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  1. That's what my professor wanted for some reason but I suppose he would prefer it working lol. I'll implement that for the time being. Much of what I've read warns against using !feof so I'm not sure his goal.
  2. Hello everyone, I have a weird issue where my feof loop is not terminating when it should. This should be processing media from a 3 line file and runs infinitely. can anyone spot why it would be doing this? <!doctype html> <?php require('mlib_functions.php'); html_head("mlib skeleton"); require('mlib_header.php'); require('mlib_sidebar.php'); # Code for your web page follows. echo "<h2>Processing Equipment from List...</h2>"; if ($_FILES['userfile']['error'] > 0) { echo 'Problem: '; switch ($_FILES['userfile']['error']) { case 1: echo 'File exceeded upl
  3. Hey guys I'm getting an error when I try to press a button in my "app" that is supposed to begin running the code on another .lua file called level1.lua but it is giving these errors. the code it is referring to is But it is saying that the module is not found. Any ideas? Edit I figured that out now I have this error. I had multiple test prints and it seems to be failing somehow between the end scene:create and start of scene:show Those functions call this file
  4. feel free to buy mine so I can afford the M240i (consulted with a bunch of BMW employees and test drove one today, it swayed me from buying an M4) You get a .1 decrease in your 0-60 time in a BMW though lol
  5. Alright y'all I decided against doing any performance mods for my car, instead I'm gonna be buying an M4 within the next year hopefully . I'd like to blame BMW for making it practically impossible to cheaply add HP on a 325ci lol
  6. I'd check for a BIOS update maybe? I'm not sure that would cause something like that but it's worth a shot
  7. Wow I was way over thinking that then lol
  8. Hey guys, I've been trying to study for my midterm that is next Tuesday by doing a bunch of problems in the book and I've come across one that is completely stumping me. Basically I'm supposed to find integers that make the given wff false. I was wondering if someone could just give a hint or some method to solve this because I've tried about 50 combinations of numbers with no luck. The given wff is: {True} if x < y then y := y - x {y > 0} over the domain of integers I've basically tried to use logic to narrow it down, because the precondition does not help narrow the integers
  9. It definitely is lol, I feel like I'm ruining my mediocre car when I drive it even though it has a shit ton of miles and no actual mods. Had no idea they made so few thats interesting. Just curious as a Miata driver how do you feel about S2000s. I've never been a Miata fan (mainly because the Hoonigan ricer movement) but I saw a S2000 while walking to class and I was surprised how much I liked the look of it even though it looks pretty similar to a Miata.
  10. Is it normal for insurance companies to avoid OEM? My moms insurance would literally not let her take it to out normal shop and demanded that she take it to Ford when she was rear ended.
  11. I'd go new on everything except the headlight unless he wants to get screwed on the price of those. Also, https://www.copart.com/lot/24203098 to bid or not to bid
  12. ~800 bumper primed ~450 grille assembly ~200 ebay ~800 hood Probably a few more things, like the little grill their estimate isn't too far off if they're buying new parts.
  13. Hey guys I have a question with a bitshift problem (studying for a midterm) the sample problem is int x = 0x88888888 (x << 20) >> 20; when I run the problem the answer comes out to fffff888 and I'm not sure where the f's are coming from. I know when right shifting we sometimes fill in the left side with the value of the most significant bit, but I don't get where the f is coming from. Could anyone give a quick explanation?