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    Intel i5-6600k @ 4.7GHz
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    MSI Z170A KRAIT Gaming 3x
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  1. cant believe this thread is still going after all these years cheers to yall
  2. I am in almost exactly the same position. Time to reset my stuff. 2FA saved my ass in the first place I'll need to look into firewalls. Running Win10 Home 1809. edit: build 17763.503
  3. Ok. thanks for the insight. I'll change these things from another machine, do a fresh install. This is scary man. I don't think the guy installed anything, I got to my pc as he was just going to my main e-mail, and he had chrome open with the download of port scanner still in the download bar, so if he had done anything else on that session, I probably would have seen. Do you have any thoughts why he would use a seemingly default Cyberoam admin login (user cyberoam pw cyber) on MY on a port I've never used? (8090) I also don't own any Cyberoam hardware.
  4. From my log 3 minutes ago: [DoS Attack: RST Scan] from source:, port 53210, Thursday, May 23, 2019 22:35:32
  5. Right. I changed pw to my 2 main emails. Now on to all the accounts in my passwords.
  6. How should I resolve this without any connectivity? I've taken down all my open ports. Log shows IP's from all over accessing every few seconds. Any way to trace these? I've saved the log. The guy cleaned up the log from realVNC and wiped my recycling, too.
  7. Okay, should I disconnect just this PC or take my router offline?
  8. If it helps, the guy was also running the open source port scanner http://www.mylanviewer.com/port-scanner.html
  9. Port was forwarded and no real security.
  10. Hey guys, I got hacked through my VNC client. I use it to access my PC from my phone, but someone got into my computer and started using my google passwords for literally everything saved. Guess this teaches me not to use that anymore. (Both VNC and Google passwords) Can anyone help me get this straight? They connected to but I don't know what that port is used for. They also saved to my google passwords what appears to be some "Protect your personal privacy" thing, cyberoam. They logged into that 10 dot address and saved a password to it. I can't connect to that server now
  11. As odd as this is, is it unable to read files if they are spread across both partitions or something? is there a function problem, other than how it looks in hard drive manager?
  12. I have two PC's, Pc 1 local ip: 192...29, pc 2 local ip: 192...27. Is this normal? I want to run a minecraft server on PC 2, but it only seems to work on PC 1. Can I give them separate IP's? why are they defaulted to the same public IP, even though they have separate local ip's? I have port forwarded 25565 for both local IP's, but they are getting the same IP and the server is not online running on PC 2. Anybody know a fix? extra info, my router is a netgear nighthawk r700 i believe. The PC's are both connected to a switch, which is connected to R700 router.
  13. I play and record games on my PC, so that would be inconvenient. I edit my iPhone videos on my macbook.