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    48GB of mixed DDR3 1600 (Corsair, Crucial and Team Vulcan)
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  1. USB fan controller

    Not trying to be picky here, but I'm being picky. My motherboard only has one PWM fan header, and that's the one for the CPU fans, While the CPU gets hot, it's not the problem I'm trying to fix with the new fans. The GPUs get really hot while gaming so I need air down at the bottom of the case and gaming loads rarely stress the CPU to a level where it needs to spin up. The board does better with the fan headers for case fans for whole system temps (not linked to CPU temps) but they aren't able to control the PWM fans. I was hoping for a USB controlled device that I could set for certain temps. As it stands now, I'm probably just going to return these fans. The LED isn't white (more like a yellowish white), the fans are stupid loud the light projection isn't very good, they are really loud, I have no way of controlling them with my current setup, and they are really loud.
  2. USB fan controller

    Can anyone help me find a USB fan controller for driving 4 PWM fans? I have been looking around and the only ones that I found seem to be manual control in a 5.25 inch bay or something that costs $30 or more. I don't really want to spend more than $15 USD as I can easily return the fans for $7 which is what I'm ready to do, I figured I would give them a shot.
  3. Looking for people to play games with (Australia)

    Not Australian, but my group does want an Australian to talk to. We love the way they speak, and their sense of humor. A discord link has been sent.
  4. Temperature controlled fan hub

    It should be to hard to find planes for a fan controller based on a micro-controller on-line. Some may also support multiple temperature sensors so fan speeds are more flexible. I had made a custom fan controller, but it was finicky, and complex. If you are interested, I could share what I have so far with it but I have been neglecting it for a while because the need for it disappeared. I may sit down one day soon and finish it.
  5. Help requested replacing a grahpics card

    If your motherboard is predates Ivy Bridge you may need a BIOS update before being able to use the newer AMD cards. I had to update one of my boards when I got my 480.
  6. USB group announces USB 3.2

    Wish they had thought of something, anything better to call it. I still don't own a single USB 3 capable flash drive and probably never will. All of my data transfers take place over my network which is faster and more continent. I know that not everyone has that luxury (though some posts on the forum would lead you to believe otherwise). If I plan on going somewhere else, I typically make sure that the device I'm taking has enough internal storage to hold what I need. If not, it can probably be streamed.
  7. RX480 XFire

    Confirm both GPUs are being seen in wattman, you don't need to do anything with them, just make sure they are there. Make sure you have Crossfire enabled in the AMD control panel. Try 3D mark since it uses both GPUs, careful they will get hot (especially the top one). Check to make sure your game does support cross fire, some games don't play nice with it, some have worse performance. Here is a list of known supported games. If everything else checks out, disable crossfire again and try the game. If needed, physically remove the GPU. It's unlikely that the card is dead, but simply being in the system can cause problems.
  8. Freesync vs. G-Sync

    I have two 480s in Xfire, and while it is a fun tinkering project, I wouldn't really recommend that as your main line of graphical horsepower. Not all games support it, and while it's not usually a big deal since in my case the second card won't even turn on in those games, there are some games where it will come on and degrade performance. They are also not going to get you GTX 1080 performance except in some very niche circumstances, namely AOTS and Sniper Elite 4.
  9. PCB design software that supports 74 series IC's ?

    I use express PCB, create the circuit in their schematic software and import it to the PCB maker software. It will tell you if you missed connections and you can even have them make the board for you if you want. https://www.expresspcb.com/
  10. Is the i7-7700k really worth the extra $100?

    It uses the same socket, but requires a different chipset. It is not supposed to be backwards compatable. If history is anything to go by, 8th gen will offer now IPC gain, only clock speed bumps and it will run hot as hell when overclocked regardless of cooling.
  11. Dark rock 3 with ryzen 1600 @55c load normal?

    Most coolers perform very simarlarly when under 100% load. The biggest differences can only really be seen on higher tdp parts where lower end coolers fall away. Gamnmg is a real world work load, so I would use those temps with 60 being worst case scenario.
  12. Dark rock 3 with ryzen 1600 @55c load normal?

    Any more demanding games?
  13. It depends on what manufacturing process they used and if it is a reliable company. There are a lot of chinese knock offs that advertise 21% efficiency but can only muster about 10%. The kind of tax breaks you get will depend on state, ironically with Navada and Arazona being among the worst for solar despite all the sun (burocrats). Edit: if you get an estimate and they try to convince you with the cost of SRECs, ignore them and get another quote. SRECs fluctuate in value and they tend to use a value from when they are most valuable.
  14. Is my cpu running hot

    Thermal paste only works when it is wet, once it dries it is like trying to cool a cpu with a piece of paper between that and the cooler. Your cooler probably needs a good cleaning as well. Also, don't buy a 212 evo, it is bad value.
  15. GamesNexus already did something like this and found that unless you are playing Sniper Elite 4 the 1060 is the most powerful card you should pair with a pentium. Beyond that is diminishing returns and there is almost no performance gains from 1070 to 1080. Hence, the CPU is a bottleneck in those games.