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    i'm in school voor it niveau 3


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  1. @jaslion I've already tried that but it doesn't work. get picture but no touch
  2. hallo. i have an LG Flatron L1510SF but the drivers for the touchscreen function on de cd is for windows xp. dus anybody now a way to make the touchscreen work in windows 10.
  3. @Donut417 that is correct and thanks for the advice. I don't think I have a router with fail over, i will look that up
  4. hello. I was wondering if you can help me with a project. I am looking to get internet from the ports on my boat but if there is none on the port I want the router to go to 4g automatically. Do you know anything about that? thanks in advanct
  5. hi, i'm looking for a good psu for my unraid server. i have 2 intel e5-2650 v2, 10 8gb ddr3 ram(may want to expand to 16 if i find it very cheap), motherboard X9DR7-LN4F-O, 2 sata ssd (or max 4), a HPE H240 Smart Host Bus Adapter and currently 5 hdd 7.2k rpm but would like to expand if possible. according to a calculation website: https://outervision.com/b/H6E7zw I need at least a 750 watt psu? advice is most welcome
  6. @Kilrah the partitions were not created by an installation tool but suddenly on the usb where vmware already was installed on. it started with error 33 (sorry for the edit, i'm nieuw with the use of @ and i'm dyslectie
  7. hallo. I had a problem with vmware when i used a kingston DTSE9G2 as a boot usb. The usb created multiple partition of 250mb and the rest not registered. Does anyone know which usb stick (type, brand and/or specific usb) is best for vmware to boot. Thank you in advance
  8. hallo, I have a question. Do you need red hdd for unraid to make sure the hdd doesn't break or you can also use wd purple or black. I have two 2tb purple hdd and eight 1tb black hdd, and I don't want them to collect dust. If i go to use them in the unraid are they guaranteed to break or can i use them.
  9. @CerealExperimentsLain that cpu is 130watt, that's way too much Watt in use, but thanks for the tip. i'm not that good in english, what do you mean with " that cost would stomp what you save on your power bill for a long time before you broke even"
  10. @NelizMastri want to use unraid as normal nas for my parents, but also just want to figure out for myself what i can do with unraid. mainly playing old retro games or just tinkering with them to se what it al can. The reazen that i use that cpu is becouse I helped my father's company move and got paid in old servers that they would otherwise have to throw away. so I want to use this otherwise there is just nothing to do in my room
  11. @CerealExperimentsLain tanks for the info. the motherboard i want to use is https://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/Xeon/C600/X9SRi-3F.cfm i will look into spin down drives
  12. @Eigenvektor thanks, i'm an bit nieuwe in social media
  13. thanks for the info but the link dusn't work for my
  14. hallo. i want to reduse my power use. dit is the hardware i want to use :https://outervision.com/b/FzO4Az is there an way or are there tips for my to reduse energy cost. is there for instance an way to time whene unraid is active. thank's in advance
  15. Hey. i want to make an unraid nas for all my data to be set up. unfortunately I have a lot of duplicate files on multiple hdd / usb. do you know if there is a good (free) program for detecting duplicates to remove them