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  1. There isn't a store near that have these mouses Hand size is 19x11 cm (finger's are a bit bulky) Yes i need macros Rgb or not:no preference Games would be almost every type except mmo Preferred grip-palm How about mad catz pro x + mouse? Atlast - G900 Spectrum+steelseries qck or glide 7 OR Mad Catz pro x + mouse+ steelseries qck or glide 7
  2. I am thinking of getting a G900 Spectrum(110-120$ I don't remember)+ a madcatz mousepad or steelseries qck one Thoughts?
  3. Still note sure?¿? screen Hopefully one day i would
  4. Already a member. Could you link the codes here(unable to find) Just one last thing and i am done and highly Grateful & Thankful to Both of you: @D2ultima @Pendragon Colour accuracy difference(like adobe rgb etc.) of 1440p and 4k panel on p870km1
  5. Nevermind the screen's part i am going for 1440p after going through your's and phenoix's(video) comments on notebook review That type costs almost 300$(5.5 TB) more (if i would get somewhat rebate upon import duty i would certainly do this).(i honestly think that 4.5 TB would be enough as it is) One or more questions: Would HID put a raid 0 on the 960 evo(not pro) upon the above build And do the Promo Code option really work on their site as i have not seen a single type of promo code for the HID Can they change the colour of the lid?(white looks awesome on
  6. @D2ultima @Pendragon Final build? Btw what was this? Isn't prema BIOS already available? If I would've gone for 4k screen+ g-sync then what would i have missed or got better thing( I meant in the sense of colour accuracy)i know fluidity-1440p (textures)-4k But how would a 1080p hevc video look like in both the panels?
  7. Didn't see that But there were upto 4tb of ssd's there
  8. Created ticket for it They just changed the almost 50% lineup of their site(eg.- there's no 500gb 960 pro now) Btw Thanks for everything @D2ultima & @Pendragon
  9. Please follow up on the different types of games and different types of mouses P.S. My dominant hand is Right Hand
  10. @D2ultima @Pendragon Here are some picturesin which i asked some questions from the hidevolution support Sorry for the quality of the screenshots You can say anything about it to me(constructive criticism) Prema bios unreleased till now
  11. Can I exchange the original power brick in exchange for the 780w?(by paying somewhat extra like 100-150$? Evoc logo unbranding can be done Why a 3000 or a 3200mhz ram compared to 2800?(just asking) For the hid drive its just for filling the empty 3rd slot(960 evo would cost higher than the budget for the 3rd slot) A question: Should i get the sillicon lottery or the normal delidded version? After further review on the net i found that hid approved 512gb is actually PM951: 512GB Samsung PM951, M.2 (22x80) PCIe 3.0 (x4) NVMe SSD, NAND Flash, Read