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    Intel Xeon 1650 V0 (4.5GHz @1.36V)
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    MSI X79A-GD45 Plus
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    48GB of mixed DDR3 1600 (Corsair, Crucial and Team Vulcan)
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    XFX RX 480 GTR (1288 MHz)
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    Silverstone Redline (black) RL05BB-W
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    ADATA 120GB SSD, Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200RPM, WD Blue 1TB 7200 RPM
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    SeaSonic X850
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    AOC 919Vwa 19.0", Acer S200HLAbd 20.0", Dell 1909W 19.0"
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    be quiet! Dark Rock 3
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    Logitech K120
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    Unknown budget Logitech
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    Creative Inspire T2900, Creative Wireless HS-1200 headset
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
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  1. 16GB or 8gb

    What games are you playing? You may be able to get away with a smaller amount of RAM. If you are only playing something like Overwatch you don't even need 8GB to actually run the game, it only uses about 1.5GB of RAM. Typically Triple A titles are the ones that use more RAM, games like the Witcher 3 and GTA use lots of RAM but at the same you probably are not going to have an enjoyable experience with a 2400G and integrated graphics in these games anyway. If you have a motherboard with 4 RAM slots I would very strongly recommend getting the 8 GB as you still have room for more RAM in the future.
  2. I don't think disabling HT will lower your temps since that part of the CPU is still receiving power, it is just non operational (piggybacking the main cores clocks). You may get a better overclock but not by much. I would advise not trying to go up, if you cant it will most likely only be another 100MHz or so.
  3. Server CPU for lab/plex and WM

    Some applications don't run properly on dual socket motherboards, just a heads up. Are you going to be running a server OS or just run Windows or Linux with VMs? My server uses a single Xeon 2620 on a damaged (but still kind of working) X79 motherboard. The 2620 can be grabbed up for cheap and supports dual socket boards. If you go with a server motherboard you will get the bonus of being able to use cheap ECC DDR3 RAM but if you go with an enthusiast board you can technically overclock the CPU through base clock but your results will vary. I can't really help you much with the server boards, my server was more or less an accident that happened when its board failed to do it's primary job and got put to work as a server.
  4. help for 1st build

    Ryzen runs better with higher speed RAM. It may officially support 2667 but a lot of people are able to get to 2933 on over-clocks with 3000 or 3200 speed sticks.
  5. Nas Server Setup

    You could build your own server if you can find a motherboard for a decent price. I'm not sure how Plex runs on FreeNas, but on my server I have a six core Sandybridge Xeon clocked at 2GHz (2.6 with some tricky turbo overclocking witchcraft) and it runs Plex like a dream. You typically need more CPU power for Plex if you have on the fly trans-coding (for lowering video quality to outside internet for speed and bandwidth reasons like me) and if you have a lot, and I mean a LOT of people using Plex at the same time. If you don't want to dabble with ebay you can possibly try Aliexpress, though I've never bought from them.
  6. I’m Building My Mum A New Budget PC

    The only game that I'm not hugely familiar with is Second Life. I played it years ago and it wasn't too demanding but I have no clue about now. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/xRFhP3 This is a pretty good budget system. I splurged on the memory a bit since it is an APU and memory speed is going to be very important. I don't see you needing more than 8 GB of RAM for this as none of these games should even use more than 3 GB of RAM. Additional storage can be added later if needed.
  7. Is your card still under warranty? If it is it would be worth sending it back for a replacement instead of trying to fight the market right now.
  8. Okay idea for positive pressure fan setup?

    Move your top fans to the front for intake if possible, move the front intake to the top just behind the CPU for exhaust. This is a basic configuration that should work, your mileage may very depending on the fans and the case you are using.
  9. Better lighting than NZXT HUE+ ?

    I'm using some cheap static color LED strips I got off of ebay, so far they haven't caught fire so I guess thet's a plus. It sounds like you are having a software problem at the moment. Maybe getting a simpler unit that forgoes software might be what you are looking for. There are a lot of these of varying price points, most just use a remote to function and don't connect to the motherboard.
  10. I'm not sure if adblocker will stop it, I have adblock as well as a script blocker and lately the script blocker has been flagging something on youtube but I don't know what. If I see it pop up again I will take a screen shot of the blocked url and share.
  11. When I built mine I bought all of the essential parts from the start, I then bought the rest over time and either made due with older substitute parts (like the case and PSU) or went without completely until I had the money.
  12. Best air cooler for r7 1700 for 40 bucks or less

    I have questions. 1) What case are you using and what is your fan configuration. 2) What is your current goal? Are you just trying to lower temps or get a higher overclock or both? 3) Is the noise so unbearable that it would be worth buying a new one. I know that some people have managed to get pretty good overclocks with the stock cooler but I consider those outliers. If you want to start pushing your overclock you will need a larger cooler. A cooler with larger mass will offer larger thermal mass for soaking the heat. This will help with short burst work loads where the cooler can absorb the heat and radiate over time. A larger surface area will help remove heat more quickly for sustained periods of high thermal load. There is a diminishing return in this category though. There is also the inclusion of heat pipes to wick away heat from the CPU as quickly as possible. The stock cooler is lacking this feature as it typically doesn't need it but other cooler designs use it to maximize efficiency. For cooler recommendations, a Cryorig H7 will offer better thermal performance while being quieter most of the time (because it doesn't need to spin up as much). The design of the heat sink makes air accelerate as it travels through the cooler which improves efficiency. The be quiet Pure Rock will be a little better in terms of cooling but should be much better in terms of noise. Both of these coolers are pretty inexpensive and should mitigate your thermal problems. If you want to go for a more expensive option then you will definitely see gains.
  13. Sadly, I've seen this kind of thing before on small indie games. The experience that I had prior was from a developer that I won't mention but may accidentally respond with by mistake. >_> The company is small, only 3-4 people, it is dying as their previous endeavor did because they got lazy for multiple years without updates. They developers are so narcissistic and fed by the circle-jurking of their cesspool community that they actively target and harass people that speak negatively about the game until they either leave or the devs ban them because they have an opinion. I was actually banned from their entire community for voicing my opinions and concerns about the optimization of the game and the ethics of the company running it (which only served to prove my point). They've also threatened to sue members of the community that have spoken ill of their game as well as reviewers. I've been to some of the most toxic places on the internet, but that community takes the cake. Point is that there is always someone going to be threatening someone else over what they said as "slander" or some other nonsense. The only real thing we can do is shed light on the companies that make a habit of it as they will ultimately be the ones to destroy their own reputation.
  14. Is 99% Usage Ok?

    Vsync locks the output rate to the monitors refresh rate. It should lower the cards load unless you have a high refresh rate monitor. If you do then that high usage is to be expected. Typically I try to find a balance between performance and visuals, turning down settings until the GPU load drops below 100 regularly then refining the settings. You'll find that there are a lot of settings that you could disable and not even notice a difference in visuals. A lot of the settings are just marketing and can barely be seen in a side by side. That being said, there should really be no need to turn down settings with a 1080.
  15. Is 99% Usage Ok?

    That's odd that it's hitting 99 at 1080p. No, running at 99% is not bad for the card, what is bad is the card getting too hot from running at 99% for extended periods of time.