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  1. in nvidia control panel, turn FastSync on and leave any and all in-game v-sync settings to off
  2. They took almost 2 years to actually release the UM95, the very first 3440x1440 ultrawide that started all the hype. TWO YEARS from it's initial unveiling at CES. I am not holding my breath this time. That wait time was miserable and just lead to moderate disappointment with it's QC and average build.
  3. I found it hilariously hypocritical when people would be on the net neutrality, "service providers are evil" bandwagon, yet they cheered when they started offering this "free data" for said services net neutrality goes both ways people. equal is equal. so many hypocrites out there that think net neutrality is just about internet speeds
  4. seems like the deal ended? I see it back at $59.96 =\
  5. Yes they do. I guess people who don't have a local Microcenter just never notice and are always shocked when they see it /shrug
  6. I work in handling/packaging of all hazardous materials 99% of the packaging is dictated by Department of Transportation. It's not a matter of what was "necessary" for safe transport - it's what the US regulations require. LiPo batteries are probably the MOST touchiest subject when it comes to hazardous material transport because of the chemical composition of the battery and how violent they burn when they do catch fire. My past two weeks have been non-stop emails about this situation.
  7. How forum members here choose "NEWS" these days... 1. Will this one dramatically interpreted sentence/statement stir up drama? 2. Post it
  8. GoPro launched a budget line of cameras for all the people complaining they want cheaper ones, not more expensive ones and it totally flopped. GoPro had significant layoffs after dropped profits https://www.dpreview.com/news/6451740776/gopro-to-discontinue-three-cameras-and-exit-entry-level-market People keep saying they want budget model GoPro's, but apparently nobody will vote with their wallets. I bet the people complaining about prices of them are just people who will never bother to actually buy one anyway
  9. I totally agree with that, which must be why he gets along with Barnaculues (whatever spelling) too - which sums up why I dislike him (and barn) Just not my type of content, so I just move on.
  10. .........lack of/poor communication IS one of the core concepts to being professional.........................
  11. and that's perfectly fine. But it was obvious he wasn't professional - funny/comedic at best like you said so given that, I do not understand how people (not you, just in general about outraged fans) are up in arms or shocked about this outcome of the business/company/channel. It was only a matter of time that the lack of professionalism/leadership caught up to him
  12. Exactly, but for me the Wendell portion of the channel was already too small years ago for me to bother wasting time and being spammed with the clutter. They would be benefiting more from me (in subscriber count and Logan's ego feeding) than I am benefiting from content I actually enjoy from them (Wendell). To me, it's not enough, so I went elsewhere (but props to those that stuck it out just for his content) it was like being subbed to an e-sports channel that spammed your feed with uploads of every. single. match. from. every. single. team. when all I really wanted where the popular matchups/games from ___ tournament that I wanted to see
  13. right, and when that started dwindling, I started questioning why I was even bothering to let this channel spam my newsfeed with junk (last straw was when they started those gaming discussion "shows" that was nothing more than just some non-experienced, non-critic (as in they don't play that many games) ramble on games as if they were stoned/high) seriously people, just because it's tech and you like tech, doesn't make the content any good. don't complain that people who watch TV are just braindead drones watching content when it's clear that youtube audiences are doing the same thing See, I'm not a big fan of TTL/OC3D's youtube (I don't mind his written content) - but at least his videos provide depth. I dislike his content because it's filled with a lot of clutter and seems to lack focus (but haven't watched in over 2 years), There's something there. My last memory of his videos was the 290x review and how he would take the time to show you every step of the card thermal throttling and heat soaking, and it cooling back down. To me, I'm just not interested in watching that whole process - but I can see why some do. Joanne Tech Lover? She actually goes through the software on keyboard reviews. There is still not a SINGLE outlet out there that actually goes over WHAT EXACT CUSTOMIZATION FEATURES I get on an RGB Keyboard from _____ brand. They all say "customization is great and limitless" when it's total crap (for instance, using profile switching on Logitech RGB keyboards limits what lighting features you can use - nobody seems to go into that detail on a $150++ keyboard) Paul's Hardware seems to have taken a vlog'er/casual "build it for the enjoyment of tech" kind of approach, which I can respect (but have little interest in following) JayzTwoCents I still do not understand why everybody watches. He's not a professional speaker or builder or...anything - I don't see what he provides. He just puts up an expensive camera (video quality is good, admittedly) and rambles. I remember when he was building skunkworks and failed to measure radiator clearances - that was it for me. I just didn't see what he was good at or interesting in providing me. I could go on, but now I'm rambling...(ironically)
  14. Do young tech enthusiasts ever bother asking themselves what they're watching?...this is a perfect example to me on why I just /eyeroll on tech youtubers and their associated fanbase I stopped watching Tek Syndicate years ago because it was obvious there was no substantial, interesting content. The Tek shows were nothing more than Logan reading headlines and skimming sparse articles and spouting an opinion. No research on any of the topics nor any actual discussion or insight. Net neutrality topics used to be interesting, but he would never research how the legal process or guidelines work - he would just call everyone idiots. Wendell was the only one providing interesting insight, but that started to fade out as Logan's ego increased and I realized this just wasn't worth my time to watch And for months (back when I watched, years ago), he never bothered to improve in any area. He just grew in ego as being the "correct opinion" as his channel grew. The Tek started turning into soapboxing to his own fanbase (further feeding his ego), and spouting "I don't have time for haters" at any form of criticism. The last word I would ever use to describe him would be "professional". So it's absolutely no surprise it all blew up now. Some people just aren't leadership material - it doesn't matter if you have the fanbase/followers. Again - what does he actually provide? Does anybody ever stop to ask what is interesting about his content? Or do they just blindly watch because it's tech related? There are so many tech youtubers out there that have completely shallow content to me, but people keep watching and I just don't understand why. PcPer provides the best technical discussion, Linus provides the best variety and interesting tech, and Hardware Canucks provides the best critical yet informative reviews on any non-cpu/gpu review. What does TekSyndicate provide?
  15. doesn't seem severe enough imo it still lets you talk with your friends and play with said friends, which seems to still not put any weight in treating strangers online any better or worse than before