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  1. Hi, I’m looking for a 1440p monitor for my ps5 (through 4k downscaling) and pc. I’ve narrowed it down to the msi mag274qrf-qd and the lg 27gl850-b. These two are the closest to my ideal monitor but there are some issues I’m worried about. For the msi mag274qrf-qd: The over saturation issue I’ve heard of some qc issues For the lg 27gl850-b: Low contrast ratio (Although, I’m upgrading from a TN panel (asus mg248q) so I’m not sure how different the contrast ratio would be) Which one should I go for?
  2. I haven’t been taking good care of the battery so right now it runs out faster than I’d like. Also, I want to play Genshin Impact on my phone without stutters lol
  3. I was really looking forward to upgrading my iPhone 7 to the iPhone 12 and the fact that the refresh rate is still 60hz is turning me off a little. As I plan to keep the phone for at least 3 years I’ll be stuck with this refresh rate for a while. I’m having a hard time deciding if I should 1) just suck it up and get the 12 2) wait another year, or 3) switch to android. Am I caring too much about the refresh rate here?
  4. What do you consider to be the sweet spot, in terms of price and what you get, for thin and light laptops/ultrabooks?
  5. How durable is plastic on laptops/ultrabooks nowadays? Does it make much of a difference? I'm choosing between the Lenovo 320s and the Acer Swift 3. I'm inclining more towards the 320s since it's smaller and looks much better in my opinion, it also has an actual graphics card (mx150) and comes with windows unlike the swift 3 model I'm looking at. The main concern I have is that the bottom shell of the 320s is made out of plastic as opposed to aluminum on the swift 3. What do you guys think? The specifications of the models I'm considering: https://www.jib.co.th/web/index.php/produc
  6. I didn't really wait for the 8 but I figured that the thing still worked so I might as well wait.
  7. I've been postponing my decision to upgrade for a year now, and I think the time has come. First of all, Iphone X is too expensive for me. Secondly, the Iphone 8's release date in my country has yet to be announced (since we don't have apple store) but it is speculated to be next month. Lastly, I have already decided to stick with Apple because of personal reason, so please Apple vs Android is not relevant here. Any thoughts?
  8. I was considering to buy a Rode Procaster with an audio interface to use in my setup, and I've noticed that it suffers the same problem, albeit to a lesser extent, as the Shure SM7B being that the audio interface doesn't provide them enough gain. So many people end up having to turn the gain on the audio interface really high and thus it causes noise. People recommend picking up something like a Cloudlifter which gives the mic a clean gain boost, but I can't really afford it at the moment since I'll have to import it which is very expensive. Can anybody who has an experience with this, tell me
  9. I was planning to paint the metal shield that was used instead of rubber grommets in the white s340 elite to be black as I'll have a white mobo. Will doing so void the warranty?
  10. The case is like, around 30 usd (translated from my currency) more expensive than the s340 elite. What I find strange is that the s340 elite in my country is cheaper than the us msrp of 100 usd when translated into my currency. I also prefer tempered glass, I'm very paranoid of scratches.
  11. Sadly, Phanteks cases are not available here in my country.
  12. The system I planned will be using an msi z170a mpower gaming titanium, which as the name suggests, has a silver color to it. I plan on getting to s340 elite for my build but don't know which color to get. Most builds in the white one usually use a black mobo and it looks pretty good. I don't know how it would work with the mobo I plan to use though. Any thoughts on which one I should choose? For a rough idea on how it would look, I'll be using a Cryorig h7 as the cpu cooler, corsair lpx ram and probably an asus strix rx480.
  13. So I've found a pretty good deal for an msi z170a mpower titanium (it comes with an 8*2 gb corsair lpx). I want to know what rx480 I should buy and which color of the nzxt s340 elite should I choose. I don't know if the white will go well white the titanium mobo. I've looked at the sapphire rx480 but I think it's runs hotter than I would like. What do you guys think?
  14. I was originally going to go for the 480 but I've found some second hand r9 390Xs with around 2 years of warranty left. The R9 390X is about 30 bucks cheaper(translated from my currency). How much hotter and louder is the R9? What about the difference in longevity? ps. Both cards are aib and 8gbs
  15. Seeing that you need to use an older bios for the motherboard when base clock overclocking, what are the disadvantages of using an older bios? How big of a disadvantage is it if there is any?