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    Intel Xeon 1650 V0 (4.4GHz @1.4V)
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    ASRock X79 Extreme6
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    32GB HyperX DDR3 1866
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    x2 XFX RX 480 GTR 8GB (1370 MHz)
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    Silverstone Redline (black) RL05BB-W
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    be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
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  1. I wonder if there is a way to block data being uploaded from the software without completely breaking it in the process...
  2. I asked for a new main monitor. Going from 1080p 60 to 1440p 75 w/ Freesync. I don't think my system can push 144Hz very well and the price jump was not worth it IMO. Got my brother some case fans and an RGB strip for his new computer.
  3. It really depends on what you are trying to do. You can absolutely stick them both in the same system and they will show up. But depending on the application you may need to change the order the cards are in (which slots), change the order of the drivers installed, may need to use different video outs. I tried using a R7 370 with a GTX 960 for folding, it kind of worked but not really. The system would boot, see both cards and would start folding but would always fail on the R7. I think this is an issue with the card itself because it didn't even work when I put it in a system by itself. However when I tried putting an RX 480 in the system started having issues with not booting at all. I changed the cards position, driver installs, used older drivers newer drivers and everything in between but no go. It could work, but you may need to put a ridiculous amount of time into making it work. Cards from the same manufacturer in the system works much better even if they are different gens.
  4. Yes, the cooler has 2 out of 3 dead fans. Do you know of another brand. I think there is another but I can't think of the name of it off the top of my head.
  5. Does anyone know if the Arctic Accelero Xtreme 3/4 will fit an Asus Strix 980ti? The card is not officially supported, but if the mounting brackets line up it should fit. Does anyone know what the spacing for the mounting brackets are?
  6. The rear tip fan will help push air down from the rear fan by displacing some of it. The top fan will also blow air down the side of the case. Another top fan as an intake might help but I don't think the case will be able to exhaust air at that point. If the OP hase a tall GPU that sits close to the side pannel, he's pretty much screwed.
  7. That case can't breathe, there is only so much you can do with it. Try a rear intake, top rear intake and leave the remaining slots open. Face the CPU cooler towards the back of the case. This is the only way I can think of where you are even going to get some air flowing around the GPU.
  8. A friend and I were saying we should do this months ago, but neither of us know anything about running a company... or making computer hardware... or being productive... or getting out of bed... or finding the will to live...
  9. I had a similar issue with my DRP4 and a Xeon 1650, I thought it was just because the IHS might have been shorter on my CPU. I ended up packing material (in my case 4 layers of masking tape) between the cross bracket and the mounting brackets. I've never used the DRP3 but I'm willing to bet that this is an issue because they changed the way it was mounted. Even with me packing material behind it, I'm still not getting any better temps than my DR3 cooler even though I should be. My IHS is not flat, but it should not be this bad. I think because of the mounting method it doesn't pull all the edges down towards the CPU.
  10. Isn't your PSU behind a shroud? If it is, it doesn't really count towards positive or negative pressure. You should have your PSU just pulling air from the bottom of the case if you have a power supply shroud, unless the shroud is vented then you can possibly use it to help remove hot air from near the GPU. I have a similar fan setup in my case and when I have the top front fan set as intake my CPU temp is about 3-4 degrees cooler and when it is exhaust my GPU temp is lower by about the same amount.
  11. I stopped playing GTA because of all the flying bikes and sci-fi Saint's Row BS they had been adding that was ruining the "immersion" of being a criminal. I bought the game so I could steal cars (you can't even keep high end cars even though it's in the name of the game) robbing banks, making money from jobs and occasionally goofing off and running over your friends at 100 mph. I've never bought into their business model of you need to pay us money since I was generally disinterested in most of what they added to the game. Anything that they added that I thought was cool was locked behind a pay wall of needing to buy something else that I didn't want because it was not as cool (and absurdly expensive). I've never bought a shark card and as far as I'm concerned, they haven't done anything to deserve my money. I'm actually okay with casinos being in the game because it's not outlandish to have one in this type of game, I do however have an issue with the fact that real money can be added to play at these casinos. Real life casinos are regulated by law (at least the ones that I'm aware of) so that there are at least chances that you will win once in every so many games, and the chances are disclosed to you.
  12. Mine is actually an 04 LX as well. I'm seeing a lot of XPEL, is that what you used?
  13. I had tried something like that before but it didn't really work that well, might just be because it's so old. I'll try the 3M stuff. I want to see if I can get something to put on the lenses to keep them from fading, the civic doesn't stay in the garage and is abused by the sun all day.
  14. Finally did my first "mod" to the car. Replaced the nasty headlights with new LED ones. Just wish I had gotten the tail lights and fog lights in this weekend to do those as well. Also rotated the tires, fronts are wearing a bit fast on the inside.