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  1. It's a bad product if it can't be made to work and the support is rubbish, no matter how fancy and awesome the technology is behind it. I get the feeling it's gone down hill since the HP takeover. We're about to replace all our HP wireless with Huawei, not sure how many access points but it'll be well in to the thousands. If you remember ask me in about 6 months and I'll tell you how that went, I'm rather skeptical.
  2. Most of the issues I've had have been client related, problem is you have to do a bunch to tweaks to the radio profiles to fix them. Worst offenders are apple devices, mostly MacBooks. Haven't done any wireless installs since changing jobs though, there has been a number of changes I know of with Aruba since then. New work place we are using Aruba ClearPass for wired and wireless to apply all sorts of things like switch port configuration (VLANs + ACLs etc) and integrate with the firewalls for single sign-on.
  3. Nice to see Aruba being used as an example, really like their equipment. Their device detection works great and doesn't require a captive portal to do it, allows for flexible rule creation particularly useful for wireless devices that aren't phones/tables e.g. wireless printers or measurement devices like thermostats.
  4. You would install something like Ubuntu, or even Windows if you wanted to, then install OpenVPN server.
  5. Sophos support pages isn't of much help. https://community.sophos.com/kb/en-us/122496 I would request a new license and try again. Also make sure the appliance actually has working internet access.
  6. Yes which is what I said, however they are built exactly like a non-K so a K SKU cannot be "built like a tank" and the non-K not.
  7. In what way are the more reliable, considering they are taken from the same silicon wafer and packaged in the same way? Other than microcode allowing us to change the multiplier and passing a higher verification they are manufactured in the same exact way.
  8. How is it a cop-out? I literally don't listen to marketing from AMD, Intel or Nvidia. Why do I do this, for the reasons you just stated. Don't confuse an argument with a statement, I legit never heard anything about Fury X being an overclocker's dream.
  9. Well marketing from any company is just white noise to me, "waffle waffle blah blah". So AMD didn't lie to me since I wasn't listening. The dual RX480 thing isn't exactly a lie since it was present as equivalent to a 1080 in a specific game, however AMD knew people would then think that would mean the same would be true for every game. Not a lie just smoke, mirrors and heaped tablespoon of bullshit .
  10. Which lies where those?
  11. Most VM servers don't use GPUs, usually only the case when virtualizing desktops (VDI). But yea easily see this going in to 2U hybrid blades and even the bigger blade systems, so long as they can get the heat away. On of the big reasons hybrid blades came about was needing GPUs and fast local storage, this APU solves one and NVMe M.2 solves the other . Really hasn't been much innovation in the blade space for a while.
  12. I was thinking they would do it first with GPUs considering the number of times AMD/ATI have tried to dual GPU cards. If they could design it to act as a single GPU it would work out much better. Also Naples kinda made me think they were sticking to external GPUs for a while with the massive PCIe lanes and reference server system supporting 6 GPUs along with a nice amount of NVMe SSDs. A 4 or 8 socket server with the above APU would start to get very interesting, even if each single chip isn't that powerful alone it would easily start to add up.
  13. Looks like 8 GPU + 8 CPU + 6 interposers to me. Yea I was expecting the same thing, first with their GPUs but I didn't expect AMD to jump straight to this.
  14. Yes that is correct, files only hosted on the server.
  15. Invest now while you can, Flying Pigs Enterprises Ltd is about to take off.