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  1. I've had a xclaim AP for years now been pretty happy with it. But its time to upgrade. I'd like something I can add addtional APs to form a Mesh network down the road, and that supports PoE and Wifi 6 with out spending a ton of money on an enterprise solution. I'd prefer to keep things simple with just PoE APs but if I have to get something with a built in router and just not use it well.... so be it
  2. In this case I'm not even connecting both cards at once. It works with 1 gpu, keep everything the same cables and all and swap to the other card instead and now power on.
  3. I would have tried that before posting but its a good 2 3 hrs of work to drain the loop and remove the card... haha
  4. Good idea unfortunately some idiot (..... me) designed this case with no basement access... when I put it together I had to have 2 friends hold it up in the air while I bolted the bottom half on. I would suspect the chances of the power cables (both sets mind you) working in card 1 but not card 2 are really really slim. But you are right totally possible. I guess for now I'm going to just toss an old air cooled GTX 780 in there for the 2nd gamer. With the pandemic I wont be having friends over to the house to game anytime soon anyway. This should let me get everything back up and
  5. After extensive testing I have indeed confirmed the NES fix ..... had no effect at all.. lol
  6. Yup thats correct. I'll inspect the PCI-e connectors on the 2nd (bad) card and see if anything looks borked.... If that fails.... I guess I'll try pretending its a NES game and blow on it really hard until it works.....
  7. Check out the post in my signature. TLDR it was a Unraid 2 Gamers 1 CPU system running an EVGA SR-2 motherboard with Two overclocked Xeon CPUs Bunch of ram 2 GTX 980s 24x 3.5" Drives 12x 2.5" SSDs My napkin math told me it could in theory pull ~1300W But about 8-12 months ago it just died. Assumed the motherboard had given up the farm, now its appears maybe it was this GPU the entire time... O well it never could quite do the Gaming thing with that old weird.... but so very cool !... hardware. I had been waiting to put in a new Threadripper CPU to continue the level of "
  8. Good call I'll remember to do that If I take the known good GPU with the known good Power and PCI-E ribbon cable and connect it to the 2nd X16 PCI-E slot on the motherboard (MSI X570 Ultra) system powers on as expected. If I take that exact setup but move the PCI-E ribbon (extension) cable and PCI-E power cables off the 1st known Good GPU and move them to the 2nd the System wont boot..... Well scratch that wont Power on. Hit the power button and I think sometimes I hear a click, but thats it.
  9. Thanks for the ideas. This issue was happening with out the cards actually connected to the motherboard. Just the power cables connected. So with our without the "faulty" gpu connected to the motherboard, if the PCI-E power cables are connected to that card it wont power on.
  10. Been at this PC rebuild all night and could use a "2nd pair of eyes" so to speak. Have this giant custom case I built, with a major design flaw.... its nearly impossible to get to anything in the "basement". I have a new x570 board with 1 of the 2 GTX 980s power cables plugged in system powers on fine even boots the OS. When I plug in power cables for the 2nd GTX 980 the system wont power on at all, nothing. I moved the "known working" power cables from the 1st card to the 2nd and see the same issue. Can anyone think of anything that could be wrong here other than that
  11. I've built many many computers over the years this is my first since my previous i7 3770k Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro Wifi 3700x 2x 8GB sticks of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR3600 And a EVGA 2080 Ti I previously had installed with my 3770k 512 GB Intel m.2 and a few sata ssds I've looked at all the obvious stuff so far. I reseated the CPU Checked for over heating Furmark hammering the GPU and Prime95 running in blend mode and I didn't come with in 20 or 30 degrees C of eithers thermal limit. I've run various benchmarks and a few games and it seems to run fine. But Heros
  12. Pycharm is fantastic and has a community edition Also the Atom editor is great, you can get a lot of the functionality with the 1000's of plugins available for it
  13. Making this post in hopes that it helps someone in the future. I build a new Ryzen 7 3700x system with a Gigbyte X570 motherboard last night. Previously I had a Asus Z77 Sabertooth and a 3770k. My HX1000i Corsair CPU is fully modular. When I went to put in the new hardware I needed an additional 4pin CPU power cable. I pulled out my box of hardware and found an extra PSU cable (made sure it wasn't the PCI-E cables, and matched up the end the plugged into the PSU). Fast forward about 3 hrs of struggling to figure out why my new build wont POST, all I would get was a fe