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    Behind my computer.
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    Computing, gaming, tinkering with electronics.
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    A student, but I work at arcades on the side.


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    Intel Core i5-6600K at base clock speed
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    16GB DDR4
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    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Turbo
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    Corsair Graphite 230T in Orange
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    A Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD for boot, and a Western Digital Caviar Blue 3TB for all those games.
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    Casecom 600W 80+ Silver Modular PSU
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    1x BenQ ZOWIE RL2455 24" monitor and 1x Asus VS248H 24" monitor
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    Coolermaster Hyper 212X
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    Chinese-Made Green Gaming Keyboard
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    Chinese-Made Green Gaming Mouse
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    Logitech Z213 2.1 Channel Speakers
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    Windows 10 Home
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  1. Nice! I'm so excited to see the finished result!
  2. This is looking cool! I've seen a few projects like this, and I like to see everyone's different takes on it. Got any idea what PC parts you're gonna load into it?
  3. I've got one, and seriously, I haven't noticed it to be dim outside. It's brighter than the 3DS, if you have ever used one of those outside. As for charging, I don't have any figures, but if you have a USB power bank, you'll still be able to keep on going, and anyway, with games like Zelda, you're still going to get like 3 hours of battery life. I can't imagine anyone sitting outside for more than 3 hours xD.
  4. Do a retro reflection/use/attempt of use of dial-up, the pains, the speeds, and using it in the office.
  5. Hmm...they look really cheap. It could be just the result of a cheap purchase. If the AUX cable is detachable, try using another AUX cable, and if that doesn't work, try them on another computer. If that doesn't work, just get a new headset.
  6. I have absolutely no idea xD. I'm going with a few of my close friends, so we'll all end up doing the same thing.
  7. Howdy y'all. I'm going on a ski trip in a couple of months, but I have a big decision to make: do I pick skiing, or do I pick snowboarding? I'm only going to be there for a week, so I want to be able to pick it up relatively quickly. All opinions welcome! -Alpha
  8. Try seeing if there's a BIOS update for your computer from the PC manufacturer's website. Try another thing: go through the BIOS, and make sure that the settings aren't set to boot from the iGPU (if there is one).
  9. Personally, I'd pick the Seagate, as it matches your needs, and it is a very reliable hard drive.
  10. I don't use Edge, simply for the fact that I need bookmark syncing across my desktop, my laptop, my phone and my tablet. When Edge integrates bookmark syncing, and it's on Android, then I'd reconsider. It is a good browser, I might add. Better than Google Chrome, at least PS. I use Opera
  11. If the drive is brand new, it'll be covered under the manufacturer's warranty anyway, as I've found that PC component retailers' warranties never count for anything. They charge you for 'diagnostics' before sending it off, and charging you.
  12. I've just done a search on Amazon UK (I'm assuming that you're happy to buy online, please correct me if I'm wrong), and if you need the 7200rpm speeds, you're limited to Seagate. I found a BarraCuda drive, just here.
  13. I don't think the OP will need the Red series' features. If you don't care about speed, go for Green. If you want a great drive with decent performance, but is also cheap, go for WD Blue. If you badly want a powerful HDD (which, by reading your needs, you'll be fine) there is the Black. WD Blue. I've got no idea about the speed of the drive, but honestly, I believe you'll be limited by the SATA bus on the mobo instead of the drive.
  14. I bought a new XPS 15 9560 a couple of weeks ago. I can confirm that it is a beautiful laptop, with all-day battery life (if you don't play games lol), great performance for battery life, a damn comfortable keyboard, a beautiful display (with touch too), and a fingerprint sensor (at least on my model). Thunderbolt 3 is beautiful on it as well. I don't have a current use for it yet, but I'm looking forward to using it.