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  1. Ok so I'm going to be the first to say it... You cannot simply "turn" a laptop into a desktop as they use very different part form factors and components. Your best bet here would be to see if you can find a desktop in your local market that someone is perhaps willing to give away, and then you upgrade it from there. Otherwise, you are stuck to current laptop specs which won't run much at all.
  2. There are loads to consider here, not just the savings and trying to create VM's that will equal what they currently have. What CPU's are in the HP 260 G3 Desktop Mini's? The CPU in those will likely outperform a single core/dual thread of a much older X58 Xeon. You've also got to consider if you have the network infrastructure to cater for 8 people off that server, good luck streaming 1080p display and audio over WiFi, you'd need much better backbone than 1gig eth if deployed to the whole company, more likely spend loads on 10Gig eth to cater for this plan if adding
  3. I know I'm just being a pain here but task manager does report the "Double". I've got 1600MHz mem and it defo says 1600MHz in Task manager. I agree with your take on the rest of the upgrade path though as I'd likely do the same
  4. I wish I did but I don't have any systems that utilise DDR4 RAM so is difficult for me to recommend any without first hand experience. Search for the most popular and most reviewed ones though as these likely have the best compatibility with your system plus having less failure rate. I'm sure there are plenty of other users on this forum that could recommend the best stuff to use.
  5. It really does depend on the way the PSU is treated as well as the environment that it is in so is hard to say, therefore, the moving mechanical parts are most likely to fail first i.e. the power switch or the fan.
  6. Honestly, the first thing I would probably do is take out that single stick of RAM and replace it for two matching sticks for dual channel. Doing that alone will likely give you a much longer lasting rig with just that small change, especially since games prefer dual channel over single. Doesn't have to be an upgrade to 16GB though, I reckon it would struggle to reach that amount without a CPU upgrade, this is of course dependent on the games you play and any work related tasks that you do as well.
  7. The power supply sticks out like a sore thumb considering the price of the rest of the build. I completely understand that the whole rig won't use anywhere near as much as 430W as it is, but, it is also only Bronze rated and has few, if not no measures in place to prevent damage in case it fails or encounters a power surge. Not to mention the fact that if you did want to buy a GPU eventually, you will likely have to buy another power supply. I'd say it makes sense to spend more money on a better power supply now in order to spend less with future upgrades as well as being able to
  8. While it would theoretically, I believe the reason it fails is because it is only emulating the PCIe generation rather than physically cutting off the lanes with the hardware available. The setting is likely there though so that the lanes can be split across multiple PCIe devices more evenly, as well as be a way to give a certain device more bandwidth than what it would have if the settings were left untouched.
  9. So my thinking here is that on your new CPU, the lanes aren't functioning properly/your CPU can't handle full PCIe 3 16x bandwidth (even though it should). The reasoning behind the 9500gt working though even on the full 16x slot is because it does not saturate PCIe 3 16x speeds, it is PCIe 2.0 x16 instead which is effectively equal to PCIe 3 8x I believe?? When you put your 1060 into a PCIe 3 4x slot, you are capping the bandwidth and therefore it will work just like the 9500gt does.
  10. Aight, I guess I'd better reconsider my PSU life choices then. At this point I think I'm just too used to it haha! Cheers
  11. This much is true, although I thought it was pretty normal to turn it off after every use though? Nobody else do this??? I've not had this issue with anything else....
  12. Honestly, I'll probably end up buying a more expensive PSU. I really don't trust this one in my rig anymore. Then I'll replace the switch in this one when the time comes for another use.
  13. Eh idk, I bought the PSU in september of 2018, only been flicking the switch when I turn off my PC, and then of course back on when I want to use my rig. Previous switch failed back in October last year, so find it weird how this one has failed so soon afterwards.
  14. Yeah this is true, although at the time I really needed my rig so fixing it myself was actually the best solution for me Wish I wasn't in that situation to begin with but at least power is still going to it this time.
  15. Second time that my PSU rocker switch has failed. Doubt I'll be able to get it under warranty now though since I've replaced the switch once already and will likely have to replace it again. Last rocker switch failed by not being able to carry any power over it at all, this time the power will not cut out. Just thought I'd share for the comedic value at this point. Trust_Issues.webm
  16. I get the impression that Linus is trying to make a joke about the Fold Z2 that he recently got considering he has done this in more than a single post now.
  17. Thanks for the info, I can get users to map the drive themselves but I'd rather not have close to 800+ students have to map their own drives as this is a pain and confusing for them sadly, plus they'd have to do this every time they logged onto each computer. A log-on script is also a good idea too but only for a single user, I cannot write a single script that will authenticate every user sadly. Scripts also aren't very consistent sadly.
  18. Thanks for the information, I'll give that a go. Cheers!
  19. I don't think the majority of people would turn it off if they didn't give it a shot. It's as simple as Why does my game look/feel so bad when I move my camera in game? Oh yeah because Motion Blur is on. All the same, even if Devs did put a bunch of time into something such as motion blur, it doesn't mean that it should be used or universally liked, that argument simply does not hold up very well. It is exactly the same as a car company putting lots of time and work into a new car, it doesn't mean that everyone is going to like the car does it?
  20. Hello there, I am hoping some members in the community here may have some experience with what the title suggests, I'll lay out the situation below: I am an IT admin for various schools in the South West of the UK, the Main school I work at however is what I am having issues with. The network there is a plain and simple Vanilla Windows network with each user getting their own user account and an email with Microsoft Office 365 A1 Plus. With Corona Virus still lurking and likely to be lurking for a while, I have moved my whole workplace/school environment ov
  21. How can you say it has an inaccurate screen? Pantone literally have their own colour space designed for colour accuracy in photoshop and I can confirm that the screen is great since I've seen it and have used it in person. Also, this is a 14" and is incredibly thin and light for this kind of power, not at all inappropriate for someone looking for a notebook type laptop.
  22. My brother recently bought an Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 for video work so it will be excellent for Photo work and even keep him going well into the future. I would highly recommend one within this budget. The screen is colour accurate and even Pantone validated so will be a very good fit. They are very popular but here's a link to an open box and a brand new one since they are currently on pre-order. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/open-box-asus-rog-zephyrus-g14-ga401iu-nvidia-gtx-1660-ti-16gb-14-120hz-ryzen-r7-4800hs-gami-lt-2ch-as.html https://www.overclocke
  23. My rig/set-up has both changed lots since the last time ya'll saw it here, whilst in a lot of respects it also has not really changed at all haha.
  24. Definitely an interesting idea to investigate, although I guess water flow rate vs size is something to consider here too. I reckon a small water block with loads of fins and high pressure would probably be better/more economical than a larger block with less fins and much lower water pressure. Perhaps it's the reason why we don't see any massive water blocks? Once again, I could be wrong as I'm not a thermal engineer.