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  1. Why my Internet will be disconnected when i unplugging the USB devices from the USB ports which is just beside the Ethernet Port. It only happens when I unplugging the USB devices that near the Ethernet Port , but other usb ports wont be like that. Tried to update Ethernet driver still the same. Anyway to fix it ? Thank you. Motherboard: Asus H110M-D
  2. He tried update all the windows update in the laptop , but still the same. If he force upgrade to windows 10, what will happen to his laptop?
  3. My friend who wanna upgrade his windows 8.1 to windows 10 facing a problem that Intel HD Graphic Family driver does not compatible with it . He tried to upgrade his driver to newer version by downloading it from the HP website or intel website but the driver does not install ( This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software.) . Now, he does not know what to do . Can u all help him pls Laptop :HP 14r008tx CPU :1.7 GHz Intel Core i5-4210U with Intel HD Graphics 4400 GPU:NVIDIA GeForce 820M (2 GB DDR3 dedicated) RAM:4GB DDR3L HDD:5
  4. Ya, maybe I will try to use other to pc for testing it before sending it to RMA cause I need to backup my documents .
  5. My ssd still cannot be detected my the bios , after 3 hours of swapping the SATA port , SATA cable , and power cable too.
  6. Tried checking bad sector with many software and nothing bad can be found. I tried to format my windows once and still cant fix it
  7. SSD got problem again. I just don know why my whole pc freeze suddenly when playing games. After about 1 min freeze ,the pc run back normally . But after restart my pc my ssd wont be detected by bios. I saved my windows at Kingston ssd and games on Seagate hdd. Then i test using my spare Hitachi hdd to run windows and same as game on that Seagate hdd , it runs just fine. So is that indicate my ssd is going to die ? I just bought it last month. Never done any physical damage or hard writing it. I just saved windows file and some important documents (less than 2 gb) on it. Add: I re
  8. This weird thing happened to me. Last 2 days , when i playing games suddenly windows blue screen and restart ssd cannot be detected by bios . Then i tried to swap the sata cable and power cable from that my hdd to ssd and it works. Now this happen again, but i did the same way , ssd still cant be detected. Any help here ? Kingston a400 240gb ssd bought it last 3 week. I have checked the sector using easeus when the first time happened. All sector were good and no bad sector found. Is my ssd going to die, or the windows boot file got problem , or wat so ever , pls help me
  9. I currently have a kingston a400 240 gb ssd and a 500gb Seagate Barracuda in my setup. My setup is powered by a nameless 500w psu. This psu already in my setup for 10 years. I just wanna add a 320gb hitachi drive into in. But there is no more power cable left . I have still a sata cable head left which is same cable as the Seagate barracuda. So, can i connect the 320gb hdd into the sata cable ?
  10. sadly my country does not sell any crucial , the store are very limited and overpriced in our market. Just kingston and samsung, wd and intel are very common in our market
  11. Anyway really appreciate you guys helping , thx a lot ?
  12. I have a hdd hitachi 320 gb used about 10 years and still working now ?
  13. Erm so i will probably buy the kingston a400 because of its speed faster in terms of writing and reading and price tag more cheaper ? thx alot
  14. is just like discount on online shopping but is that wd green is SLC? because the kingston a400 is only TLC which lifespan pretty short
  15. I have 2 option wd green ssd or kingston a400. Both are 240gb. I will use the ssd for the windows and 1 games (esport game). What should i choose? Currently setup Intel Pentium G4560 8GB DDR 4 AMD rx 560 4 gb 500 Seagate HDD Asus H110M-D 500 W psu