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  • Birthday December 25

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    Currently: Tempe, AZ Originally: Huntington Beach, CA
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    Transformers (Was Administrator at TFW2005.com for almost 10 years) GI Joe and all sorts of 80's era toys, Retro Gaming (Especially Arcade) Building PCs (Duh) and in general making tech do things the manufacturers don't want you to, or as Linus would put it Professional Warranty Voider.
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    Been in the arcade industry since I was 14 with stops off in the IT industry to keep things interesting. I also teach HS Marching Band.

    Built my first PC with my Dad when I was about 5 or 6 (Imsai 8080) after he came home and I had disassembled his old Tube Kit Built Receiver.
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    Data Center Technician/Amusements (Arcade, Bowling Pinsetters)/Music Teacher


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    Xeon E5 1620 V4 Broadwell EP
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte X99-Ultra Gaming-CF
  • RAM
    128 GB DDR4
  • GPU
    GTX 1080 Founders Edition
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    Intel 660p 2 TB 16TB Raid 0 Array and 8 TB Raid 1 External Backup
  • PSU
    Cougar CM 1000

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  1. Yeah, I got a Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse (the one with the Weights and changable feet) at their closing sale. It just finally died recently. (Pressing F)
  2. That may be so, but man even Sears and K-Mart were not this bad.
  3. https://www.sciencenews.org/article/chip-carbon-nanotubes-not-silicon-marks-computing-milestone?fbclid=IwAR2SJM7C14nwLKZMmL2L02GRxfhU84jGa-qVsAc0YZHpXmCJTjOk0aOaU4Y
  4. This is the Back Stock Area of the Tempe, AZ Store. This was packed just a couple of years ago.
  5. I have one down the street from me in Tempe, AZ and it and the Phoenix ones are a Joke, same thing with their LA Stores. Nothing official yet but the writing is on the wall. I hope Micro Center Swoops in and buys a few of them.
  6. Nice I've got a pair of Kicker Comp VR 12s that you feel in your chest if I turn them up.
  7. Hey I got a Vewsonic 24" at Goodwill for $8 on one of their sale days. After playing with it I got the refresh overclocked to 82Hz. Not bad if I do say so myself.
  8. Nice to see someone else rocking some serious Subs.
  9. I have used Torguard for years. Started off with their Proxy Service with a sale they were running for $2.98 a month. I had problems with the Proxy so they upgraded me to VPN at the same price so I have had their VPN Service for $2.98 a month for years now.
  10. Depending on what model you have you might want to look into a Nako Intercooler
  11. This was a Birthday in July Present from a Friend (My Birthday is Christmas Day) and not a Purchase but still awesome. (Stole Pic from and Ebay Listing as I didn't take a pic before I opened them but loose pic is mine))
  12. I'm too lazy to dig it out of the bin (using a pic from a search) but I found one of these in Storage not that long ago.
  13. Back in the day I actually used to buy custom ones for my cases. They were "Kleer-Dome" badges. Now I pretty much don't use them. I have one of the tiny Intel Badges on my case that came with my Processor and that's it.