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  1. Not that surprised since it's a Napes die variation, I was rather confused with those previous rumors saying TR would be 44 lanes and why AMD would reduce the number meaning more variation.
  2. I'm guessing you're excluding business? Xeons go way way higher than $2k and most servers have two of them.
  3. I'm just really super pleased to see Ryzen in a NAS like this, I think it's the best thing to happen in the pre-built NAS space since well... forever. CPUs in those things usually suck or the system cost is extremely high for one with an actually good CPU. Next up standardize 10Gbe in pre-built NAS's. Edit: Also means proper VM hosting on one of these can actually be a thing.
  4. QNAP already are and I prefer them over Synology as they always have better hardware specs at the same price points and software wise both are excellent.
  5. Holy shit integrated 10Gb NIC, take my money!!
  6. That sort of isn't how it works, you compare the previous top SKU to the new top SKU. Going by that Intel is charging more for the best not less which actually lines up with what I was told last week by the HPE sales reps in regards to the upcoming HPE Gen10 series servers. Intel has confirmed that they are raising their prices so the HPE Gen10 server prices are also increasing. HPE are also going to extend the sales life of the Gen9 due to this price increase.
  7. Would take wayyyy more than a month to mine a full coin with a R5 1600, go check how much they are worth .
  8. I might have been playing dumb lol. Edit: Up to 8.10/day btw.
  9. It's black and has way too many cards in it, lots of them long expired .
  10. Chucked on NiceHash just to see how good it would be, so the two 290X's are doing $7.68 USD/day. Nice thing is mine are water cooled so I'll try some OC'ing soon . Winter is also just getting cold and peak power of my system is about 800W so it'll be better to mine than run my heater lol. Edit: @Space Reptile 3% OC on a single card put it up to 7.81, 50% return on OC isn't bad at all.
  11. Check the link @Rohime posted, it's pretty easy to do and many examples online. Once you figure out the first one rest will be easy, you can also test but just trying to browse to the url and see where you get redirected.
  12. Just install the IIS role and configure the redirection, you can redirect to anything it doesn't have to be running on IIS or on the same server.
  13. Yes you can, just create a redirection webpage that looks at the requested URL/URI and redirect based on that.
  14. @Space Reptile Speaking of such things, how useful would my 290X's be for this once I get round to replacing them?