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  1. DakotaWebber

    Need software for basic video editing.

    Microsofts Movie Maker is free and easy to use and can do what youre asking
  2. DakotaWebber

    TV Issue While Gaming off PC

    if the change in resolutions worked then im 100% sure its your tv and its scaler pcs and tvs dont really interact that well, ESPECIALLY over HDMI, i always had issues with my old tv as a monitor not showing the right boundaries and the image was always blurry, so i just went full vga maybe try to get a displayport to hdmi adapter and see if that works?
  3. DakotaWebber

    Low sound in headset

    an amp would defintely help, but maybe try plugging them into a phone or laptop / other computer and see if you have the same problem
  4. your vrms will be fine the liquid cooler could be better, but you will survive and it would be better than an air cooler
  5. DakotaWebber

    Strange 1080 behaviour

    use ddu to fully reinstall your drivers also try reinstalling your directx also is it only the app that locks up/crashes? are there error messages? at startup or during play>? if it persists it may be an issue with the card itself
  6. DakotaWebber

    First Build, Want Opinions

    This. also theres no point in getting the g version as youre getting a gpu anyway the Ryzen 3 is cheap, but youll get cheap performance to go with it
  7. DakotaWebber

    Can a motherboard cause this issue?

    not saying any cpu or the one you have now is bottlenecking your cpu now and the ones you have tried arent very high end, of course youre going to have a little bit of issues with smoothness looking into areas where there are many objects on the screen i also told you to try and cap to 60fps before, but capping fps also introduces non smoothness issues, but at the same time it aids with the cpu struggling to push frames, if possible in your game maybe add 10fps to your limit your cpu is heavily underclocked in the video as well, it could just be doing that for power savings as it might not need to be going full tilt, however you could try and change that in your bios and see if there are any differences you would be experiencing random shutdowns and reboots if your psu wasnt supplying enough power, not a performance limit
  8. DakotaWebber

    Can a motherboard cause this issue?

    what other cpus?
  9. DakotaWebber

    Gaming keyboard not detected after reboot

    sounds like a usb interface initialisation issue on your system, not your keyboard, especially if its working on your other system fine in device manager go into your universal serial bus controllers and see if you can troubleshoot any issues, update drivers or enable/disable them, or if any have the warning triangle icon for any issues maybe let the system turn on with the keyboard plugged in and not working and leave it in, navigate to this screen to see if there are any issues also obviously go into the keyboard tab to see if there are any issues or differences when you unplug and plug it in
  10. DakotaWebber

    TV Issue While Gaming off PC

    actually a strange issue to diagnose do you have another monitor to plug in at the same time to see what the system is doing/ if it stays running? your system and game are still running so theres no crashes or anything with the driver it seems maybe try setting the display resolution in windows to 1080p for a minute and just try the game again and see if the issue persists maybe see if HDCP is interfering, i have to turn my monitor off and on again now and then watching netflix could you maybe also list the model number of your tv and what gpu you have? also your tv is set to 1970 lol
  11. DakotaWebber

    Can a motherboard cause this issue?

    you just keep going and dont actually listen to what people say, then keep testing and assuming its something that just doesnt make sense your cpu its only running at 2300mhz, and the usages across the cores are fairly high how on earth would an ssd be causing smoothness issues on the desktop youll also never have true full smoothness with your cpu, sorry but its the truth, you need to upgrade it if you want better performance without issues
  12. DakotaWebber

    RTX 2080 HDMI TV Blacking Out

    tv scalers are a bit weird with pc, especially through hdmi See if there is a game/pc mode on your tvs on screen display in geforce experience -> change resolutions change scaling from gpu to display, or from display to gpu and see if it changes anything
  13. DakotaWebber

    Microsoft Surface alternatives

    there are a few cheaper lenovo yogas, like the yoga 300 (there are non touch models though) that can be folded into a laptop/tablet and you can get some styluses for them, but im not sure if it would have the same experience as a surface im not sure if you can find it where you are but in aus there is a tablet called the kogan atlas that is like a budget version of a surface find some refurbished stuff on ebay
  14. DakotaWebber

    Is there a way to freeze a game?

    you can do something similar with cheat engine by pausing the game entirely, but im not sure about its resource allocation and if any functions keep up in the background like as if you were farming something in minecraft and came back and its all grown, but you can always try
  15. DakotaWebber

    TV Issue While Gaming off PC

    try and change your scaling options in gf experience/amd adrenalin from gpu to display, or display to gpu, whatever it is currently, tvs scalers work a little different than monitors and usually cause issues also see if there is a game mode on the tv that should be why it works on windowed and not fullscreen, different games like rocket league use fullscreen in a different way, idk how to explain it if it still doesnt work try to use windowed borderless whereever you can