installing Linux Mint or whatever is #1 on Distro Watch. You wont really notice this differences at first. Just be careful installing alongside windows 10 ( windows 10 updates don’t always play nice ).
  2. Boomwebsearch, What do you want to run? Are you hosting websites or a file server? ( please don't say email server ) The hardest thing to get working is DNS ( or atleast for me ). First use virtualbox and look at some of these already setup appliances . Install them and kick them around break them and see how they work and where things are. I recommend Ubuntu server or FreeNAS ( if you just want file storage ) if you want to start from scratch. Look at them Lemme know what do there are alot of things to serve, LOL. To access them across the internet you need to use a Static IP ( purchased
  3. Clockwork_Princess, The answer is yes. If you do run into issues you can use services like google photos to upload movies from the device to the cloud and with IOS 11 you can upload right to icloud. The only real issue I can think of is how IOS manages cache data. Good luck. ~Sigala
  4. Al_Net, Thanks for the update...The best feature as far as I am concerned is being able to upload via cellular. ~Sigala
  5. Hey Boomwebsearch, Do you mean your own server in your house? A dedicated/collocated machine? If you want to host on your own at home I recommend using linux or freebsd... Let me know what OS you want to use windows is also an option but I don't know much about it. ~Sigala
  6. Linux is great bro! Presently I am dual booting it and windows. As far as guides are concerned my personal method is to download youtube videos onto my phone and go alone with whatever the guide does ( https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=linux+guides ). Some really great advice IMHO is to just pick a problem you want to fix ( like syncing folders ) and follow a guide. Most of the day to day operations are easy learning the software is the big deal. Once you have to reinstall windows Start using the open source software on windows, almost everything is available.
  7. Good question the bequit line up is nice.Wireless phone chargers built in is on my top list.
  8. I started watching Linus tech tips and other tech youtube channels because I needed a decent work station. Over time I realized that the gamers not only knew the most but where the most honest and pragmatic about true performance/requirements. That was back in the 700 series days I got an i7 and a 700 series and it can can still play hd video on youtuve and edit in photoshop at the same time no problem. Watching 4k isn't an issue either ( i haven't needed to edit any though ) nor doing edits on gigabyte sized images or complex filters. Rendering video and packaging big books in indesign is whe
  9. I do, the same thing every time. Once my old machine dies I clone it and migrate. I think their is a philosophical statement in there somewhere.