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    Intel I7 5820k
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    Gigabyte X99-UD4
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    2x4gb Ballistix sport ddr4 2400mhz
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    980 Ti G1 Gaming
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  1. I'm pretty sure it's the same as the GN950 but with hdmi 2.1. So expect it to have backlight bleed
  2. Closest to no compromises is the pg32uqx, but for whatever reason it only has hdmi 2.0 and it's $3k. Imo you're better off just getting a 55inch tv for media and big screen gaming then something like the upcoming lg 27gp950 as a monitor. You could also get the 48 inch or upcoming 42 inch oled from lg if you wanted a monitor that big, but then you gotta worry about burn in.
  3. Just get a 2tb sata ssd. Wouldn't bother with nvme unless you could get a decent drive for like $30 more. Not much point to paying a premium to get nvme for gaming right now. Something like a wd blue, mx500, samsung 860 would do fine. https://www.techspot.com/review/2116-storage-speed-game-loading/ Edit: The nvme ssd you have (in 2tb) can be bought for $210 right now on amazon. I'd just go for it unless there are sub $200 sata ssds on sale right now https://www.amazon.com/XPG-SX8200-Gen3x4-3000MB-ASX8200PNP-1TT-C/dp/B07TY2TN64?th=1
  4. I run a plex server 24/7 using an i5-6500, and usually leave the state for a couple months during the Summer with the pc on and unattended. Recently I upgraded from my 5820k (4.6 oc), and have thought about putting in my plex server but would need a micro atx motherboard. I could get a x99 micro atx board for $60-100 off aliexpress but I'm concerned about the reliability. Not a huge deal if the board were to just stop working one day, but I'd be very concerned of it starting a fire. Extra info: New cpu would be great for handbrake encoding and give a good boost in emulation perfor
  5. Fungal

    LG 38GN950-B

    my bad meant to say 5120x2160. Knew it was 4k in terms of height but put the wrong 4k dimension
  6. Fungal

    LG 38GN950-B

    It's literally ces this week. Many new monitors have been announced. There's a 40 inch lg 5120x2160 ultrawide. That's all I know off the top of my head, there are probably several other notable ultrawides that have been announced
  7. Oh is that cable actually certified now? Is there anywhere that says it's certified, can't seem to find it on their website? I was considering getting this one, but there's a review of someone saying it didn't work from 2 weeks ago. Was a 75ft cable so maybe the 30ft is still okay.
  8. I'd go with the nr200. Isn't small by sff standards but is pretty small compared to other cheap mass manufactured cases. Allows for a decent sized aircooler and gpu temps are pretty good as well.
  9. As title suggests, looking for an hdmi 2.1 cable that is 25 ft that can do 4k 120. Looking to spend around $150, amazon is preferable. Everything I've looked at has been hit or miss on whether it works for 4k120. Figured now after a couple months we'd have cables guaranteed to work. If you've got a 20ft+ fiber cable please link it below and give your experience. Sidenote: I emailed Pacroban wednesday night, since they were only manufacturer that appeared to acknowledge the problem and be coming with a solution. They say on their website that they'll be adding a new chip in January
  10. forgot to mention that the cpu is at 100% load from aida64. Just cpu loop for now until 3080ti comes out.
  11. Just upgraded my cpu/motherboard and added a temp sensor to my loop. I have 120, 240, and 280 mm rads. My coolant temp is at 31c, while my cpu is hovering in the mid 60s. Ambient is 21c. My cpu is a 9800x overclocked to 4.7 ghz at 1.265 V. So does this ~35 degree delta between cpu and coolant temp make sense? Worried mounting may need to be redone which would involve me taking everything apart again. Noticed I had a lot of thermal paste with my last mount, so i tried to do less this time around. (aida64 reports 160w cpu package usage)
  12. eh I wouldn't choose between cpus based on eco mode. Why not get a cheap aircooler (u12s) or something like a 240mm aio. Also ryzen 5000 has the same tdp as ryzen 3000, so temps should be the same between each model. At this point I'd just wait for 5700/5700x. Newegg is forcing you to buy combos for rtx 3k, zen 3, rdna 2. Best bet is launch day for the new zen 3 cpus. The initial launch had stock for several minutes with no website crashes, so it should be fairly easy to get one.