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  1. 50%-100%, err that has never happened in the history of GPU drivers for modern graphics APIs i.e. DirectX 7+ and OpenGL of same era. If it were possible to get that kind of performance increase from drivers alone why bother spending billions in GPU development when you could spend 10%-20% of that on driver optimization and rebadging cards pretending you have new hardware. The R9 390X didn't gain 50% over the R9 290X as an example.
  2. If AMD had 50% more performance in the bag they would be WAY more smug about it and we would very much know already. No way AMD would keep quite about that just for the surprise, unless they really are completely stupid and want people to give up waiting and buy Nvidia.
  3. I believe the CAD type applications make a lot of use of half precision and double precision computation which is very limited on Titan/GeForce cards compared to Quadro cards. Vega FE is strong in all those areas so performs accordingly when asked to do those tasks. Vega FE is much along the lines of no limits but no guarantees, unlike FirePro/Radeon Pro which is no limits with guarantees. Nvidia doesn't have this middle option which isn't really an issue, the cases where you are limited when using a GeForce card is not wide spread so AMD really does have a niche card for a subset of users in the professional industry. A lot of CAD users can get away with using a GeForce card, unless you are doing rather complex work to hit performance limitations or need a feature of the software only available on a Quadro. A business should never buy a GeForce card though, unless they really know what they are doing and have a specific use case in mind where paying extra for Quadro makes little sense and you need to save the money (small business typically). Edit: Someone with a bit more understanding of the differences than me: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10532978/difference-between-nvidia-quadro-and-geforce-cards
  4. That's why I try to treat people as if I were talking to them, doesn't always work out and text communication is far more troublesome than in person with speech/sight. We humans rely so heavily on visual and audible information during communication that removing both is bound to cause problems. You can spend an hour typing responses back and forward for something that could be settled in like 5 minutes in person, without any misunderstandings or misinterpretations heh.
  5. I can't remember if I got it working but I tried creating a WDS boot image and loading that in to DeployStudio so I could image Macs using WDS. Was a long time ago and now I refuse to put Windows on Macs so I don't care anymore. Setup auto image settings in DeployStudio which puts down a WinPE/WDS boot image then reboots the Mac which boots to WinPE then WDS auto images the Mac, joins it to AD, installs drivers then software etc etc. Really only looked in to doing it that way since it's a ton easier to create/update Windows images for WDS than it is for DeployStudio.
  6. Hurpa durp but Macs are for design work in stuff, durrrrr.
  7. Yep you can run Windows only just fine.
  8. I find most places that buy Mac to run Windows on them do it because they think they have better hardware of something and compared them to some junk PC that was 1/3 the price. My rule is if you brought a Mac you did it for Mac OS and you'll damn well use it, you paid extra for it. If not spend roughly the same and you'll have just as good a computer if not better.
  9. Yea you create it on the Mac once booted, there are some really good guides online already on how to do it and load it on to a Mac server. Dual boot can be done, we used to dual boot every Mac but stopped doing that after management issues and greatly increased support time. What happens is the computer will only get used in one of the OS for ages and software installs wont get done or the computer account in AD will tombstone.
  10. @BSpendlove Just realized I normally change for this kind of service lol. Anyway if you want any advice on anything at any time or guidance, even a step by step guide let me know and I'll be happy to supply it.
  11. You just need to create the Netboot image on the problem hardware, load that on to the mac server and add it to the Netboot images then when booting a Mac hold down Option/Alt and you'll get multiple Netboot options to pick from.
  12. Folder Redirection and Home Drive go to the same place so the same advice applies. You'd be putting all the data in to a single place and a fault with that server means that everything is down and all data could go with it. Even with a backup on the resiliency side of things if the server currently goes down at least you can save the work locally which is not something I actually allow on networks I build. I use GPO to restrict access to C drive and even hide it from My Computer completely.
  13. Most likely the Mac Mini is running DeployStudio, really good software for imaging Mac. If that isn't being used the I'd highly suggest using that. I do think recently Apple did some stuff to seriously limit the ability to run Windows on newer Mac hardware, better check that out in case forward planning is needed due to that.
  14. Before going down Folder Redirection I'd make sure the server that is going to host the data is resilient enough, under warranty and has a proper backup solution in place. iSCSI disk to a NAS/backup server and Windows Backup works very well. I use iSCSI since Windows Backup doesn't support multiple copies of backups when using a UNC/network share unless that has changed.
  15. @BSpendlove Damn, glad that's not my mess to clean up. If it were me at year end I'd just clean slate everything and build a totally new AD and re-image ever computer. If ActivMan needs to be manually run then yea screw that I'd take the script way any day.