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  1. Hello all, I am currently in the thought process of selling my desktop PC, I have somewhat of an idea as to what it is worth but I want to be sure. Also, should I sell it as a whole or in parts? (a few parts have gone up in value since I bought them). The whole reason behind this is so that I have extra funds for upgrading to something more powerful and more current Gen. My specs are as follows: Xeon X5675 @ 4.2GHz stable 12GB DDR3 1333MHz triple channel memory Asus P6T6 WS Revolution motherboard GTX Titan Black 6GB EVGA 750W GQ Gold Akasa R20 Venom 240mm Rad Aerocool Aero 300 case 128GB SATA SSD 2 x 250GB Seagate Barracudas USB-C 4 port expansion card 1m USB RGB Strip I can add pictures if need be as I believe they sell better depending on how they look? Thanks, BP.
  2. Brennan_Price

    How much is my Rig worth? / what do?

    They all sound like rigs I want to try out haha, I approve of them all As for parting out, I guess I should just sell my build as a whole since it makes more sense that way, plus, I can't go wrong with a good amount of money into my bank account at once haha.
  3. Brennan_Price

    How much is my Rig worth? / what do?

    Thanks, I try my best to make my builds look good so I guess it paid off haha. I will add a 1TB hard drive to the build for good measure plus I'll re-cable manage the back of the PC, looks good on the front but I need to sort the back really. I'll post a picture here of the system with the Titan inside also.
  4. Brennan_Price

    How much is my Rig worth? / what do?

    Thanks for the info, I reckon I could at least pull in its upper value there of around £600. It's always been kept pretty clean, it has a fairly rare Mobo and the Titan has an upgraded cooler on it (not pictured). I'll see what I can do aha.
  5. Brennan_Price

    How much is my Rig worth? / what do?

    Ah thanks, I want to upgrade to DDR4 as well since it is much faster.
  6. Brennan_Price

    How much is my Rig worth? / what do?

    Honestly, that's what I thought, considering a large majority of parts are less than 6 months old, they still have some good resale value. The PSU I'd say is at least £70 though as it is currently £95 and is not very old at all with box and everything too. Considering the UK market as well, I calculated maybe £600 for it total but it's hard to say. CPU is lapped also.
  7. Brennan_Price

    How much is my Rig worth? / what do?

    I have added pictures for ya, they are with my 7970 installed but they're the latest ones I have as I'm away from my PC currently
  8. Brennan_Price

    Is there gender inequality in IT or cyber security?

    First of all, I didn't really know how to word this, if I cause any offence it is not intentional. Nah, I wouldn't say its an issue in all honesty. If you go to any college or school and see how many people who are into IT or code etc, rarely do you see girls/women actively pursuing it. Take for example my IT class, it is full with guys, there's another set with only 3 girls and the rest are guys. Of course this is only one scenario and there are plenty of the opposite gender doing what they do in IT as well but there is a definite percentage of men in the industry that outweigh women greatly. I think the real issue lies in trying to get women into the IT industry, it would be great to see more of them and balance out IT teams and the like since I believe there would be a much better working environment. There is no bias, just less interest? no clue why nor do I know what causes this. At the same time... Us IT guys need to be more welcoming into IT and I feel that our help gets misconstrued into patronisation or what not most of the time, could be wrong though
  9. They would both use the open source drivers, however, Ubuntu based distros are often more stable overall and as such i would recommend that. Not to mention that Ubuntu based distros are also easier to learn from scratch with.
  10. I hate to say it but this is why I tend not to use Linux for image editing, there are very limited options see here. It is also part of the reason I tend to move back to Windows, I miss my beloved Paint.NET image editor too much. Every other image editor I use/have used in Linux feels annatural to me.
  11. AMD is actually better for GPU drivers within Linux compared to NVidia. AMD have had open source drivers available for a while now so you should have no issues no matter what OS you use.
  12. It also helps with troubleshooting graphics cards. No point having to buy a cheap GPU to resolve issues when you've got it on iGPU Not to mention you can use it as a co-processor and a lot more.
  13. Brennan_Price

    PC build, exclusively for remote desktop

    If you're using it internally on your network... I generally don't see the point, especially since a desktop is moveable but not portable. You would be much better off buying a cheap used/second hand laptop and plugging in your peripherals that way.
  14. Everything there seems to be alright, League of Legends has worked for agessss on most distros anyway. Most drawing tablets are supported (yes Wacom, Huion) but the issue I see here is Affinity Designer/Photo. That does not have any Linux support whatsoever. Might have to switch to something else there I'm afraid. Davincii Resolve however is supported natively.
  15. Brennan_Price

