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  1. The hubbub is that this is a half baked launcher, with questionable security, its been caught spying on users, and then when caught they Sweeney said he'd fix it BECAUSE he got caught. Add on the fact that Tencent owns 40% of the shares of EGS, that makes it so that Tencent has some decent leverage on EGS to do what they want, And that this is bad practice for consumers. Yes, you're not locked out because of a system, but is a new system cheaper than your bank account cleaned out? And to make matters worse, have a problem? good luck. Their customer service is the worst out there..
  2. Actually in this case, it is. Steam launched in 2003, thats 2 years before my first custom built computer, back in the old Athlon XP days. Software at that time was simply basic in comparison to todays standards. Now almost 15 years later, we have the tools to make a good platform, but Epic didn't do it. Instead they have rushed a product to launch for whatever reason that isn't even half baked, any more raw and it would still be moving. If you ask me this like saying you're gonna deliver a 4 piece chicken tender dinner, and hand me 2 freshly killed chickens that still have the feathers and a sack of potatoes and then buying out the local restraunts so you can't simply go there for your promised chicken dinner. Oh yes, lets not forget its incredible shortcomings. I mean for petes sake, EGS doesn't include a shopping cart, most social features, and a friggin forum to post issues. And then for TD2, they couldn't deliver on the promise that if you pre-order you got early access to the private beta, nope. Steam at least has a record that they are able to do so. A forum....... in fact, I couldn't find customer support at all. And multiple security breaches, one was from a webpage for its Unreal Tournament 2004........ And the argument "But they only have a few titles" is not valid for lack of BASIC FEATURES ON A SOCIAL PLATFORM. I have U-play, Steam, And GoG, its not another launcher issue. Tim Sweeney is slime and a hypocrite, and I will not reward such behaviour. I'll support a dev all day long, but I WILL NOT reward scummy behaviour that has no business on an open platform. You know, kinda like how EA makes pretty bad games and everyone still rushes out and buys their titles.
  3. ahhh, gpu. Thats not my pic, I could have sworn I'd seen Bitwit put the same setup in his case, turns out the plastic shroud causes issues. Is the PSU you have a SFX or is it standard ATX? If its an SFX PSU that opens up your options for small, such as a 3D printed case (i've seen a few) or the node 202.
  4. Might be out of your budget but consider the inwin Chopin + Cryorig C7 cooler (stock HS can be made to fit but require removal of the plastic, https://imgur.com/a/KhZeT) It would offer something about the size of a console or smaller but you can't upgrade to a GPU.
  5. Epic HAS tools to compete with Steam, its just their bag of tools outside of exclusive deals isn't working. Like what was mentioned, royalty free fees using Unreal Engine 4, more money for the devs, money to develop a competitor, not just another launcher. Cheaper prices are another one, use the money to invest and publish indie games, like say Epic goes to Pheonix Point and says "We want invest in your game, are you looking to add DLC?" and then offer 20% off or something for all DLC if game is purchased on Epic. But they didn't, they took one look at the playbook for Sony, said "thats a good idea, lets do that" without knowing who or what the PC gaming community is and what we will put up with. Even Microsoft for petes sake is backing away from arbitrary walls and opening the Xbox platform. Were the Xbox not a console in most sense, pay to access the internet, I would actually consider buying one for when I need to travel, or a backup rig incase of some sort of computer failure.
  6. and why shouldn't we? I didn't back this game, but they were told "Steam and GoG keys" then in comes Epic, says sign this contract, we'll give you a buttload of money, just can't have it on another platform. The only reason The Division 2 escaped was likely because its Ubisoft and they have more than enough money and their own store front. And I'd be outraged too if my data got stolen because of insecure servers, a crappy store, crappy launcher, crappy service, crappy EULA, everything that is Epic Games is crap and scummy. The only reason they can do this is because of their success of Fortnight and Tencent. And being owned mostly by Tencent itself is alarming. Yes they are investing in a lot of stuff, but so do most investment companies, the scary part is Epic is almost, if not entirely OWNED by Tencent, and Tencent is not friendly to the consumer and extremely friendly with The Party. Plus we PC gamers don't like consoles for the most part BECAUSE of locking the game behind a console system. Want that game? too bad, need our system. Oh, you want to play online, too bad, pay us money cause reasons. Imagine if you will shelling out $120/year for the privlage of being able to play a game online, thats of course on top of your ISP costs, + the costs of two (or three) consoles.... That is why I refuse to play on consoles. Because they don't respect the consumer, Valve and GoG at least do.
