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  1. Ya most people dont care Im just baffled that people think their stuff is worth that much. Lets say I want to sell my civir coupe for $70,000...I guess nobody will buy it but maybe some random person might get suckered in lol.
  2. Hey I am wondering if anyone else randomly goes to Kajiji/Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace and searches computers to find WAY overprices "custom" PC's just to message the seller and let them know how silly they are. Just had an ad that wanted 2700 for a gtx 1660 and 7800. Or $800 for AMD FX-9370 and rx 570 with 8GB ram. I do not lambaste them or be mean, I just ask them how they go to the price they are requesting and sometimes send links to new computers around the same price and ask if thats what they were buying once they sell the very obvious price gouge. No I will not link the posts as that would be a breach of privacy for these people. Please do not post links or peoples names as that would be very mean. Or am I the only one.....
  3. Sounds like you need to give these guys a call. Sounds like some weird cross-talk. So you have any antenna wires hanging down the back from the radio by the TV? Might need to move the radio or have some foil under the radio to stop the TV from picking up the signal. Are you using external TV speakers or are they built in? Not 100% sure on that but it sounds alot like old crosstalk where the audio would get picked up and have distortion as its receiving multiple signals.
  4. Id rather not make those kind of jokes insinuations on a tech forum. This isnt the place for that. The point was send across without it. A tech forums shouldnt be the place to make jokes about that as the same with being overly political as examples. I never said that was a swear but like how a business can use the phrade "No shirt no Shoes no service" thats the same with a private forum where they have rules and I do not wish to break them.
  5. You could always try to use a generic size CPU block on the Laptop CPU/GPU. The main issue would be mounting it properly to the laptop. Best bet would be to remove the board and use it like a makeshift desktop Is there are holes for the CPU/GPU mount and somehow attach the waterbock. example of a more generic waterblock https://www.frozencpu.com/products/21256/ex-blc-1524/Koolance_PLT-UN25F_Cold_Plate_-_25mm_x_25mm_098in_x_098in.html?tl=g30c89s2298 or there are a bunch on ali express.
  6. Sucks to hear this happening in Canada but this looks to be an issue more with Quebec. I dont know how the rest of us Canadians feel about them but Quebec seems to want to be their own country. They do have some different laws then other provinces and it can be confusing. This is sort of the same as different states having some different laws. I believe what is being on trial here is if he used Defamation to the person. I would have to hear the complete joke in its context to make any judgement on it. With comedy I believe everything should be ok, humor is relative and not everyone will enjoy knock knock jokes as much as people will like dead b*by jokes. You should be able to make any jokes you want, but the issue is what if the comedian is just making statements and defaming someone and using the guise of being a comedian to hide? I am not saying this is the case but it could be a thought... Reminds me of an old WKYK skit where they make the joke that it is illegal to state "I want to XXXX the President of the USA" unless you are telling someone they cannot say that and they go off on where you could be and where to buy weapons and its a pretty funny skit. It plays on that you cannot say that phrase on TV. Are those jokes illegal as well? Seems more like Quebec being silly as always and showing Canada in a sad light where I personally live. I do not fear I am losing my right to freedom of speech but I can see alot of our US brothers and sisters believing this happens all the time and we have no freedoms.
  7. As Slottr says I recommend a Hyper 212 or 212evo. They are cheap and great coolers for the price. Will keep your cpu cooler and alot less noisy.
  8. As someone who uses SLI for years stuttering can be commonplace and difficult to troubleshoot. Make sure that if you are using 1 gpu to have the most up to date driver. I would recommend clean reinstall of drivers. Reinstall and games and make sure that default settings dont stutter. Are there certain settings in the game causing the stuttering? Test Test Test. Is it happening to Full screen games or window mode games? If its in Window mode is the background of Windows stuttering? (can be tested by having looping gifs play in the background. My issue was that some settings where being utilized by the 2nd GPU which caused slight miscommunication between the GPU's Even after taking 2nd GPU out it was still happening till I did a clean reinstall. Also to confirm studdering you are getting drops in FPS in games where randomly the game looks to freeze and come back almost instantly causing a disruption and the FPS tracker goes to almost 0? Or are you getting FPD drops where it feels like a car breaks then speeds back up? Check out the settings for the Motherboard. Is there one of those "1 button OVERCLOCKS" active? Is the Ram setting set to XML? A PC with those specs are a dream machine and it really sucks to hear you are having issues. (kinda wanna see those pics of the machine) Hope some of this helps. Please feel free to @ tag me for information or troubleshooting. Good Luck and hope it gets fixed asap.
