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  1. Just updated my driver and the shortcut is on my desktop. It has no program associated with it, it simply redirects to the Quake Champions closed beta registration form. I deleted it from my desktop, problem solved.
  2. *Runs his hand over the top of the case, looks at the buyer* "This is our top of the line model. It comes with 10TB of storage for all the porn you want."
  3. Is it really sad that I actually want this bill to go through so I can move to Georgia and sell black market unfiltered computer parts across the border like an arms dealer?
  4. I was just on my list as well before I made my original post, I could have just looked... Unpopular opinion: I liked FMA better than I like Brotherhood. The ending of Brotherhood felt rather cliche and I felt that the end of FMA left more to the imagination.
  5. I guess that solves that issue then doesn't it?
  6. I saw over 100 so clearly your vision is better than mine.
  7. Maybe get a smaller SSD and get a 1 or 2TB hard drive. I'm not a member of the 144Hz hype train. One of my friends bought one and I was rather unimpressed by it, especially considering its price. If you are getting a 580 why not get Freesync instead? It will still offer a smooth experience and they are usually pretty cheap.
  8. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood wasn't discontinued, it was completed. Off the top of my head I think there is 100 and something episodes. I'm not familiar with what is on your list other than FMA. Based on the fact that you are watching Another, try Elfen Leid? You may like Darker than Black. Edit: you mentioned psychological drama, try Kokoro Connect, Wolf's Rain, Mirai Nikki (?), Psycho-Pass.
  10. Even a Ryzen 5 1600X or 1600 would be better for video rendering than a 7700K, though not by as much as a 1700. It sounds like you don't make videos on a super regular basis so it may not be worth it to spring for an 8 core. This is a decision that you would need to make for yourself though.
  11. The laptop is from around 2012 and the desktop is from around 2005 to 2007. I had taken the hard drive out while simply trying to temporarily boot to the USB to keep the system from even looking at the HDD. It worked on the desktop so I tried it as a preventive measure on the laptop. I will look into compatibility issues. I've been trying to find out if the BIOS supports dual boot online but the few posts from people who actually try it are using two different copies of windows. As far as I can tell this is not a popular laptop for tinkering... probably because it's an HP (I know that some are a little more lax with tinkering but still). While trying to install the on the laptop I have modified the boot priority in the BIOS to boot from optical disk first, then USB, then HDD. I have disabled secure boot but nothing else as there were no other options like it. I have pictures that I've attached below of the BIOS menu. It boots into the options menu from Lubuntu with only 4 options, while on the desktop I am given a wider range of options to choose from. I don't remember all of the differences but there were some others like shut down etc. I can rebuild the setup but would rather not if possible. I sellect boot into Lubuntu without installing, the system black screens, the flash drive flashes a few times then nothing. If I select any other options I get the same result. I've left it for 30 minutes and it made no progress. The laptop is an HP 2000-2C20CA. The Linux distribution was Lubuntu, the latest version from their site.
  12. My ReLive stopped working with the latest windows update as did several other programs. I'm not sure if that is the reason for your problem or not but worth noting.
  13. So after a half hour of nothing, I just assume that the BIOS isn't going to cooperate with Linux.
  14. It would only run at 1333 speeds unless you can overclock that RAM to 1600. It will only be as fast as the slowest RAM in the system. In my case all the RAM is 1600 speed but 2 of 4 kits don't support XMP.