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  • CPU
    4690K @ 4.5
  • Motherboard
    Asus Z97-A
  • RAM
    HyperX 1866mhz 8GB
  • GPU
    Gigabyte G1 970 at 1525mhz
  • Case
    NZXT S340
  • Storage
    WD Blue + 850 Evo
  • PSU
    XFX TS550
  • Display(s)
    BenQ XL2430T
  • Cooling
    All Air
  • Mouse
    Rival 300
  • Sound
    Klipsch Promedia 2.1
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  1. TriviaBeast

    Logitech G Pro

    I wish they would've put a the real volume roller on it like the regular 10key version. They certainly have plenty of space with the large top bezel.
  2. I'm guessing that people who want the Titan buy the Titan as soon as it's launched. In my mind, you either can afford and do buy the Titan or you get an XX80 card.
  3. X-mouse is a popular program for exactly that. The Zowie mice are driverless/softwareless. Just got my EC2-a, it's a fantastic mouse.
  4. Logitech G710+ with Blues. Walmart near me has them all day for 100 bucks.
  5. Logitech G710+ (Blues-yes it's a +) Steel series Rival 300 Zowie EC2-a
  6. So...what games do you play? Need macros? RGB? Hand size? Preferred grip? Anyways, go to a store and try out different mice. A G900 might be great for you or it might be horrible. Popular mice : Zowie FK or EC series, Razer Deathadder, Logitech G303, G403, G502, G Pro, Steel Series Rival 300, Nixeus Revel, amd ,amy more. Mouse pads are a matter of preference. I have used the Steel Series QCK Heavy for several months and I love it. Some prefer a faster mouse pad, some like them with dogs on them, etc...
  7. Sounds neat, but not for that price. I like the idea of overclocking an i3 but I'm unsure of the real world gains, and even using it in a micro build it will probably require more than the stock Intel cooler. It will be hard to swallow a $180 cpu plus a cooler when I'm not sure there will be any gain over an i5 for give or take the same money.
  8. You would probably get better replies if your title included something related to what you're asking. That said, always thought this card was cool looking.
  9. I switch back and forth between 60hz at work and 144hz at home. I notice a big difference even while browsing and scrolling. 60hz isn't bad by any means, but 144hz, especially in games is much smoother and no longer requires beast machines or super expensive monitors. Ideally I would have a 1440p 165hz for gaming and a 4k60hz monitor for everything else but I can't get myself to invest 4-5 grand for my habit. If I were choosing Res vs Refresh it would come down to the games I play, Witcher 3 at 4k looks amazing and I don't care about 144hz there but Overwatch at 1080p144hz is more enticing than 4k60hz due to the fast nature of the game and visuals. Not really a wrong answer. And...input lag may not always be a big deal, and I doubt lower input lag helps me a ton but I would be very surprised if I did better with higher input lag. Sometimes you have to make a bunch of small things better to see any improvement.
  10. That's awesome. I can't help but think the panel will have some sacrifices to hit 240hz. I own a BenQ 144hz and love it but I can't run jack at 144 fps besides the easy ones like CSGO, Overwatch, older games like Borderlands 2 and that's with a middle of the road 4690K and G1 970 build (not a special build, but most would call it decent for gaming). So the question is, what would it take to run The Witcher 3 at 240hz, 1080p, everything, including Hairworks, MAX settings? I love the idea of 240hz but 1080/144 is still a dream for many people when Dishonored can't hit 45fps average MAX settings on my PC. But........I bet 240hz is soooo smooth.
  11. As someone who owns a K120, I can say that it's garbage. But...I can grab one at a nearby Wal-Mart for like 10 bucks. I used mine hard for over a year and it's still kicking. Wish the cord were longer but I wouldn't pay a penny more for a longer one. Get one now and upgrade to exactly what you want later when funds allow. Don't middle-ground it. K120 now wait wait wait wait Nice board.
  12. The RAT mice have felt a little weird unless you held them just right. They look nice but the price has always been a bit high.
  13. I picked one up also for 99USD. It's also branded 710+. Pretty solid board for the money. Also, blues are pretty loud. Internet was right.
  14. I saw a few G710+'s at my local Walmart with Cherry Blues. I'm in Oklahoma, USA. Walmart didn't even list it on their site, but it's 99.99USD here. Strange. I've also only seen browns.