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  1. Powerlimit will have a minimal difference on your vram since your memory will probably be running the same speed. Powerlimiting is more so gonna help with core temps. You could lower the memory clock but I don't think that will help much without downclocking a decent amount. What you really want to do is change the pads. Just remove the backplate and replace the pads on the back of the card. Then I'd also add some mini heatsinks on your backplate. I used these heatsinks. Make sure the pads are the right thickness.
  2. I wouldn't get a slim optiplex because you are limited to 75 watt low profile gpus.
  3. What resolution are you playing at? If 1080p no need to upgrade gpu now. 1440p you could but I'd will til next year with new gpus. 4k if you want to hit 120fps you probably want to upgrade As for cpu, yes 12th gen is said to support ddr5. The speculated date is November for 12th gen. There have been some performance leaks that look very promising, so waiting isn't a bad idea. As for ssd you could go for a gen4 drive but don't expect loading times to be much faster than a sata ssd. You can get a 1tb mx500 (sata) right now for $80. Gen3 nvme ssds can go on sale for less than $100 for 1tb so th
  4. That is almost double the initial msrp 3 years after it came out
  5. You are thinking of dualsense support. RPCS3 has supported ds4 at the very least since I have been using it which was mid 2020
  6. What. PCSX2 and RPCS3 (ps2 and ps3 emulators) have had native support for dualshock 4 controllers and likely have since they came out. I'm sure EPSXE and PPSSPP do as well. If someone is using a playstation controller on pc they are likely playing games on steam or a playstation emulator. Both of which have native support. Not sure what your point is that they don't have os drivers. Only thing that may not work is malware games launcher.
  7. Just use your ps4 controller. With Steam there's no need for any third party software to get it working. Pair it with bluetooth and you're good to go. Steam and ps emulators have native support for it. Only thing that may not work with it over bluetooth is epic shit launcher.
  8. 1650 super has a 100w tdp and needs external power? I don't see how that could be a super. Motherboard pcie slot only gives 75w. Let's say it was a super, albeit the worst one you could possibly have. I don't think this would be worth it
  9. The best possible gpu that could be is a 1650 non super. Just looking at the cooler on it I'd guess something like a gt 1030. This pc is not worth it even with a 1650
  10. If you just assembled the loop give it a day or 2 with pump running. If there are some air bubbles still they'll be gone by then.
  11. So if air bubbles are in your gpu block then that will only affect your gpu. If you have air bubbles in your cpu block it'll only affect cpu. Thermal pads are for things like the memory on the gpu. the temp reported as your 'gpu' temp will be for the actual core which should have thermal paste. The pads is concerning though. I'd download hwinfo and look at what your memory junction temps are and make sure they're not hitting 110C under load which is supposed to be the highest your memory should hit. With watercooling and decent contact it should be less than 105C at the very least
  12. That's another possibility. Do you see any air bubbles in your waterblock? The other 2 possibilities are pump is not spinning, or fan rpm is way too low but I don't think either are the case. To get air bubbles out of your blocks set pump speed to 100% and tilt your computer in different directions.
  13. A lot of misinformation here. 75C is way too high for a watercooled gpu. With 2 480mm radiators the coolant temp is probably <10 degrees above ambient. GPU block should cool your gpu to ~15C above coolant temp. Your gpu temps at highest should be low 60's, high 40's to low 50's is what I'd expect with the raddage you have. The issue probably has to do with the gpu waterblock mount. Could've been that they didn't tighten it enough, not enough thermal paste, or forgot to remove a sticker. You could probably go to microcenter and tell them that you're hitting 80C with 2 480mm radiators and the