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  1. I really like Vega, I would love to have one for my system. AMD has done a few things that I don't like though with their cards. Pricing, restricting power, limiting modding potential. I may still get one, but definitely not until the board partners release their models.
  2. I'm running a server on an old motherboard with a xeon. It is running a couple of game servers, freenas (to be installed when more storage is available) and plex. I want to set it up so that one ethernet port does local area network transfers and the other port is for outside internet transfer. As of right when a file transfer takes place both ethernet ports are maxed out and it is creating problems for the other software on the system. I have been trying to edit the properties of the network controllers so that they only talk to their respective ports. The games don't need any sort of control since they are only port forwarded on a single ethernet jack. The problem is coming from the local transfers. Sorry for the painful description, I'm very new to the whole networking thing.
  3. Even if AMD had cards in stock right now, they wouldn't be any real upgrade over what you have. MAYBE, you can try looking at a 390X if you want to stay with AMD but I would suggest a bit bigger PSU to go with it. I would honestly recommend consider a 1070 or even a 1080. You can try waiting for Vega but I'm not expecting them to be game changers, though there is a chance that they could bring the price of Nvidia cards down a bit. If you don't feel like waiting then go for the 1070 for sure, maybe consider the 1080.
  4. It should record Team speak as well as your game unless Nvidia has rolled out an update that allows you to separate the audio but I doubt that. As for your mic, it will not echo since teamspeak does not play your own voice back to you when you talk.
  5. I've had a few crashes with my 480 but that is mostly due to my overclock not being 100% stable. I had an EVGA GTX 760 before and it was running on the knife edge of stability out of the box. It was constantly having driver crashes and was obnoxiously loud while trying to run any game no matter how lightweight it is. The R7 240 is garbage, won't deny that. I wouldn't pay more than $40 for one and that is only if my motherboard has no on board graphics and I don't plan on playing games. I've never used a 550 but it should be pretty good performance wise. If it is loud that has more to do with the board partner that made the card (or AMD themselves which makes since since reference designs are loud af). If you still have this card you can tweak the fan profile and try under-volting for a cooler running experience, but remember that under-volting can lead to crashes as well. I have a friend with an R9 270x and was complaining about stuttering and low frame rates in his games so he is looking for something more modern. I don't think this was meant to be a high end card even when it was new.
  6. I really wish that they would just call it USB 4 and 5 to help keep it simple. Why does it need a decimal in it? Just making shit complicated for the sake of being complicated.
  7. It was the first one of those kinds of shows that I watched, the jokes were funny for the first couple of episodes but they got old quick for me.
  8. Doesn't Cryorig use one of the straight bar systems to hold down their coolers on AM4? With intel boards it has 4 secure mounting points, I don't know if it's the same for AMD because their mounting holes are not evenly spaced all the way around.
  9. 6 one, half dozen the other. Both have their share of annoying characters.
  10. No, this list is quite short. I demand that you fix it so it is much longer.
  11. The laptop you listed in your first post only has a 15.6 inch screen. As far as I know they don't make 1080p monitors that small. I could go look for some but they are going to complicate your build. On the other hand, 720p monitors are readily available. If you want to try for triple monitor gaming on your laptop I would try to discourage you from that and say instead to just get a single ultra wide monitor for your games. At the same time, since you also want a VR headset, you would need a display port splitter for your flanking monitors. This is one that I found on Amazon. Keep in mind, I'm speculating since I don't have any of this hardware, I can say though that triple monitor gaming is not all it's cracked up to be.
  12. I've never noticed any noise with mine, it could have been a bad fan from the factory. When replacing the fan did you get a 90mm fan? The mounting bracket is not a full 120mm.
  13. You could try something like a Deepcool Gammaxx 300 or 200T. Both are pretty cheap and pretty short for a vertical cooler. I'm still running the 300 on my 2500K because it does a great job of keeping up.
  14. A computer like that is not even going to push the PSU hard enough to need a fan.
  15. I think it should be fine. Placing the PSU in the case with the vents facing up would allow the GPU to pull some air through the power supply itself. I'm not entirely sure how this would affect the GPU temps as it would probably depend on what GPU you are using. It should offer better cooling performance for the PSU (theoretically) since both the GPU and PSU would be producing more heat under load and thus causing the GPU to pull more air. In any case, the PSU itself should be fine. I doubt that it will get hot enough to overheat.