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  1. I'm excited but I just finished my upgrade to a Xeon and while I would love to build a Ryzen/AMD build, it's not in the budget right now (also my mother would skin me alive for building another computer).
  2. Power issues aside, you won't have enough contact between the can and the Peltier for effective thermal transfer. You would be better off building an enclosure to house the can. Since cold air sinks it wouldn' t necesarily need a top but it would help.
  3. Yeah, diesel trains are bad for you. Everyone knows that steam trains are better for your health and the environment!
  4. RollerCoaster Tycoon (there is a mod for multiplayer in this game). Nekopara, frames literally don't matter.
  5. After re-reading the post I see that the OP has tried two different CPUs. This further supports the theory that it is a PSU issue. The problem can also point to a faulty motherboard. If the GPU doesn't trigger the over current then it is most likely a motherboard problem. Neither one of these CPUs support overclocking right? In any case, I would suggest never using P95 again and I would suggest not using Aida64 anymore either as further stress testing will just make the problem worse for the motherboard.
  6. There was a murder around here years ago when two "friends" got into a fight over a basketball game outcome and one of them shot the other.
  7. There is that BIOS hack that you can do on the 460 and it puts it at about the same performance as the 1050ti. I wouldn't recommend doing this though because it can brick cards. I though that some manufactures were planning on releasing the cards with the extra units already unlocked...
  8. This answer is very subjective. If I'm getting over 30FPS in most games then I would consider it playable. Some games can go below that as long as they have a pretty consistent frame time to make it feel smooth. 30FPS is almost unanimously the minimum you should ever shoot for. People that say a game is unplayable below 60FPS or something along those lines kind of have an elitist mindset. They most likely have the hardware to run it with those kinds of frame rates without issue but some people don't.
  9. NiMH would be better since they are safer, however you would still need some kind of shut off timer or smart charging circuit to prevent leakage from the batteries. Lithium batteries explode, NiMH will just leak their interiors and make a mess of everything when overcharged. You will need either a timed circuit that charges them for a certain amount of time or a smart circuit like the MAX712/713 to actively monitor the charging process and cut off the batteries once fully charged. You will also need a circuit that can monitor the battery and cut them off from the circuit when they get low. I believe that the ICL7665 is ideal for this but it's been a while since I worked with it so I may have gotten its number wrong. As for output regulation from the pack you will need some sort of buck converter. If you have 4 batteries in series that would be between 5.5V and 6V output nominal and for most regulators that is below their dropout voltage. What I suggest is adding two additional cells to the pack and adding a buck converter to drop it from 9V to the 5V you would need. Even when the cells are at their minimum voltage they should still be above the dropout voltage of the regulator.
  10. P95 is excessively hard on computers, I personally have had it kill motherboards. The problem that you are describing makes it sound like your power supply is too weak and you are triggering an over current shutdown protection. What are your full system specs? At this point it is only speculation.
  11. Thought the name sounded familiar...
  12. I'm being forced to watch Infinite Stratos. It combines two of the things I hate the most in an anime, Mechs and harems. Fuck...
  13. My friend has a 4460 and 970 with 8GB of RAM and he is having a similar issue. It gets to the point where it is unplayable for him. MSI afterburner is saying that he is using billions of GB of VRAM (not sure how he managed that). I think that the issue may be RAM related for some reason even though GTA shouldn't use it all. I am going to test my system since I had only 8GB installed earlier and I'm now back up to 16. My other friend with a 6700K and a 980ti has had massive frame time issues in the last couple of updates so it may also be something that rockstar is breaking on their end.
  14. Is it just those inputs that aren't working or does the whole controller stop working? If it is the former, then your controller might be on its way out. If it's the later, then check your device manager. If it is not recognized in there then search for "find and fix problems" on the computer (or go through control panel) and run that. Sometimes Windows 10 is a butt. It doesn't always play nice with my wireless receiver because it is not a "genuine microsoft" receiver.