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    24GB (8 + 16) Crucial DDR4 2400Mhz
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    Nvidia Geforce 940MX
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    1TB WD Blue 7200RPM + 256GB SK Hynix M.2 Sata + 500GB WD Blue SSD
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  1. Dumping your own games and getting an emulator. We dont condone piracy and I believe roms for it counts
  2. What mobile device do you have? I believe VLC can play flacs on both iOS and Android. Some stock music apps can also play flacs
  3. The CPU going up could be from background processes that could be making it spikes a little more. I dont know exactly if this is a cause, (and dont know if it truly is faster) but I think the 3600 is faster than the 2700 other than in multicore processes since the extra cores
  4. Luke was the first hire according to the 10 year video that B&H Sponsored
  5. May have been wrong, as it did say OEM part, so it could have been a official samsung repair at a carrier or such
  6. Believed it may have been a bug, Android 9 did seem to work even with one, but not 10. Someone else said that even though they did the repair themselves Samsung did help them out and it was sent into repair by them, however I don't know if they had to pay for it, and it was an A70
  7. Someone told me that the S20 and Note20's finger print sensor also stop working after a self screen repair as well, although only on Android 10.
  8. Quick question (kinda a noob) why would you got 1080P on a 3070?\ EDIT: I am stupid and didn't read the main.
  9. The splodge appears on the camera when taking a photo or the screen always has a purple splodge?
  10. Yeah it would be the actual price if it were in stock.
  11. Are you specifically want iPhones or Androids? There are a lot of iPhone deals, Pre-Owned but Unlocked anyways, on Amazon, like an iPhone 8 for 209, 7 32GB for like 170
  12. If you don't mind going pre-owned, there a lot of deals on even bestbuy that are unlocked
  13. I think hes more talking about the fact you can get keys for windows for like 10 on the grey market. I personally wouldn't but Idc if others do.
  14. I don't think it will be, for most carriers, you must at least be on the service for its minimum period, in this case, it has to be at least 12 months. The only way for you to avoid this from tracphone is if you are being deployed for military.
  15. In the description: Most likely just contact Tracfone after then 12 mo? It says you must had the device for at least 12 months and had payed 12 for service at least I know for like Metro, Tmo, Sprint, ATT, etc, you just need to pay the device in full and wait 40-60 days, or if on a contract, finish the contract. EDIT: Tracfone's Unlock policy https://www.tfwunlockpolicy.com/wps/portal/home/!ut/p/a1/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfGjzOK9LV0tDC0NDL39zX1NDBxDHb2dnLy9DAwMzPXD9aPASgxwAEcD_eDUPP2C7LxyAP8WlbU!/