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    Andros or elsewhere in Magix
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    1x HyperX Fury DDR4, 4GB, 2133 MHz; 1x Crucial 8 GB DDR4, 2133 MHz
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    Drevo Gramr w/Outemu Blue switches
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    Cheap headphones
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    Windows 10

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  1. IDK. I'd probably miss it more if Windows 7 came out a bit earlier, because reasons. Vista had the same look, but it was buggy and bloated af.
  2. It seems like they're a bit late to the party since the "It Gets Better" thing was going around back in the early 2010s:
  3. Wow, AMD are a bit late: It is quite relevant though because of the Trump presidency.
  4. YT these days is about advertising and copyright takedowns. Oh, and comments that have much weaker moderation than on Twitter.
  5. I'm worried about his anti-net neutrality stance. There are too few companies out there that can compete with each other, and many of them are not very well received by their customers.
  6. If you can play the games you love on console on a PC (inc. with emulators) and know how to work a PC for gaming, you pretty much qualify in my eyes. As for minimum specs: Intel i3 processor, Athlon X4 860K, FX 6300 (if you don't mind not having ITX motherboards and cases), GTX 1050 or RX 460. It should work for most games as long as you're wililng to play some of them on medium or even low. You may be stuffed if you want to play multiplayer on the same PC since most PC games are singleplayer, but they have LAN parties for both PC and console.
  7. They should just change it to op eds instead. All news is just that these days.
  8. I spotted a sex toy in the other video... they kind of didn't deliver here.
  9. Just took a look at userbenchmark. Apparently, it is, but you need an appropriate power supply (there's the hidden costs to such a cheap card), and the spread of benches on the website is a bit wider; to be fair, the GTX 1050 Ti came out recently. Still, it'd leave you with enough money for a future upgrade later on, especially if you spent enough money on a decent psu.
  10. Sorry about the inactivity, but here's some images: PlanetSide 2 the beautiful
  11. There are certain popular games that can only be played on the PS3, and I guess the sellers are banking on it.
  12. Most of my computers remind me of AMD's progression for all their CPUs this decade so far minus their FX CPUs and the upcoming Zen microarchitecture. The fastet computer we have right now is my brother's laptop, which has an i5-5200U in it. The rest all run CPUs that are Ivy Bridge or older, not counting phones.
  13. why the hell did amd have to endorse saints row iv on their tweet?! agh