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    Intel i7 4930K
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    Asus Rampage IV Black Edition
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    16GB G.Skill TridentX F3-2400C10-4GTX
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    Dual Asus R9-290X
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    LD PC-V8
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    4 512GB Samsung 850 Pro & 2 512GB Samsung 840 Pro & 1 256GB Samsung 840 Pro
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    EVGA Supernova NEX 1500 Classified
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    Dell U3014 30"
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    Custom EKWB, 3x 480 RAD everything cooled inc ram (why not?)
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    Razor Black Window Ultimate BF4
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    Mad Catz R.A.T. 5
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    Custom build speakers, home theater sound
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    Windows 10

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  1. Titan V not suitable for scientific simulations

    Titan V, when you just need a result and stat
  2. Gorilla glass would like to argue that point
  3. Titan V not suitable for scientific simulations

    Doesn't sound like memory errors though, nothing would work if it was that. Sounds firmware ish.
  4. Titan V not suitable for scientific simulations

    Um, LOL? This only for Titan V or for all of Volta?
  5. The only difference is the GPU inside of it, you could take out the 1070 from one of the Auros models and put in the RX 580 then bam Auros RX 580 Gaming Box. Literally the only difference is the logo on the box and it being under Gigabyte branding not Auros, zero componentry and function difference. There is nothing Gigabyte can say that will change that truth, I'd rather them just own up to it than try and spin it, I respect companies that don't try and spin the obvious. It won't change the end result but at least I could look at their brand without an underlying feeling of resentment. I don't actually care about this product though, never going to buy something like it.
  6. It's effectively the same thing, UAC off logged in as an admin any apps you run will have privileges to change system settings and access restricted filesystem locations and it's not going to stop and ask. I run my UAC on second lowest and I very rarely even see UAC prompts on that as well, things like Steam games just kick off external installers without prompting at all because it see it as me making the change which is in line with that UAC setting.
  7. One is carrying the Gigabyte name and the other is carrying the Auros name, it's not really exactly the same. You're right it still has gaming wirtten on it which makes this response from Gigabyte just that much more hilarious lol. The product name and marketing very much contradicts that, nothing like a good PR spin . This is a really bad product example to be complaining about though.
  8. I don't have a problem with it only if Nvidia doesn't take over existing top tier branding across all AIBs. If Nvidia wants to fix a perceived branding issue I have no problem with them imposing branding requirements on their products as long as it's new and something they and the AIBs make a deal on. I also take issue with the fact that they are not also enforcing product design requirements to not look like AMD products, it would far more legitimize the branding requirements if this was also done. Even in the enthusiast world brand names like Strix, Auros, Gaming X, Lightning etc all carry with them reputation that these buyers specifically know and look out for when buying or just looking at reviews. There is a wealth of information known about these brands and the products under them which is used when researching products in general so this isn't just an issue for the uninformed masses, it creates issues for everyone, well except Nvidia. How am I supposed to know with the next generation of cards coming out which one is the best, is there a better one coming, how do these relate to each other and also with the previous existing branding. Sure all of these will get addressed over time and we'll get used to it but it's not a problem we should be having in the first place. Don't make me go 'John McEnroe'
  9. I completely agree but I'm still going to buy the best GPU possible when I get round to upgrading, or two, and turn all that shit on cos "ooo pretty" .
  10. Yea things like PowerShell and CMD, plus some other odd apps. For the most part though if you run an exe with UAC off it has admin perms. Windows really needs to start sandboxing applications and their config/reg hives so they can run with godly perms but only screw over itself. Any system stuff should require explicit access not accessible through any old application.
  11. Any account that has admin privileges and you either: Run the program as admin (UAC on), allow elevation of rights from UAC prompt or disable UAC meaning everything you run has elevated permissions.
  12. Because miners actually buy in bulk the top end cards... Hash rate means nothing if the buy price is too high. Also once the card they want the most is sold out they move on to the next best until that's sold out. While mining is still a thing no one is going to have issues selling GPUs.
  13. Yea no it really isn't as simple as you're trying to make it out as. Those examples are also relating to direct dealings with competitors, this is contractual issues that are imposing restrictions on another company dealings with their competitor. The benefits have nothing to do with it either, if it was about that then there would be no issue. It is not a benefit to be restricted on how you name your products or products from a competitor.