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  1. Well they might not but Apple certainly does as they maintain super high performing chips in their A series of chipsets.
  2. Nice job ignoring what makes Airpods totally unique though.
  3. I’m a New Zealander that lives in New Zealand and has his whole life mate. Don’t try and bullshit about me being an ignorant American. Im not saying white people need to be attacked or have racism directed at them but it’s a fucking joke to say the last instance of white people being oppressive was 300 years ago because it’s fucking bullshit. The british destroyed india and left in 1947, America systematically destabilised the Middle East for oil and installed their own governments, Australia treats its aboriginals in a disgraceful manner etc. This shit is fucking recent history, don’t try to rewrite it.
  4. Nah man you’re lost and confused and in your built up frenzy you fucking think I’m talking about slaves when I’m not talking about that at all. When did segregation end again? Please remind me.
  5. Of course you were part of gamer gate and of course you’re lying about the reality of what it was.
  6. Oh I can buy plenty of cookies too and I have Apple devices. Would you like one?
  7. I already mentioned products in my household. I did not lie. Stop trying to think I generalised it to everyone.
  8. They would have had backlash either way. I think they should have been transparent from the get go and have the toggle when they did it to the iPhone 6 and beyond. Look, I disagree with what they did but I can understand why they did it. Know what I mean?
  9. Lying? How? Really, I wanna know how I lied.
  10. But the thing is you CAN turn it off. It's in the settings as a toggle.
  11. It’s workouts. Workouts kill mine faster but normally it lasts 3 days