    GPU Emulation?-Virtual Machines and older games

    Ok here might explain the issue... I presume you're running windows 10 yes? In that case, let me explain how a lot of retro games won't work. The game is on disc (I also presume), which uses DRM. DRM was dropped from the support from Windows 10 as it helps prevent a lot of priated games and further bugs from being implemented via disc etc, this is why you cannot use it properly. However, at the same time, you're also not going to run it well within a VM. VM's need a secondary graphics card in order for graphics drivers etc to be parsed through to the VM (see a lot of Linux VM usage for Windows 10) and so the VM uses the CPU mainly and it tries its best to emulate the GPU but can only really use OpenGL or similar to process the graphics of the game hence the bad FPS/reuslts. You will be best off installing a copy of Windows 7 or Vista (or older) in another HDD partition to get it working properly. There is the alternative to use the game through an online source and play from that also.
  16. Brennan_Price

    Is it worth changing the paste in my laptop?

    Honestly I would change it for sure, but it won't take an hour. 30 minutes maximum. I've had my laptop for a year and a half after buying it second hand, it's a 2013 laptop and the owner previous owner had never changed the thermal paste. I changed the thermal paste and dropped temperatures by as much as 25-30 degrees in some cases. Even some cheap thermal paste will be much better than dried out and cracked manufacturer stuff.
  17. Right ok... So it's not so much the games that I have an issue with in Linux. I've used Linux and still use it, however, I mainly revert back to Windows because there are programs that I simply cannot live without and I find it difficult to relearn what I already know within other windows based programs. Paint.NET is the best example of this for me, I have been using it for years and I cannot do the same things I'd like to do as easily in programs such as GIMP, Pinta or other similar programs in Linux. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of applications I could use for image editing and colour grading etc but I don't have the time to learn these new programs generally, it just feels annatural. It's also the same thing for a lot of the MS Office suit, MS Access is an absolute pain in the a** on Linux, Kexi comes close to the same functionality but it doesn't port everything across too well. Basically, I can game within Linux fine, it's just other productivity programs that I struggle to get into properly, hence why I revert back to Windows from Linux and then I just tend not to use it unless it's very specific since gaming is still better currently. Does this make sense? More of my own personal rant for no reason... Last final thing.... Linux is great and lightweight for laptops, I infact use it on my laptop a fair bit... However, even with TLP installed and battery saver measures in place, it still uses more power than Windows in a lot of aspects. Not to mention how much degradation it gave my battery.... Uggggh.
  18. That's electronics though, which is something probably even less people know about haha I ain't even gonna try to bring up that argument as to why people need to know that as well lmao.
  19. Yeah, there is that, hey ho. I guess it just allows for more of a justified answer when at a job interview, it's a good thing to put on your CV for example as they can see that you've made semi-decent websites or whatever
  20. True, there are definitely more jobs out in the world available to software and programmer guys. It just sucks that the more interesting bit is hardware and there isn't a huge amount you can do with it in comparison, job wise at least anyway. It's the whole reason I'm teaching myself HTML and CSS, not coding but it's useful at least.
  21. Brennan_Price

    Looking for new speakers.

    It depends on what you use them for mainly and what you'd prefer based on set up. If you use them for gaming and you are heppy then you're all good, however, you're better off going with even used sub £100 stereo gear with amp and bookshelf speakers etc instead. I love my Beovox 1001's from the 1970's, still sound great and warm and I can locate enemies pretty well with them when in game too. I also use custom headphones for when my speakers are too loud though... If you have any friends that have some you could borrow, or just listen to some of your favourite tracks on, you may notice a big difference. Would be worth it.
  22. I think it has got something to do with interest mainly. I know plenty of people (inlcuding myself) who are straight up interested in the hardware and only the aspects that link with that, they then build and sell PC's or work in tech support industries or as Networking engineers etc (things that rely heavily on hardware). However, there are also plenty of people who only know the software side and they do that sort of stuff in their spare time along with their studies or as a job etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm interested in some of the software aspect too but I find it hard to stick at it, I'd rather just better myself in the hardware and I feel a lot of people are like that in the tech industry. HTML and CSS I have tried to get into and have stuck at it but other coding... Nah sorry. You've either got the brain for it or ya don't haha.
  23. Brennan_Price

    Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid of Linux Gaming

    I rather like these writer videos, we're truly getting to content that I reckon many viewers enjoy for sure (I know I'm enjoying them). When is a video on X58 coming out then? Just to prove everyone wrong that it's still a decent platform
  24. Brennan_Price

    running 2 monitors

    As you only have one HDMI port, but 3 Display ports and a usb C, you could use an adapter from display port to HDMI and then use that to power your second monitor. These adapters are cheap and work well, this would save you money as HDMI hubs are expensive.
  25. Brennan_Price

    Screen seizure

    Can you please go to device manager and have a look at the display adapter in use. It is possible that you're not using the correct driver.