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  1. I know you can do that. Its how i bleed my system. But i was thinking. If it was a different style.
  2. On my old case. I bought a new zotac 780. Turned out it was a little longer than expected. So i removed the cage covering the fans. So it was bare. Had to use zipties for cables not to block the fans lol. On new case i got more than enough room. But now with waterblock. So ontopic. If possible try to unscrew the parts which is in the way. Else just get a new case.
  3. xgn

    Battlefield crashes

    It crash sometimes the whole pc or just the game. But looks like it dosen't crash the game anymore. Also i just played 4 games with no crash. Maybe it worked itself out.
  4. I have been playing lots of battlefield 1 really cool game. But occasionally the game crash. Also sometimes pc crash with error about something about usb. and some else but i sorted that out. However the game also crash. this usually happens after 2 or 3 games. The game is on a ssd.
  5. nvm i see now he put 6700k in his post too.
  6. 6700 isn't same architecture so then 6850k
  7. the 6950x is the best if programs can use all the power.
  8. then i think its just the architecture. My is the same core 2 is hotter than the rest. But not by a whooping 20 degrees only 3-8c.
  9. also noise signature. 2 different fans with same desibels can be different. 1 can be anoying and other ok based on signature.
  10. If security is a concern you can use encryption but never bitlocker.
  11. I like my cooltek silent led fans, this is how they look.
  12. With pagefile on? If you have to turn that on you don't have enough.
  13. In a car there is a difference but in pc the temperatures is not that high and the flow rates are so high that it reach a equalibrium.
  14. That is discontinued. even low rpm typhoons are hard to come by now. the 2200 one has good reviews. On guy did a noise test for same rpm it has less noise and better temps than vardar.
  15. Im using v51 and im pretty happy with it. 71 is its big brother. Good watercooling support. Good ventilation. Good quality note full steel.
  16. already just get dual pascal 1070 or better
  17. DOA the new build never posted at all. I already eliminated some factors. Psu one of those i have yet to check.
  18. I bought a evga psu which i suspect is broken still have to rma it.
  19. This is cables you're not even going to see. I never understood why people make a big deal out of that. It looks good enough already in my opinion.
  20. I know but he have a really high end cpu which should be able to run this easily.
  21. Download gpu-z and check load and tdp. If its the gpu start there. Check drivers or firestrike.