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  1. @Origami Cactus I know that's the safest way, but it's a miniITX system, and also that would be way too impractical for me. @Mira Yurizaki Thanks for your reply, buto I'm not sure that's actually safer than disabling the drives. I was looking for something that makes it impossible for the OS to access my personal drives, or even completely hides them from the OS. Also, I need an account with admin privileges, and not everything works perfectly in an VM.
  2. I have a system that I use for work as well as my own personal things. It has 4 SSD drives (2 with Windows 10, 1 Linux drive and 1 for storage) I often have to test software, open files from customers, and use customers' external drives and USB devices on my system. I'm a little afraid of getting a virus or ransomware or something. I already have a separate installation of Windows 10 just for work, but ideally I'd want to completely block access to all other drives. What would be the safest way to go about that? Just disabling my personal drives in Device Manager? Or is there a better method?
  3. Why did you have to blur out the Vivo Apex in a Vivo X21 video?
  4. The 8600k is probably faster in most games. You didn't really state what you use your system for, but I'm sure you can look up relevant benchmarks. You do know that the 8600k won't work in the same motherboard, right?
  5. I think you're talking about the 4790 and the 4790S. The latter is a lower TDP chip, with a lower base clock. The fastest one you can get is still the 4790K, even though you can't overclock it the baseclock of that one is 4 Ghz with a turbo of 4.4.
  6. How about the Phanteks Evolv Shift X? Not the smallest case, or the most versatile, or best layout and airflow, or the cheapest. But the best looking in my opinion.
  7. Use a toothpick. It might eject the sim tray with the needle, or the broken bit of the needle might penetrate the wood , like a tiny nail, and you could pull it out that way.
  8. Recycling centres, surplus property auctions, shops like FreeGeek, charity shops and thrift stores, PC repair places, websites like Freecycle for really old hardware, etc. Plenty of places where you can get free or really cheap parts like that, things that for most people aren't worth their time to sell on ebay. You'll have to put a little effort in and call places and ask people.
  9. 'Registry cleaners' are absolute nonsense and never solve a single problem. Ever. In fact, what they label as 'problems' never even causes any issues. Unless you're running Windows 95, don't use these silly apps. Or avast.
  10. I don't think there's an official name for that exact layout, usually they're classed as compact or mini. Sometimes they're called '87-key' but that's without the numpad. I would just search Amazon for something like 'compact keyboard with numpad' as a lot of sellers on Amazon add keywords like that to the title, makes it easier to find the thing you want. Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro M is a little like what you're after, although quite pricey
  11. Coil whine is caused by tiny vibrations in electronic parts, so it can make a lot of different sounds. Doesn't always sound the same. There's no other parts on your GPU that can make any sound anyways. I wouldn't worry about it, especially if you can't even hear it with the case closed. Don't know what your PSU has got to do with anything? Use this simple guide to find out exactly what hardware you've got (sounds like reference design 960) if you're not sure: https://www.wikihow.com/Find-Hardware-ID
  12. Bit of a vague description, but if it's not the fan I guess it's coil whine? Check some videos on coil whine on Youtube to see if it's similar. If you want to be sure it's not the fan just hold it in the middle to stop it spinning. just don't get your fingers in the blades.
  13. The main reason I used to partition drives was to save certain data when reinstalling Windows. And sometimes just because it seems more organised to me, like music on one partition, video on another. Unless you want to dual boot off that drive, those are still the only reasons I can think off why you would partition it in your case.
  14. Difference is obviously more cooling and/or less noise. If you're willing to pay 150 dollar for 3 fans, might as well spend a little extra for something that actually makes a difference to the noise levels and temps of your system. Not sure where you're buying them from as on Amazon it's only $100 for 3 https://www.amazon.com/Corsair-LL120-120mm-Light-Lighting/dp/B075VGN4M1