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    24GB (8 + 16) Crucial DDR4 2400Mhz
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    Nvidia Geforce 940MX
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    1TB WD Blue 7200RPM + 256GB SK Hynix M.2 Sata + 500GB WD Blue SSD
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  1. The thing is, it depends, because they never say what chip. I wouldn't doubt it can beat Pentiums and such but obviously it also cant beat a recent unlocked i7. It also depends on the task and such.
  2. Peep the Fall guys code lol. Also loved the reaction to the 50 gift card
  3. Depends, I get why people may not like braided mice, especially if it grinds on a desk or anything. I like braided cords on chargers, they are wayyy better than a lot of other chargers (especially Apples imo, some USB cables non-braided are fine though)
  4. Yeah, I think I have a screenshot or picture of when it stated "Dream Packs", although since this is just a small discussion, wont bother trying to find everything. I am going to provide it when HB ask and such.
  5. After, thankfully they gave me the purchase. But I got screwed even more. Its missing some of the DLC, and all they could say was "It was a timed exclusive". They then said they updated their page to remove the Dream Packs 1-3. But then it still says "All DLC ever released.". Besides, I would have gotten it if they didn't delay my purchase. They offered a refund, but I don't even know if its worth it, as I said, its a prepaid card, there nothing that I want that cost only $5. Its so stupid. I asked if they could just give me the keys for those separate DLCs
  6. I know this isn’t specifically Gaming, but its still mostly about it. Just tried buying Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition Upgrade, for myself. They canceled my original order and when I tried rebuying it said “We can only sell a limited quantity”. Unfortunately I can’t buy it anywhere else because 1. ⁠I wanted to use my coupon. 2. ⁠Humble seems to be the only one who sells it. So I can’t even decide to go to a gray market since I don’t even have money I want to be clear that Humble Bundle purchases are for personal use only Yet they still have a gift featur
  7. I don't remember if B450 had updates out before the release. Worst case scenario, Im pretty sure you can request a loaner CPU from AMD, or go to a Best Buy or such and ask if they can perform a bios update.
  8. Oh right, Im so stupid. But yeah most Mobo don't require a bios updates, and the lowest required BIOS version is already out for most boards, so I wouldn't be surprised if your board already has 5000 series compatibility.
  9. Pretty sure it will. But couldn't you just use the FX processor to update the BIOS? EDIT: Some MoBo needs a BIOS update, which should be out now iirc, so you could just do it now.
  10. You should be able to just disconnect the HDD while its off and reboot, so that you can select the SSD without any other drive showing (although the DVD/USB may show of course). Most likely its not installing anymore because of the fact that its trying to boot the HDD and not the install DVD.
  11. Nah, I have a laptop currently. I have a low-end gaming laptop (by todays standards). Im just trying to get a job now because as games get more demanding, its struggling.
  12. ^ Also you should have been able to just open up display setting by either your Graphics control panel or Windows Settings.
  13. Thanks for everyone who responded, just trying to learn more about what people did to get some money before. I sent out another application to a retail store so hopefully that goes somewhere.
  14. Is it me, or did AMD compare the 6900XT to a 3080 and not a 3090? The benchmarks they used closesly resembles this https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/geforce-rtx-3080-3090-game-ready-driver/, which the first chart uses a 3080. Games that don't use RTX and DLSS, are Forza, Doom Eternal, and Gears. The video credits also stated they compared the 6900XT to a RTX 3080, not a 3090. EDIT: Was informed that Doom doesn't really have a benchmark mode, so theres a chance that they could have used different scen
  15. Inspired by the fact that the only place that is in walking distance for me (essentially under 3mi) said that can’t take me since they aren’t hiring, but may hire me in a month if someone leaves (hopefully anyways), I wanted to know What type of jobs did you have when you saved up for your first PC? What was your budget and what parts did you choose?