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    Jackie Mao's House


  • CPU
    Xeon E5-2696 v4
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    Asus X99-A II
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    2x8GB Adata XPG Z1
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 980Ti FTW Edition
  • Case
    InWin 303
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    EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GS
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    Dell U3415W
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    Logitech G502
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    Sennheiser HD598
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    Windows 10

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  1. VeeTeePee

    New RTX 2080 causing problems?

    So I just got a new RTX 2080 Zotac Amp! Edition. Replaced my 980ti with it and now there are a lot of problems coming up. First, the pc wouldn't boot and once I eventually did get it to boot, I installed the drivers for the 2080. I restarted the pc and it seemed to be working fine. The computer detected the 2080 and it seemed to be working but once I launched GTA V to test it, I was only able to look around for about 2 seconds before this happened. https://imgur.com/a/VVonA6y It froze at that screen for a few minutes then restarted itself. Now pc won't even boot to the gpu. Any ideas?
  2. VeeTeePee

    Torn between

    Get the 480 no doubt
  3. VeeTeePee

    I need help!

    The best solution to this is the same as a lot of other things... It's sad how much this useful thing is overlooked. Smh
  4. VeeTeePee

    How much to list for?

    So I've lost all time to be able to tinker or even game on my computer now... (F*ck you, college). I'm parting out my pc and just wanted some opinions. How much would you say I should list a used EVGA 980ti FTW edition for? I've never overclocked it myself and it's only been used for a little over half a year. Thanks in advance
  5. Sorry I was busy all day after posting :// But no, its not that hard to take out the locking mechanism. You can look it up on youtube and see if that's something you're willing to do. A lot of people have done it successfully and it seems pretty worth imo. In terms of your question earlier about the bass, it's got alright bass but don't expect too much. It's not SHAKE THE HEADPHONES RIGHT OFF YOUR HEAD type of bass.... But personally, I think it's fine.
  6. I have the Special Editions and I don't think they're any different other than the fact that they're all black :// It does come with a shorter connector though, which is something the regular didn't have. The regular edition came with a long ass connector while the Special edition comes with both the long connector and an added short connector.
  7. If he waits until Black Friday, he'd be able to get the 598s for cheaper than the 558s. At least that's what the case was last year when Black Friday rolled around. Not sure if it'll be the same this year tho. But I completely agree that there is very little difference between the two
  8. Because if you plan on connecting the mic to the headphones, you'll have to get a 2.5 male to 3.5 female adapter. The slot on the 598s are 2.5mm. And like mentioned above, you'll have to take the headphones apart to remove a plastic locking mechanism that Sennheiser installed ://
  9. HD598s are a beauty I own a pair and love them to death. It's sound stage is great for both listening to music and gaming. The only issue I see is that you'll need to get an adapter for the HD598s and do a little diy work in order to use your BoomPro Mic with it. Comfort wise, it felt "different" at first. Not bad, but just not what I was expecting. After wearing them for a bit, I saw why people love these for comfort. You could wear them for hours and not even realize they're there. Amazon usually has them on sale for around $100 USD when Black Friday rolls around so if you're willing to wait, it'd definitely be worth it!
  10. VeeTeePee

    Cheap keyboard without Num pad

    I've never tried the mechanical switches that they use in that keyboard but from the reviews, it seems like it'll do for you
  11. VeeTeePee

    Cheap keyboard without Num pad

    Membrane Option: LINK Mechanical Option: LINK Keep in mind though. You can find a lot of tenkeyless membrane keyboards
  12. VeeTeePee

    Cheap keyboard without Num pad

    Do you have preference on whether it's mechanical or not?
  13. VeeTeePee

    CPU, Mobo, and RAM under $400?

    Update... He was too f*cking impatient cause he didn't want to go through problems while building a pc. He bought a f*cking prebuilt pc on amazon last night without me knowing... This is what he bought ---> LINK TRUST ME. IM PISSED NOW THAT HE DID THIS. Waste of 500
  14. VeeTeePee

    CPU, Mobo, and RAM under $400?

    thats what I told him but for some reason, he's determined to stick with Nvidia cards... Though I agree 100% that the RX 480 is much better for the price