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  1. lol i work for an electronic recycling company the boards worth about 8 cents the plastic and panel is even less the cost for labor to break them down is 10/h trying to boost that a bit
  2. so i have upwords of 3000lbs of cracked lcds trying to find a profitable way to move them anyone have any ideals?
  3. ya but i have never seen them mixed like this it would be fun to see
  4. found a video from king of random on youtube i think it would be sweet to see a pc cooled with this
  5. the stuff they offer is a bit over the top for what i need something simpler
  6. i got a lcd tester off ebay was using it to test laptop lcd panels any one know a place to get a better one of these the one i have dosnt have the cables for a lot of the newer screens or somewhere that i can buy more cables for it heres a link to what i have http://www.ebay.com/itm/US-Laptop-TV-LCD-LED-Test-Tool-Panel-Tester-w-LVDS-Interface-Cables-Inverter-/282297435098?epid=2036073238&hash=item41ba3d03da:g:4YQAAOSw2xRYWKEQ
  7. https://antsle.com/ do a review on one of these
  8. any one seen anything online about boards for the new ryzen from asrock i find asus and gigabyte everywhere but not asrock
  9. 4-500 seems to be everyone estimate and i agree thats what it will be
  10. i wanted to steal that laptop 2 good for them rofl
  11. i just built a system with an fx 8350 for someone and the cpu performed so shit it made me sick it wasnt worth the 150$ spent on it dont buy an amd chip inless you plan on buying the new ryzen
  12. so iv never really ran a raid but i set it up today since i got old of a second 250g 840 evo and i dont really see much difference in load speeds and file moving speeds but i feel like my download speeds have jumped up maybe isp running great today or normal?
  13. i dont see any better way the just hooking up the mouse