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  1. How to tell if AIO cooler runs out of liquid? I currently have Corsair H110 and i know is design to last between 3 to 5 years at best, so if that time come i want to replace it immediately before it's going to cause harm to my CPU. I really appreciate all the help guys!
  2. Source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/fraud-alert-steam-vac-remover-doesn-t-unban-you-497679.shtml Steam gamers, don't fall victim to this new scam Steam users are being targeted in a new fraud campaign, one that targets users that were banned via the Steam VAC(Valve Anti-Cheat) system. Since its introduction, the Steam VAC system has been implemented in around 400 Steam games and allow game makers and especially multiplayer server administrators to ban users that cheat or act out online. The system has been deemed by most gamers as a plague to the Steam community, who at one point or another have a close encounter with the notorious VAC popup. For many years, there were hundreds of Youtube videos that advertised magical cures to get around this popup but only tricked into installing malware on their computers.
  3. JerkyMcDilerino

    [Closed][Giveaway #2]Winter Giveaway

    Add me as well.
  4. JerkyMcDilerino

    Trump Clarifies Position On ‘Shutting Down’ Parts Of The Internet

    All of these craps ruin my brain. This is why i don't care government anymore, they are the one that bring us more harms than goods. All of what Donald thinking is war like seriously dude? Our economy sucks ass and you want to start a war with another country.
  5. JerkyMcDilerino

    Trump Clarifies Position On ‘Shutting Down’ Parts Of The Internet

    Woah, so he views on China and Russia, but not North Korea. GG.
  6. SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC UHS-I Card with Adapter, Grey/Red, Standard Packaging (SDSQUNC-032G-GN6MA) - $10.95.
  7. JerkyMcDilerino

    Best way to introduce yourself to someone you talk to online

    "My name is Billy, i'm 67 years old and this is my first time meet you, so what is your name?"
  8. JerkyMcDilerino

    Virus Story Megathread

    Ebola virus that kill a lot of peoples in Africa.
  9. My mind is telling me no, but my body, but my body telling me yes when i see a hot girl walk pass me.

  10. JerkyMcDilerino

    Do i have a virus?

    Well, most or not all my malware removal tools is only strong on Windows OS, but not on Mac. So my best shot is reinstall Mac OS.
  11. JerkyMcDilerino

    Do i have a virus?

    That is called hijacker than a virus because virus CANNOT move your mouse without a person behind the other side. It like your car engine start by itself and then drive without any one inside or the key in. If you have a virus on Mac than any devices connect to that network that Mac already been infected will be automatically get infect soon. Also, the differences between malware and virus is virus require no user interaction and automatically spread rapidly from the router. Unlike malware, it require user interaction and less chance of spreading because it require removable devices to transfer from one self to another computer.
  12. JerkyMcDilerino

    What tech job should I do?

    The real question is, what do you want to be in the future?
  13. JerkyMcDilerino

    17, College not working. What should i do! UK

    That's not bad at all. But i suggest you give a shot on IT security as well because it kinda fun of play around with the malware that black hats developed.
  14. JerkyMcDilerino

    Help finding a GOOD computer chair

    That is the nature for us to get back pain. Nothing can avoid, you can't even avoid getting sick.
  15. JerkyMcDilerino

    17, College not working. What should i do! UK

    What you want to be in the future? Computer troubleshooting probably going to be a rough time. So i probably suggest you looking somewhere between graphics designer, IT security, and software engineering.
  16. JerkyMcDilerino

    17, College not working. What should i do! UK

    That's false. If the company have space left for you then they will hire you as long you meet their requirements. Same as college, if you meet their requirements they will accept you only if there enough space left for you.
  17. JerkyMcDilerino

    Help finding a GOOD computer chair

    $500 budget for the chair, geez you people must be idiot or something. Just buy a regular computer desk chair and put bunch of pillows on top of it.
  18. JerkyMcDilerino

    17, College not working. What should i do! UK

    You don't have to compete other peoples(unless you want to show off) to get your college degree, but just try to get your college degree and high school diploma then any jobs or companies will lovely hire you. Also you just only 17 years old, so you pretty much have a lot of times to think. Just believe in your dream and never give up.
  19. JerkyMcDilerino

    17, College not working. What should i do! UK

    Do you have college degree? If you do then they have no problem hire someone that are intelligent and diligent.
  20. JerkyMcDilerino

    17, College not working. What should i do! UK

    Be a software designer, and you are only 17? Geez bro you have more times.
  21. JerkyMcDilerino


  22. JerkyMcDilerino

    Did i mess up my MBR? Did i do anything wrong?

    If Rootkit infection can mess up your MBR, than virus can too since they both similar in some way.
  23. JerkyMcDilerino

    Schools are becoming way to over reactive!

    I never put too much works on school because is futile. The only time i put too much works is my job.
  24. Best security for your computer is Avast Free + Malwarebytes Anti Malware Premium + Malwarebytes Anti Exploit + Comodo Firewall + AdblockPlus for your browsers. Avast and Malwarebytes Anti Malware should be good enough to handle threats, Malwarebytes Anti Exploit will shield all your vulnerable applications for exploit, and Comodo Firewall is a top free firewall that is more superior than Windows firewall because it does give you more control for your applications and it have a sandbox feature that allow you to run risky applications on a virtual environment without affect your host machine. In addition with Adblock Plus, it able to block annoying ads,pop ups, and malicious sites.
  25. JerkyMcDilerino

    What phone should I buy?

    One Plus Two.