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  1. the windows firewall pop up really only changes access to your network, not so much aspects to an application, and highly unlikely your sound how are you getting sound through your system? is your system sending sound through display connector? what does your device say for your sound devices, have you tried a usb soundcard / updating drivers?
  2. are you actually getting connectivity, or are you just concerned about the light?
  3. could potentially be the sound compression and formats they used to keep the size as efficient as possible, as well as just generally older sound engines
  4. get HWMonitor, so you can see if youre hitting any limits
  5. if worse comes to worse, you get the smallest drill bit you can get and drill out the screw, or maybe get some super glue and your screw driver
  6. depends on what you do know if you have no idea what they do but you want to be one then that seems sort of silly, you should do your own research but, If you already know the basic things that they do, and you want to learn how to do that and basic knowledge, thats when you take courses at a university or traineeship
  7. can you possibly record a video and upload it? It could be something else but we have no further information, try reseating as much as you feel comfortable with, check that your CPU power cable is in tight, the 24pin mobo is in, reseat the RAM, you could also have configured your pins for the case power button wrong, which is pretty common
  8. If its been working, then you have nothing to worry about; this, it was probably changing the boot order with the ssd instead of a usb drive or a network drive etc
  9. This could be your gpu on its way out, or even your psu, even though youve underclocked, it may not be able to handle a load and the device locks up
  10. DakotaWebber

    Need Help

    Microsoft is actually quite good with things like this if you call them and explain your situation if at the end of the day nothing works, you can buy cheap keys on ebay or kinguin
  11. Your system isnt registering that its using your 970, and is stating its using your integrated graphics try reinstalling your nvidia drivers, and disabling your integrated graphics, and maybe even disabling and reenabling your 970, this can be done in that device manager you had open (you may need to go into bios for disabling integrated) ensure that ALL your cables are plugged into the video card and not your motherboard then if that still doesnt work id suggest reseating your gpu
  12. do you mean your stream on twitch is only 60? you can only go up to 60 on twitch however if you mean your game feels like its being capped when your streaming, there is usually an option to limit the framerate of your application in your streaming software to whatever your streaming it at
  13. is it ONLY happening with your mouse or does it do this with other usb devices?