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  1. You dont understand, its locked at 50%, it maxes out at 50 and wont ever go further even tho my pc starts to lag
  2. But it wouldnt max out, like i said before it would go to 10g max, the problem is that when i alt tab everything except forza is running slowly, even google chrome is lagging because of it
  3. So i have 2x8gb of 3000mhz ram. I dont play anything that required more than 8g except Forza Horizon 4. I noticed that when i check my ram usage when im playing it doesnt go over 50%(8gb). It wasnt like that before, it could go up to 10 sometimes even more but that was okay. Now the ram wont go over 50% and i didnt know what to do. So i turned off the pc, took out the ram sticks and then put them back in, i also swapped their places(the left on on the right and vice versa). I boot up my pc after that, open up forza, and now the ram usage wont go over 44%(7gb). Im just baffled, now its locked t
  4. How do i enable xmp? Also why should i overclock when it should be the base speed right?
  5. So my ram should be 3000mhz, says so on the specs. I have 2x8gb. My mobo is a gigabyte b450. When i go into task manager it says my ram speed is only 2400. Is this supposted to be like that? I tried going into bios and changing it but the ram speed is grayed out. The 1st number says 3000mhz while the 2nd says 2400mhz, dont rlly know what this means so can someone help me out?
  6. So i had a 5euro headset and after a couple of months the sound got distorted and i thought they already broke so i threw them away. I ordered new ones: HyperX cloud II and thought these wont be bad for sure with that price of 85euro. They just came in and guess what, sound still distorted. Ive been saving up for new headphones for so long just to find out that the headphones were never the issue, please tell me theres a way to fix this?
  7. Title. Im a total pc noob so im sorry if i dont get this. I was snooping around my task manager and read that my ram speed is running at 2400mhz. I have 3000mhz ram so is this supposted to be like this or am i supposted to change it myself? If so, how do i change it?
  8. Well i have 12 cores, i just checked all of them are working, some more some less but the cpu usage in general is 20-45% while the gpu usage is 50-70%
  9. Ryzen 5 2600 couldnt be that much more powerful, csgo is a more cpu dependant game after all, maximum usage i ever saw my cpu at is 45%
  10. Perhaps youre right, the cpu could be the issue, i assumed it was the gpu because the gpu usage would always get lower when the fps got lower and vice versa. The cpu is always running on 25-35% usage.
  11. Its a gtx 1660, the first thing i said in the post