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  1. Found the issue; The 1620V4 only supports single CPU configurations: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/sku/92991/intel-xeon-processor-e51620-v4-10m-cache-3-50-ghz/specifications.html If you want to run two of them you need something from the 2600 V3/V4 category.
  2. I am no expert here but I can see them doing 3-4 things: 1. Hiring a team of lawyers and engineers to scour the wording of the bill to exploit each and every loophole they can find. 2. Designing their devices to be as obtuse, through both hardware and software, to be as user unserviceable as possible while remaining within the law. 3. Running a misinformation campaign denouncing the bill. 4. Budgeting a massive lobbying initiative to combat the bill in government. The worst part is that they will be far, far from alone in this endeavor.
  3. Hello there, this should be a quick one. I have noticed the occasional price drop of 3090s on some websites and I want to pounce on the first RTX 3090 (regardless of brand) I can find within a couple hundred dollars of MSRP to pair up with my Gigabyte RTX 3090 Aorus Master for rendering in Blender Cycles and Redshift but I remember hearing some hearsay about the placement of some 3090 cards NVLink not lining up with each other between brands. Obviously the height difference between some cards is just plainly visible but I have read of a couple instances of people mixing cards from
  4. Not trying to hijack the thread but it feels kinda redundant making a new one as the pump in my own h100i I bought in 2015 myself is making some noises. I am running a 5960x @4.5GHZ with 1.29 volts and it never goes above 80 degrees but I am worried that the strain is finally getting to it and it will go any day now. I am thinking about replacing it with an air cooler if it does but I am worried that any of the top of the range coolers will cut off the first PCI slot of my Asus Rampage V Extreme 3.1 which would screw up the spacing that would allow me to NVLINK a second RTX 3090 when supplies
  5. Hello there! At the moment my i5 Surface Pro 5 is on its last legs as it is having all sorts of hardware issues and so I have decided to upgrade and leave that awful N Trig screen digitizer technology behind but it has been far, far from simple. For starters, most 2 in 1s (and tablets) use N Trig technology, which if you have ever tried to draw with one, you would know creates jagged artifacts. Secondly, the ones that seem to meet my Stylus needs are either under-powered, have build quality issues, or are expensive A.F. (looking at you Wacom) so I am genuinely overwhe
  6. Unfortunately none of this addresses my concerns with the motherboard itself. I already know AMD is the superior path* but is the Asrock Phantom Gaming really such a pita, like I read, when it comes to stability, build quality, and TB3 performance that the shortcomings of Intel are overshadowed by giving me a more stable experience? I need to lug this thing around to supplement my laptop until I become proficient in Linux as W10s quirks make it increasingly frustrating to use for 3D rendering but I also want to be able to double my rendering horsepower when I bring it home by plugging in an eG
  7. Budget (including currency): <2000 CAD - Not including GPU Country: Canada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Blender, Maya, Redshift 3D, Zbrush, and Substance Painter Other details Hello there. I made a thread somewhat similar to this a couple of months ago (so expect some Deja-vu) but circumstances changed and now I have a clearer goal and more funds to work with. TL;DR Versions: My research points to the MSI MEG Z490I UNIFY being the more stable platform with superior TB3 performance (for adding an external GPU enclosure when not lugging it
  8. The problem is that I have never had a good time selling my computer stuff to anyone other than family, in person or online. I have asked some people I know if they are interested but have gotten only vague answers. Furthermore, I am only interested in getting a new system if it has thunderbolt3 but am limited to either a mini-itx board or expensive AF Threadripper motherboard with AMD and I do not need the processor speed to justify the price of the latter. I have heard some very hit or miss reports on AICs for AMD motherboards with headers, I have even seen some claims that the Gigabyte Tita
  9. What a weird title. Hello there LTT forums! I need some help here and I am sure that I probably know what the answer is already but I feel the need to have someone slap me in the face with some hard, scaly, fishy truth. At least Sea Bass sized, no Lake Sturgeons!!! Here is the TL;DR version: Can I overclock either a 5960x or 6950x for 255 and 430 dollars CAD respectively to compete with a Ryzen 7 3700x and keep my old workstation relevant and also capable of handling 2 top of the line RTX cards for productivity purposes? The long, did read version:
  10. I took a look at processor prices and the cheapest 1600 I could find is 185 dollars CAD plus 20 dollars S/H on ebay. I forgot to check if it was international which means added border fees. I think I will stick with the 2200g for now as I will not be gaming with it. Mostly 3D modling and sculpting which is mainly single threaded. The more intensive ZBrush and Maya Fluids operations are where the extra threads will be thrown this summer. As for the case size, length and width are my main concern as if it any bigger there then it would not fit in any of my bags. I might be able to
  11. I will keep that all in mind. I do want want to overspend on the cpu since I intend to replace it this summer but if the prices are as low as you say they are then I will take a better look around. Might even check out the used market. As for the cooler, I will check out your suggestion. It might seem counterintuitive to go for a heavier one but if I can somehow brace it against the top of the case without interfering with the fan or airflow then it would likely be best for the health of the motherboard when traveling.
  12. I will be putting my Titan XM into it, that is why I asked about the GPU support brace that comes in the 202 and if it is good enough to prevent warping when transporting (also why I am getting such a large PSU). I will also take a peak at those ssds but I need fast ones for caching when GPU rendering. The HDD is just for long-term storage and backup.
  13. Hello there. My second forum post in the last couple of days, I am becoming active, hehe. I am going to be doing a SFF workstation build with the intent of hot-desking and the Node 202 seems to be the best case for me but I have a few questions first. Mind you, I already measured and it will fit into my carry-on and motorcycle saddle-bags, I just need to know if it will survive. I do not intend to drop it or anything, only put it through what my Sager NP9150 survived over the last 6 years. The first is how good is the internal GPU support brace and will it