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Everything posted by Latislapaloie

  1. better then mine 25mbps, 250GB a month
  2. oh god i remember preordering bf4.. that was a bad idea
  3. i only have 1 that connects everything- internet cord thingy from the wall, pc, brothers xbox and wireless
  4. i had troubles putting in my cpu and closing the thingy it was stiff and i thought it would break if i pushed it down hard
  5. never tried it, never seen a point. i look at it as just a waste of money that gets you killed
  6. $300 gtx 560 from futureshop about a year ago
  7. i built mine to have a modded skyrim... and LoL
  8. if you like turn based games its awesome!
  9. i got one but i didn't care for the game much when i played it last time, do you want my code?
  10. what does page file do to stop that from happening when it's not at 0mb
  11. my cousins name is luke do you love him too? :^)
  12. *hugs* it's okay, don't be afraid
  13. whats the benefit of putting psu fan upwards ?