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  1. So I downloaded my mods for Fallout 4 and have the ones with plugins in the correct order and have properly downloaded NMM for fallout 4 and had it set up the files for me and what not in the correct places, I have also edited the files that needed to be manually updated properly, though I would like to note that there is a slight difference between my files and the files on gopher's video (I will link it at the end just in case), that being that my files don't have .ini at the end of the name, everything else is the same as far as the rest of the name and the contents go, with the exception o
  2. So I am trying to download SolidWorks but the code I have is for the 2014-2015 edition and the page I get sent to download it only gives me 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 versions.
  3. I just finished episode 16 of golden time, but I'm so confused as to why koko's dad asks banri to make ramen and why he said what he did then and also what that hand gesture made meant. Can someone explain that part for me, please? thanks
  4. I don't know bleach, haven't seen it or read about it.
  5. I have seen Clannad as a recommended anime for similar movies to what I've watched on youtube and it kinda sounds good, but I just don't like the art style (AFAIK from images on google and the clips provided in the youtube videos) so I don't think I will watch that (though I think I heard somewhere there is a different version with a different art style or something, not sure if this is true or not). Same goes for Kanon, I don't like the art style, it also doesn't sound very good. I think I will try watching Boku dake ga Inai Machi and Charlotte. Also, Boku dake ga Inai Machi kinda
  6. I need more anime to watch! lol I finished the series I was watching and only have 1 movie I plan on watching and I have a long ass trip ahead of me. Can I get some recommendations for anime similar to what I've watched so far the list of what I've seen in order of my favorite to least favorite: -koe no katachi -your lie in april -Orange -kimi no nawa -Kokoro connect -plastic memories -my teen romantic comedy snafu -5cm per second -the girl who leapt through time -tamako love story And I plan on watching wolf children.
  7. -Asking for piracy help in any form is not allowed.-
  8. I've seen the girl who leapt through time, it was decent but the romance part was kinda dialed down until the very end and even then wasn't the best. I haven't seen summer wars I'll check it out, also I personally don't really like dubs, I prefer movies and other media to be how it was meant to be. any other recommendations.
  9. In my earlier post I said I watched both of those. I loved kimi no nawa but honestly tamako love story isn't all that great imo, it was okay but not something I'd go around recommending to friends like I would with kimi no nawa any other recommendations?
  10. Probably gonna watch that, though I am looking for something that's more of under the genres of romance and slice of life. Any recommendations for movies under those categories?
  11. I've recently discovered I like some anime movies, but I'm not great at finding good ones. So far the anime I have watched and liked are kimi no nawa, koe no katachi, and anohana the flower we saw that day. I've looked quite a bit for similar movies and series but I haven't liked most of them, can someone help me find similar movies or shows (preferably movies) similar to those? Heres a list of the anime mine I have watched so far so you don't recommend something I've already seen -5 centimeters per second -tamako love story -kimi no nawa -koe no katachi -
  12. I've looked a little bit on google but all I have found was some company in Australia selling them and some available in the UK from Amazon. Any idea on where to purchase them in the US?
  13. So I've asked a similar question before but the answers I got only showed me places that would help teach how to read it and write it. I would very much like a site or some sort of online course (preferably free) that teaches me how to read, write, and fluently speak Japanese (fluently speak is probably the hardest for me). I took a Japanese class for one year in high school and really only learned hiragana, katakana, a few words, and basic sentence structure (I could speak one really basic sentence in a few minutes lol). that was a few years ago now and I have forgotten some of the things I h
  14. What alien race do you think is the sexiest? and if you want to be more specific what character that's an alien do you think is the sexiest? I would have to say the Twi'leks are the sexiest alien race, and Tali'zorah vas Normandy is the sexiest alien character.