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    World's worst CS:GO player.


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    i5 5257u
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    Apple, so everything is fucking soldered on :(
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    iphone 6s plus 64gb
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    Mac OS El Capitan

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    "Work until your idols become your rivals."
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  1. Can HDD's be compatible with both MacOS & Win10?

    yeah, thanks for simplifying that.
  2. Can HDD's be compatible with both MacOS & Win10?

    The external drive, regardless if i go for a mech or SSD, are going to be used exclusively for file storage. the Mac drive will boot both WIn10 & MacOS. I won't have a problem accessing files from an external drive to use on my computer will I? I'm still kind of in the dark as to how well the drive and the computer will interact with each other, and the problems I may face.
  3. Can HDD's be compatible with both MacOS & Win10?

    The files I'm planning to save on windows will be windows specific for programs I'll be using at school. If I'm just saving stuff that won't fit onto the SSD on my computer, and that i won't be trying to access on the other OS, will I be fine? All I'm trying to do is to make my Mac be compatible with a windows-only college course, Through bootcamp and portable storage.
  4. Can HDD's be compatible with both MacOS & Win10?

    i have a 128gb ssd, the most I can free up reasonably is probably 50gb tops. The HDD is where i'll offload any games, and depending on how much space I have left, a lot of the files or programs ill be using for school. Would a portable SSD be or suited to what I am trying to do? I'm having a hard time justifying the cost considering I still have to buy a copy of Windows off reddit.
  5. Can HDD's be compatible with both MacOS & Win10?

    do you think 30-40ish GB of storage is sufficient to run Win10? I know you need 20Gb for the bare minimum, just curious if performance would improve if Windows had more available storage to utilize.
  6. I have a 2015 Macbook pro base that I will be taking to college for a sys analyst program. I'm planning to have MacOs and windows run on the SSD in my computer, and have bigger files and projects transfered onto the HDD. From my understanding, WIndows and Mac use a different filesystem, and the hard drives I am looking at have to be reformatted to run on MacOS. Question is, are there drives out there that can interact with each OS and store files (im not expecting to open dmg files on WIndows ) or is the drive going to be only compatible with one os? I was planning to buy a new NVME SSD for my Mac, but since they're either sold by a 3rd party or on Ebay, their questionable integrity and prohibitive pricing make don't make that an option
  7. Should i get a Apple Watch 1´st gen 38mm

    ive used a series 1 for about a month, and quite honestly, i only found it useful as a nice looking watch and a decent heart rate monitor. everything else it does is just "meh" in my opinion.
  8. I can't turn off the internal display in favor for my external one of my 2015 mbp using terminal commands or the 'hot corners' trick. Can anyone clarify the process using the terminal command or give me another solution? sudo nvram boot-args="niog=1" , then restarting with display connected or disconnected doesn't stop the internal display from turning on
  9. So, I'm in high school and learning how to shoot photos and im just curious, how much better are cameras like the new rebel t6i, sony ax6300 and the GH4 in comparison to my camera? I am in no way good enough to even think of upgrading to a better camera, as i'm still not comfortable with adjusting anything on my camera without a lot of tinkering, but if i was a pro, would the t3i get blown out of the water? this is just for photos. To give you an idea of what my camera could do in auto mode, heres this: ( if you're wondering about the bike, its my friend's yamaha r3 with a m4 slip-on For lenses i use a 18-55 & 55-250mm
  10. got a link for that? looks dope.
  11. All of the customizations to my mbp 13 2015 are done cosmetically or through software. On the software side, i've installed programs such as spectacle, to make my mac more windows - like, and f.lux to imitate the nightshift feature on my iphone for easier viewing at night. on the cosmetic side, i have a black macbook cover from amazon with a monster energy, rockstar, triton gaming and ' FakeTaxi' sticker for shits. Edit: I also use Monit, very useful if you have a mac, but you're still used to checking up on resource usage like I did on windows.
  12. 30-50 fps at lowest while it should easily be 60 at max.

    yeah, since you have a AMD GPU, AMD Catalyst should work, reinstalling your os should be a last resort if nothing else works, or if you have 3+ hours to spend downloading everything back like i did.
  13. 30-50 fps at lowest while it should easily be 60 at max.

    reinstalling drivers , the game itself or even the whole operating system usually works for me. I used to get 30-50 fps on low settings in csgo on my macbook, now i get 90-120 cause i simply reinstalled macos. back everything useful up onto a USB drive and reinstall windows and it should all be fixed. Takes a while, but it should work.
  14. My magsafe charger light doesn't light up but it still charges?

    alright, thanks
  15. My magsafe charger light doesn't light up but it still charges?

    no, but i would see if i had a power delivery problem if the other shit connected to it was having troubles as well would i not? I have a monitor, router, lamp and some other stuff connected to it so i doubt the plug is the issue. correct me if im wrong