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  1. Moved my pc home after leaving college and the ethernet port has stopped working all of the sudden. I did take out my graphics card before travel but other than that I did nothing to my pc. Tried multiple ethernet cords, and confirmed they work with my laptop. The green and orange lights don't show up anymore when I plug in an Ethernet cord. I connected my laptop and my pc directly and the leds were red and orange, the orange led was blinking. I'm using powerline ethernet so I tried connecting my powerline through a switch then to my pc and that still came up with same issue. Had motherboard for a little over 5 years with no issues. I have the proper drivers installed and this exact setup was what I used last Summer, so not sure what is wrong.
  2. I'll look in to this when i buy fittings. Really don't want to take any risks. Is thicker tubing better, I figured it wouldn't make a difference
  3. Okay Thanks. I'll probably end up getting some bitspower or ek fittings down the line. I looked at the websites tubing that they sell and they only sell 16/10 and 19/13 so I don't think they would've worked anyways.
  4. Planning to do a water cooled loop over the summer and these fittings are on sale right now. The tubing I plan on buying is 3/8" ID / 1/2" OD, or 10/13 mm flexible tubing. https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-duraclear-9-5-12-7mm The fittings i'm looking at are labeled G1/4" to 3/8" ID, 1/2" OD Compression Fitting However in the description it says For 7/16" ID, 5/8" OD Tubing (11.1mm ID, 16mm OD) So I'm very confused whether this is a product page error or I'm just making a dumb mistake thinking these are right. https://sidewindercomputers.com/collections/compression-fittings/products/g1-4-to-3-8-id-1-2-od-compression-fitting-black-chrome
  5. Thanks I think I'm gonna buy https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZVYKRW9/ref=crt_ewc_title_dp_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A9RRFZDGAXG22 and https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QKF18KM/ref=crt_ewc_img_dp_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1SL54BY2F0SS5
  6. That looks pretty interesting, could definitely be an option unless anyone says anything else
  7. I'm currently looking for an m.2 wifi network card for my pc due to my powerline ethernet disconnecting for a second every few minutes. My motherboard has 2 holes meant for antennas on the back io, so I'd prefer something with antennas since I assume the range is better. Bluetooth is a plus but if it's a tradeoff, then I'd take better wifi. I'm looking to spend around 20 USD, however I'm willing to spend more if there's a noticeable difference. Motherboard: https://www.gigabyte.com/us/Motherboard/GA-X99-UD4-rev-10#ov (note: I already have an m.2 ssd installed if that makes a difference)
  8. Wow thanks for this. My powerline adapters are quite new. Netgear powerline 2000. I have one that I'm not using so I'll try putting it inbetween my powerlines. The only high powered appliances I have that are near the connections are washer/dryer and my 2 pcs. One I always have running plex with an i5 and 1050ti, the other draws more power with a 5820k and 2080super . My plex server is powered by the powerline through a surge protector, should I power it off another outlet?
  9. What do you mean by dropouts? I have a couple netgear powerline adapters that all showup with green meaning that the link is fast (forget what the mbps threshold is). Recently I've been losing internet for about a second then I reconnect on my pc. Is this the dropouts you're talking about
  10. I got a reply over from the dell forums that someone else had an issue using displayport before having drivers and they had to use vga. I was testing my usbs using an older keyboard and a flash drive, neither of which seemed to work. However I just confirmed they worked by charging my calculator and my phone with them. Looks like I need to get a vga cable.
  11. Connections are all good, wires are all fine. PSU checker button works but I'm sure there's still a chance it could be the issue. Gonna try everything I can before buying anything. Just tried using a working ddr3 stick from another pc. Still same issues My motherboard has 2 dp, 1 vga, 1 dvi. I have a display port to display port connection to monitor with no adapters. The monitor is set to displayport. When i turn the pc on the monitor goes to displayport then a black screen for a couple of seconds, switches around to other inputs, then it turns off. I'd use a vga cable but I don't have any in college and buying them in store is overpriced.
  12. I just bought a used optiplex 9020 sff that was reported as working. It has an i5 4590 and two 4gb sticks of ddr3. The issue with the pc is that there is no video output and the usbs on the motherboard and front io aren't getting power. I have a displayport cable connected to the motherboard (no gpu installed), and whenever I turn it on I get a black screen for a second as if the monitor recognizes a device was turned on. When i turn the pc on the power led goes orange for a second then turns to white. I held the power supply button which ramped up the fans and the psu led was green. I removed both ram sticks and the motherboard started beeping. I tried with each ram stick individually and still got the same issues, no display and usbs still aren't working. I tried flashing the bios but the usbs aren't working so that didn't work. Took out the cmos battery gave it 10 minutes and reset it back in, still same issues. I even tried without the cmos battery in the motherboard. Also to note, I have been trying without the cd drive or ssd plugged in. What can I do. I have a 30 day return window, but I got a pretty good deal on this so I'd rather fix it if I can. Posted this on the dell forums but it doesn't look too active.
  13. reseating gpu fixed it. I was gonna do this if I kept running into issues. I've never rma'ed anything before but generally when sending back a gpu are you required to send it in the box it came in.
  14. Thanks a lot. I read somewhere else to do this but then I figured it wasn't worth the time since i could see the pcie lock still in and the card still looked completely normal. Once you replied I decided just to do it so I could confirm it wasn't but this fixed my problem.
  15. I just transported my system to college and my 1-2 week old 2080 super is no longer outputting video. I transported my pc in the box my case came in and in the trunk of my car. I tested the monitor and it works on my laptop, and I've also tried another monitor on my pc. The gpu lights and fans come on and I know my pc can still get into windows because of my keyboard rgb. I was able to remote desktop in earlier and it appeared no display was detected. My pc has a 5820k which has no integrated graphics so I know that the gpu must be working in some way if my chrome remote desktop could display anything. Have tested dp, hdmi, on all gpu ports. Gpu connections are all still solid.