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    Intel i7-8700K @ 4.6Ghz 1.16V
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Z370-A
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    4x8GB HyperX Predator 2400mhz CL12, OC'ed to 3200Mhz CL14
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    ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2060S EVO OC
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    NZXT S340 Elite
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    Samsung 860 EVO 500GB
    Crucial MX500 1TB
    Sandisk SSD Plus 240GB
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    Corsair RM650i
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    Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280

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  1. I just meant in the sense that you run out of VRAM beyond those optimizations, there's no way around increasing or substituting your VRAM, even though the GTX 10 Series suffers from terrible FP16 performance, but otherwise it's a good point
  2. Hmm, it would've been 2 years ago, but considering the GPU shortages I think that sounds alright? To put it in perspective the GTX 1080 is around the performance of a regular RTX 2060 which costs around the same when new
  3. GTX 1060 should be "okay" but as said before it depends on the usage, the most important aspect is the VRAM, a lot of midrange GPUs even from that era are fast enough for machine learning, but if the model doesn't fit in the VRAM then it's useless and there's no workaround for that, unless you train on the CPU which is much slower Don't use any of the AMD cards as their support is severely lacking for machine learning a GTX 1070 with its 8GB of VRAM is also a decent choice, if you can find one for a decent price
  4. Oof, that's terrible, and it's easy to mistake it for being legit because of its generally appealing layout, but the file was instantly flagged by Windows Security as severe, I've tried it out on Github first and that ran through just fine, even though I didn't need it as I'm already on Windows 11 Though thankfully the Github link is what appears first on Google
  5. Awesome work on this program, way more informative than the mess Microsoft released
  6. Those are not capacitors, they are Inductors/Chokes, seems like they used thermal paste on it, you could use thermal pads instead or any non-electrically-conductive thermal paste, though it isn't necessary to apply as inductors rarely overheat especially for a GTX 1050.
  7. Do you have a Tesla I can borrow? I might or might not return it
  8. Another thing to point out is that Autopilot and FSD (Full Self-Driving) are separate functionalities and subscriptions, and it was not mentioned whether Autopilot was purchased or not, Autopilot has a couple of features like Traffic Aware Cruise Control which sets the speed based on the cars in front of you, and Autosteer which keeps the car in-lane, considering how old these people are, is it possible that they've mistaken that for FSD? Edi: Wait, Elon did mention Autopilot was not enabled, and it would requires lines to be enabled, nevermind
  9. That's fair, I also found a piece of information that suggests there was no 3rd person involved "Police told The New York Times that minutes before the crash, the wives of the men involved heard them say they wanted to go for a drive and were talking about the vehicle’s Autopilot feature. The men were 59 and 69 years old."
  10. He only mentioned the passenger side being mangled, that's why I mentioned the possibility of the driver side
  11. Hmm if there was no driver and the passenger on his side and the passenger seat are mangled, could it be that the driver survived and fled to not deal with repercussions? as he might have been driving erratically, or the death scene was overwhelming If it's that then they should have been able to find who the car belonged to, though I don't know much about the story other than what you posted
  12. At stock speeds it should be fairly easy to cool This is a great option for the price https://www.amazon.com/Quiet-BK008-Pure-Rock-Slim/dp/B01KVNCEIG Can't you wait though for your other cooler to arrive?
  13. You're welcome, I'm glad it's working!
  14. In my system with an 8700K I cannot for the life of me manage to tame the temperatures that Prime95 Small FFT generates, and it's mostly because my CPU has thermal paste between the die and the IHS, so I stopped caring about reaching that type of standard, the fact that your CPU is under reasonable temperatures at that load is way more than good enough.