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  1. Surprised that no one mentioned the Xiaomi MiPad/MiPad 2... The MiPad was the first device to feature the Tegra K1 & it also runs on MIUI which is an awesome custom Android version made by Xiaomi... On the other hand, the MiPad 2 runs on a Atom processor (x86 architecture) & has even higher performance than the original MiPad while still being the same tablet... And the price for it is not that high as someone would expect it to be [emoji4]
  2. Hello all! Not gonna write an essay about what I need, just gonna go straight to the point... I currently have a HTC One M7 that I love, but it got already boring for me & even a custom ROM can't help with that... I'm currently in the process of selling it but sadly there are no people willing to buy it even though the phone is in almost perfect condition & the price is right for it (160€). I wanted to get a Note 3 at first, just because got obsessed with it somehow by watching videos about it on YouTube etc. but seeing it being 3 y/o now, made me rethink this decision & go with a Galaxy S5 just because it's one year newer than the N3 & has a smaller screen (but sooner or later we all gonna have to jump on the phablet bandwagon)... But seeing, that it's a bit hard to get a used S5 for that amount of money, I thought of other phones from other manufacturers than Samsung. So in all of this, my problem is in finding a good phone, that will be an upgrade from my HTC & will have good ROM support from xda-developers, just because I like to change my ROM often. Even though I have knowledge about many Android phones, I'm clueless right now with what phone I could go for... Would be nice if any of you could suggest me a Android phone for 160-170€, that has atleast 2GB of RAM, a Quad-core processor (not Mediatek) & a ~5" screen. Also, I don't want phones from any of those manufacturers, just because I don't like them (or other reasons): -Asus -Lenovo/Motorola -Prestigio -Blueboo -BLU -Elephone -LG I think that's all for now, so hope you can help me in this hard decision [emoji1] P. S. I was thinking about the Xiaomi Mi3 also (I know Xiaomi for 3-4 years) but seeing that it has no LTE, made me not consider it after all... Having unlimited LTE & wasting it, is a shame [emoji4] P. S2. If anyone wants to buy my HTC, I'm free for offers on PW
  3. Lol, what a coincidence... I'm in the same spot choosing between a Note 3 & Galaxy S5... IMO I would choose the S5 because it will have Marshmallow in April, while the support for the Note 3 already ended. The only reasons I would go for the N3 is the big 5,7" screen & the S-Pen... I don't like big screens so I would go with the S5 but I was tempted to get the Note 3 just because sooner or later we all gonna have to jump on the phablet bandwagon anyways so just wanted to "future proof" myself with it [emoji4] But seeing that is it 3 y/o by now, made me think that this wasn't the best decision to make because for me the biggest thing in getting a phone, is to have great custom ROMs support from xda-developers because I like to change ROMs often... So yeah, I'm currently in the process of selling my HTC One M7, just to buy the Galaxy S5 for the money I gonna get for the HTC but no one wants to buy it (sadly... Even though it's in a almost perfect shape) [emoji52]
  4. How about HTC One M9? You will love the Boomsound speakers [emoji1]
  5. Soooo... What's the point of this post?
  6. I'd rather get the new Xiaomi MiPad 2... Android or Windows 10 on the tablet because it runs on a Atom processor [emoji4]
  7. Probably... I tried to find the answer online but found nothing... Just the manual for it, that didn't help much either [emoji52]
  8. Well, the current one we use is only one box. It's connected directly to the phone line without any additional stuff in between
  9. Hello all. My brother bought a ZyXEL P-2812HNU-P1 router for our house to replace the one provided by the ISP (Livebox 2). The problem with it is, that even after connecting all cables & stuff, I have no Internet connection at all. I can't even connect to the router setup page to change the SSID & password. The INTERNET indicator light is red all the time, like it has no Internet even though it's connected... I have read in the online manual, that the router needs to be connected to a modem & then to the phone line (like here http://www.manualslib.com/manual/620721/Zyxel-Communications-P-2812hnul-F1.html?page=4#manual ). Does someone know what to do? We want to use it as our new home router & get rid of the old one [emoji4]
  10. Has the warranty of your phone ended? If yes, then you could tinker around with custom Android ROMs & see if the WiFi gonna work... Maybe it's only a software issue?
  11. How about a Raspberry Pi? [emoji52] It can handle 1080p video streams with no problems [emoji4]
  12. Well, you can always download PPSSPP & play the PSP version of Little Big Planet [emoji1]