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    Intel I7 5820k
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte X99-UD4
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    2x4gb Ballistix sport ddr4 2400mhz
  • GPU
    980 Ti G1 Gaming
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    Corsair 400c
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    Samsung 4k Monitor
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    Corsair K70
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    Corsair Sabre RGB
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    Windows 10

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  1. Fungal

    Graphics card no video output

    reseating gpu fixed it. I was gonna do this if I kept running into issues. I've never rma'ed anything before but generally when sending back a gpu are you required to send it in the box it came in.
  2. Fungal

    Graphics card no video output

    Thanks a lot. I read somewhere else to do this but then I figured it wasn't worth the time since i could see the pcie lock still in and the card still looked completely normal. Once you replied I decided just to do it so I could confirm it wasn't but this fixed my problem.
  3. I just transported my system to college and my 1-2 week old 2080 super is no longer outputting video. I transported my pc in the box my case came in and in the trunk of my car. I tested the monitor and it works on my laptop, and I've also tried another monitor on my pc. The gpu lights and fans come on and I know my pc can still get into windows because of my keyboard rgb. I was able to remote desktop in earlier and it appeared no display was detected. My pc has a 5820k which has no integrated graphics so I know that the gpu must be working in some way if my chrome remote desktop could display anything. Have tested dp, hdmi, on all gpu ports. Gpu connections are all still solid.
  4. Fungal

    best rtx card designs (2080 super)

    Think I'm going to go with the Aorus, once it's actaully in stock again. Looks like ek has a waterblock for it and so far Gigabyte hasn't let me down.
  5. Finally time to upgrade my 980ti, I was planning to get a 2080ti but Nvidia decided to raise the price of the top dog by $500. I haven't done much research on individual card designs this generation so I'm coming here for help. I plan on watercooling the card in about 2 months. I'm considering the windforce 3 because that's essentially the cooler i have now. I'd prefer a 2 to 2.5 slot card but I will settle for a 3 slot if you guys think that it's noticeably quieter/cooler. What cards do you guys recommend.
  6. Fungal

    intel 660p a good deal?

    I was referring to the 2.5 inch sata 3 wd blue bc i only have one m.2 slot which is occupied
  7. Fungal

    intel 660p a good deal?

    Thanks for the information. On newegg right now the wd blue 2tb is on sale for 15 less than the mx500. Would you guys still recommend the mx500
  8. Fungal

    intel 660p a good deal?

    not an ssd expert but the 660p has significantly faster reads/writes and random reads/writes so why would i get an mx500.
  9. Fungal

    intel 660p a good deal?

    Looking to add more storage to my system, I was gonna go with a 2.5 inch sata 3 ssd but i figured the prices are so close i might as well go with an m.2. Currently i have a 960 evo 256gb as my boot drive which takes up my only m.2 slot on my motherboard. I'm looking at the intel 660p 1tb and 2tb models. I considered getting a m.2 to 2.5 inch adapter but I figured there'd be no point in going with a m.2 at that point. I'll most likely go with an m.2 and a small m.2 pcie adapter. https://www.newegg.com/intel-660p-series-2tb/p/N82E16820167461 I'm open for any recommendations on better ssds for the money. Also any minimalistic pcie m.2 adapters link below
  10. Currently i'm running a plex server on two 5+ year old wd blues and trying to switch to one big hard drive (looking at 4tb). The hard drive I'm looking at is a WD red 4tb which is only 5400 rpm while the pro is 7200. Generally the peak video bitrate I use on my plex server is 20 mb/s with a 4k movie. If there's any other hard drives worth getting i'm open to suggestions. My number one concern is reliability, I want something that will run 24/7 for several years. Cost is also important as well. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16822236599
  11. Fungal

    Horrible fps in csgo 20-30% cpu/gpu usage

    Yeah just checked and i also ran payday 2 which ran fine. will probably reinstall cs
  12. Specs gtx 1050ti i5-6500 8gb ddr4 600 watt power supply Been a month or two since I gamed on this pc, i mainly use it as a plex server. Tried playing a game of cs and my fps would average from 30-40. Checked my settings, lowered them, reset them etc. Ik that this pc should be getting like 200 fps at 1080p max settings. V-sync is off btw. No matter what my cpu and gpu usage is about 20-30ish% on task manager. First thing i did was update my drivers and restarted my computer. no difference. Second i tried with my plex server not running and still no difference. I've looked for solutions but all i've seen are people with low usage complaining that they're getting 100 fps instead of 300.
  13. Fungal

    Are memes allowed here?

  14. Fungal

    $10 Steam gift card giveaway to give back to you guys <3

    112.7 500th post baby
  15. Okay I'll take it to a pc repair shop this weekend if possible