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    I like cute things and death (*´ω`*)

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    Fashion, puppies, oranges, art, electronics, gaming, sweet drinks. ^ - ^

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  1. Knowing the answer to this question makes me feel old.
  2. What the fuck did he need your screwdriver for? To test out a hacksaw?
  3. Wargroove. Anyone who enjoyed Advance Wars most likely already knows what it is, but Wargroove deserves to be played by more people!
  4. Read from a script and don't show your face. You do not have to be a character in front of a camera.
  5. I don't have any experience with the Omen itself, but gaming laptops usually have different modes for the fans like: Silent, normal, and turbo. This can impact gaming performance significantly. In the same manner, Window's Power Options can have the same effect.
  6. It hasn't happened to me in the 3 years that I've owned the mouse. But that's just my personal experience.
  7. It might be worth cleaning your keyboard. Unplug your keyboard. Take off the keycaps and wash them with water and a bit of dishwashing soap. Clean off all the dust with a can of compressed air, or a cloth. Use some isopropyl alcohol (at least 70%) and cotton swabs (a microfiber cloth or a small soft brush will also work) to clean the switches. You don't need a lot of alcohol. Make sure the keycaps are dry and reassemble your keyboard. Although, your issue sounds more like a software problem... maybe.
  8. I'm using a G502 right now, it's worth it, very price efficient compared to the Lightspeed if you're worried about budget.
  9. The title regarded as the best entry in the franchise even to this day... How is that a guilty pleasure?!
  10. While I don't think it was terrible, the episode "Fly" of Breaking Bad wasn't enjoyable to me. It took a second watch in order for me to start appreciating what the episode was about.
  11. How's that a guilty pleasure? It's a game loved by so many people.
  12. I totally understand your habit, but it's something I avoid. It turns my 10-minute shower into a 30-minute shower.