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  1. I think you mistook my statements for everyone involved should be punished equally. With so many involved there will be people who did not know the full situation but it has a starting point, it flows from there. However the network of people who knows what the situation is is usually large. We are talking about people who are attending a school, probably in the range of 500-3500 students and these people know other students in other schools of similar sizes. I can make this assumption based on experience of multiple cases of sexual misconduct and knowing exactly how far the network of information goes between students and schools. I've turned up to a different school to do work and hear students talking about incidents from another school that has been intentionally kept quiet, the only way they knew is from talking to other students very closely involved. The number of people who were genuinely unaware of what was going on is likely much smaller than you expect. You can throw around assumptions as much as you want but sometimes that is required and I am giving my experiences of similar cases so people can understand how not isolated these events are and how people are actually aware of what is going on. FYI I've had students lie to my face about things they have done wrong, even after showing video footage and email evidence. Many will do and say anything to get out of being punished, it's just a mental age thing and they usually grow out of it and become adults that I sometimes know longer term and work or interact with. I respect them enough to treat them like an adult and not judge them based on what they did at ages 15-18. That's not what I was saying or implying. They all knew the distribution of the video was wrong, all of them. Many of them knew what it was which makes their actions worse. Also see above, I'd guess well over half knew. Teenagers aren't as stupid as people portray, they know when it's not what it says it is. What they do after that point is what is important, not that they received or viewed it.
  2. You know Square Enix is famous for spending up huge on everything right? I'm not surprised at all, however Square Enix the game development company did not make the game, they do own Crystal Dynamics though and helped fund it hence the stupid amount of money.
  3. Damn, I'd hate to see a long form reply then lol. Back to actually reading it .
  4. Turn your ram caching off
  5. Move over M.2, here comes M.3*

    Rack space actually costs a lot of money if you are renting rack space. Currently takes us nearly two full 42U cabinets to get 600TB of storage, not using 8TB+ HDDs though. The OP image shown isn't actually the complete product either, see below.
  6. Move over M.2, here comes M.3*

    Kinda is what Samsung was showing off with this new form factor since they were the ones pushing it the most. https://news.samsung.com/global/samsung-introduces-far-reaching-v-nand-memory-solutions-to-tackle-data-processing-and-storage-challenges
  7. I'm sure you didn't need to be told that sharing such a video is a wrong thing to do. Every person involved in this also knew it was wrong which is why private messaging was used and not a public forum or facebook post. I've worked in the education sector long enough and interacted with enough 13-18 year olds of every level of intelligence imaginable and they all know this is completely unacceptable behavior. The ones doing it know what they are doing even if they don't know the specific law they are breaking they know they are breaking one. I'm also speaking from the position of having to deal with situations like this and having to collect computer evidence as requested by police and teachers council for the networks I managed. I don't want to have to do this sort of thing, the ripple effect spreads much wider than most people realize. I am in favor of measured justice and reformation but this behavior needs to stop, strong punishment is required and young people need to learn to take some self responsibility and be constantly reinforced to listen to their moral conscience and leave situations where there is pressure to do something wrong.
  8. Deleted thread.

    Thread locked, asking for help for something that is committing a crime is not allowed. Denial of Service attacks also breaks the terms of service you have signed with your ISP.
  9. SuperMicro X8SIE-F 1U Server

    I would stick to buying something that is listed in the HCL for that motherboard. http://www.supermicro.com/support/resources/memory/display.cfm?sz=4.0&mspd=1.333&mtyp=33&id=4135E89C3138834F30906C929A4F95C9&prid=81608&type=DDR3&ecc=1&reg=1&fbd=0
  10. What worries me about it is historically FF games had zero MP/Online anything in them, they were strictly single player. You know the two FF games I didn't play were? FF11 and FF14 both MMORPGs, I actually do own them too but I didn't play them for long (less than a few hours). Why? Because I want to just play a SP game, I'll pay more to keep it that way if I have to or get the option to.
  11. I'd say starting to get a little bit more popular now considering how rare they are now days and people like me specifically seek them out.
  12. Personally I'm a sucker for every Final Fantasy game and Square Enix doesn't seem to give a shit about burning literal mountains of money and time to make those, or changing console half way through development or changing game engine. They don't have any issues selling these games however the online components cancer is starting to creep in to the games which makes me worried.
  13. Here's an idea, stop spending lots of developer time and money on infrastructure to support unprofitable multiplayer elements that never pay themselves back. Games cost more money to develop now because everything just has to be open world sandbox with as much multiplayer aspects as possible, the two most resource intensive and problematic to code while integrating in to the story of the game that greatly impacts the mechanics of the game limiting what you can do. If games are costing too much to make limit your scope, that is 100% guaranteed to reduce cost.
  14. Real quick question

    Yes, no, maybe. Depends on what kind of performance you're after but you don't need to load up on a ton of ram unlike the myriad of guides online say. 8GB shouldn't be that expensive unless you're going with a new parts build, used DDR3 ECC RDIMM is rather cheap.
  15. Then I guess ISA bus is making a come back haha