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  1. Likely not what you’re facing, but one issue I had at least is that half my ram was shown as “hardware reserved” in task manager which caused much of the same issues that you’re describing. If task manager shows ram usage pinned at 50% or 25% when under load, I would check in the bottom right to see if it shows anything more than ~60mb of hardware reserved memory. If it does, lowering the memory frequency should solve the issue
  2. That’s not a bad point though that performance is a steal at $550. maybe check out the used market? I don’t know what it’s like in Singapore but some places are reporting 2080ti’s going for $300 In preparation for rx 3000 series, and with your use case you might be able to find an even better deal on like a 2070 super another thing to keep in mind is the compatability with the case. I don’t know if any low profile 3070s are coming at launch. I think it may just be founders edition, which could be troublesome with an itx build depending on your case. I believe pc part picker has an auto
  3. Thanks guys! I appreciate all the help you’re all awesome
  4. So I know that moving a display from 60hz - 120hz can kill battery life on some laptops, which got me thinking. Can I set my laptops refresh rate to 15hz and increase battery life? intuitively if refresh rate up means battery life goes down, then refresh rate down would make the battery life go up. Unfortunately windows settings prove to be unhelpful as the only option is 60hz, which could mean either that windows doesn't think anyone should set it below 60hz (as many others of pcmr likely agree) or that there's some hardware level issue that means that the panel is only able to go at 60hz. If