  7. Great idea, cept some experienced moron will screw that up like in the case of Air France 447, which pancaked into the ocean after both pilots in reacting to stall warnings kept pulling the the nose up. Closer analyisis showed that the plane hit the water with almost zero forward velocity..... Computers only help so much but the autopilot/MCAS is only a tool at the end of the day and its on the pilots that are require to have the knowledge to fly the plane properly. Just look at US Airways 1549. Also, new reports are coming to light suggesting that the co-pilot only has just over 200 hours of flight time. Either A: Theres some missing logs somewhere or B: you let a student fly a plane.
  8. And if said "professional" has never had time flying said aircraft, how does that make him an expert? "Well I fly the 777 so its the same thing but way safer" is not a valid argument nor valid credentials. That's like a carpenter telling saying "Don't do this" after a wood worker explains how to make a coffee table with lap joints. One builds houses, the other builds precision furniture. They both happen to work with the same material but the woodworker cant tell you how to build a house much like the carpenter can't tell you how to do a finger joint with a router.
  9. Ahh yes, the old fallacy of "I'm in this field therefore my word carries more weight", reminds me of Bill Nye claiming to know how biology works despite having an engineering degree. In order for their word to have weight they would have to be certified on the Max8/9 and have a number of flights on it, then they can report their experience to the FAA. The pilot of a A320 should shut up, sit down and wait for the investigation before making comments.
  10. Yes, and therefore should the 374 planes still in operation be grounded until both accidents can be fully investigated. Should Airbus have grounded the entire A330 fleet until the cause of the crash of Air France 447 could be determined, even though it took a special team to locate the FDR and CVR and then more time to determine the cause of the crash. Lets get realistic here, You can't remove risk entirely and when you get on a plane or a vehicle, or grab a tool, you inherit some risk in using that piece of equipment. I'm not saying throw caution to the wind but lets see some sense of realism here.
  11. The airframe, yes, and even then it requires some upkeep, sensors and electronics, not so much.
  12. My problem on this outcry is..... this hasn't been an issue before, at least in the states, I can't help but feel that this is chicken little situation trying to cause a panic where none exists. Before NN I've always paid a flat rate for my internet, and never dealt with data caps outside of the cell phones. These companies were regulated the FTC, not the FCC. And cell phones ARE regulated by the FCC but still doesnt stop them from causing major issues, I believe Verizon got into a crap ton of trouble during a recent wildfire. I'd recommend a watch of Razorfists video on net neutrality, he's done some research into the subject and is entertaining to watch as well, much like Yahtzee and games.
  13. Mmm, There was mysterious problem with the 737s falling out of the sky causing crashes. Thankfully one flight recovered and it allowed investigators to finally unlock the cause of the problem. Two fatal crashes of the 737 with a similar problem DIDN'T result in the entire 737 being grounded. Granted that was 20-30 years ago, so like you said, nowdays its emotions first, lets not even consider the evidence.
  14. The Douglas DC-10 suffered a number of high fatality crashes due to design and manufacturing flaws. Off the top of my head I can name 3. United 232 crashed in Sioux City killing 111 people after the No 2 engine failed taking out the three hydraulic lines, poor engineering and a failure to properly test for cracks caused the accident. American 191 suffered another high fatality crash after the No 1 engine detached from the aircraft on takeoff, the resulting loss of thrust and yaw to the left put the plane on its side causing it to crash shortly after takeoff. The cause of the accident was from the monkeys in the hanger changing the engine WITH A FORKLIFT. Due to the nature of using this piece of improvised machinery, it damaged the pylon and the stress fracture caused the pylon to detach from the wing with the engine. Turkish Airlines 981 was destroyed with all hands after the rear cargo door blew out causing a catastrophic decompression and taking out vital systems, there was no way to recover with the damage done to the airframe. The cause a design flaw in the door that had been identified on previous flights (American 96) but were not addressed properly to prevent Turkish 981 Edit: confused Turkish 981 with American 96