  9. The issue with using a forum like LTT for asking if users build their own pc's is that you are not getting random people from all aspects. You are looking at a sample of people which would be strange information unless you are specifically looking at users on the LTT forums. I do not pretend to know what your full study is on, would you be able to clarify if the votes are for users only in the PC community for LTT? PC is on my account, 8700k, 32GB, 1080 etc...
  10. Most are around the same as they usually all are purchased from the same producer. I never tried the rosewell one before but I have seen it and its a good price but kinda ugly. My issue with fans is you see a performance different in air pressure which = speed of spinning. So if I purchase a delta fan and crank it the performance is great, but the sound is awful. normal use there is very little difference. To confirm I am not arguing size doesnt play a part. But most common 240mm 120mm AIO's are very similar and perform withing a degree or two with normal fan use. So either purchase to budget or purchase for what you want. If you go off the deep end then yes you can find the BEST ONE with Delta fans cranked at 100% fan speed for max performance.
  11. I stand by what I said. most coolers use standard sizes and they perform very similar. If want to get into semantics then I guess we could test the coolers in different delta temps outside where if its summer at 30 or if its -40 with a windchill we can see if there is a difference in performance LOL. Lets check 2 fans performance difference Here is an old thread talking about using premium fans for performance increase for a water cooler, Unless the fan is physically pushing more airflow at higher speeds it would make very little difference. Normally it wouldnt matter as the cooler/Motherboard will actively monitor fan speed to keep it cool and not have it spinning at max RPM. Now if we look at some of the common Rads used for cpu coolers from their site Coolermaster Rads for basic 240MM https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/cpu-liquid-coolers/masterliquid-ml240p-mirage/#Specifications Rad Dimensions: 277x120x27mm Corsair H100I https://www.corsair.com/ca/en/Categories/Products/Liquid-Cooling/Dual-Radiator-Liquid-Coolers/Hydro-Series™-RGB-Platinum/p/CW-9060039-WW#tab-tech-specs Rad Dimentions: 277x120x27mm NZXT https://www.nzxt.com/product-overview/kraken Rad Dimensions: 275x123x30mm Rosewell https://www.newegg.ca/p/N82E16835200117 Rad Dimensions: 274x22x32mm EVGA: https://www.newegg.ca/p/N82E16835288009 Rad Dimensions:276x122x28mm There is around 1-2mm differences and with fan testing it shows within margin of error. So either you can rly overwork OR buy something that would fit your build and maybe be within 1-3 difference in temperature. We can again look to gamers nexus who tested with set fans They found that if the cooler is the same 240mm they perform similar as I stated and if its a 120mm rad they perform worse or if they are using extra thick ones it can perform better. So lets compare tubing next to see if there is a 1-2 degree difference? OR we could go with a much easier answer for someone asking a question as they perform similar if they are the same size... There is the rare occasion that some are thicker but most are not as this can cause compatibility issues with cases. Do we could these rare occasions for all parts? There are some NZXT coolers that have the pump in the rad? Should we consider this for every post on LTT on water cooling to make sure its referred to? There was the old Antec ones that had fans that had the pumps in one unit? Should we consider the older models to? Most of these would be hard to purchase new as some are no longer in active production though some sites may still have stock.
  12. Games like CS:GO and WoW for example are CPU heavy games and do not always count on GPU usage. I believe this to be the case for minecraft as well as alot of the physics are done with the cpu. The rendering is done by the gpu for the screen but the actual creation of the world is being done on the cpu I believe. This could be the cause of the lower FPS since Minecraft isnt a gpu intensive game like BF5 4k. I have not played Minecraft in a while but I would search to see if its using more of your cpu for the building of the world blocks or whatever they call it or if that work is being loaded into the GPU.
  13. Would you be able to link Full PC specs and what games are not utilizing the GPU to its fullest as you say. This would help to have as much information as possible
  14. Then you are looking at a thickness difference. If they are the same size they will perform similar as I stated in my original comment. If your looking at size differences there will be differences. As for fans they are very minimal difference as most named brands put on static pressure fans. depending on delta of the room they look to be within margin of error for a normal system that isnt in a test environment. There could be differences in thermal connection with thermal paste application or if they use the standard stuff included. Noise is relative to the person. If the system is in another room you can have 20 fans and maybe they cant hear it. Why make things super complicated they appear to be within margin of error if you change fan speeds. Again if he has case that has noise reduction then it puts more variables into account. Are we accounting for his headphones for noise as well? is he using open or closed? or speakers....
  15. Most liquid AIO's perform within margin of error with each other. Cooling a CPU is down to a science most are all made from the same parts rebranded to the companies needs. If you want X feature buy it more based on that and price than which performs best. 120mm will perform the same as other 120mm coolers and the same for 240mm and 360mm the sizes perform different but the comparison between models is very small and it would be better to purchase based on price and style you want.