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  1. Linus is an influencer pure and simple. Logan from tek even explained what that means. its pretty cool since it comes from someone on the same side as Linus https://youtu.be/zrOo8LzvKvc?t=22m31s
  2. yeah but I want SLI as well. so that just means I wont have enough. especially if pascal can use most of the bandwidth at 16X that means Ill only get 8X each video card. then my PCI e SSD and m.2 my audio card. lots of USB etc..... I think for me X99 40 lanes. and wait for skylake - E in 2017 or zen in like 2020
  3. yeah the 20 lane limit for skylake is keeping me from getting it. im still thinking about a 5930K as the 40 lanes.... or I wait for broadwell E. I wonder if that will have DMI 3 or a new chipset or will that us X99 still?
  4. That would have to be the worst quality case I've ever seen so many problems. with the quality. those "bakery ties" OH my and broken wires and fans. how could you possibly say this didn't suck. it fulfils every definition of that word. Am I the only one increasingly frustrated. with the BenQ video. that is a compete crapper . but linus still endorsed it at the end. in every possible light its inferior to competing products on all levels and its the same here
  5. this should have been completely Rekt and shitted upon. That would have been a more accurate review. Linus squatting down on it and leaving a steaming pile of poop on it How did Linus let them get away with endorsing this. if you ever needed proof his impartiality isnt for sale. look at this review. he hsaid all gaming things suck, and that this is his new gaming monitor No USB. no HDMI 2.0 for a 144hz. its 1080P at that size. scaling is bad, not enough pixels. But its his new "gaming monitor" that is not objective at all. he shat on it. that product should be sent back with a note. dont send me any more Junk.
  6. That is a terrible product. 1080P at that price is equal to LG 34" curved. when I just checked Newegg So lets analyse this review. Linus prefaces it with. Every time you are sold a product "For Gaming" it usually sucks. He then goes on about how good this product is colour wise. which is fine. says there are not enough pixels. he also says he's sick (while slamming fist) of marketers saying things are optimised for gaming. Well he does exactly that at the end of the video. WTF Linus. He then asks what does that even mean. Well you just said it at the end its your new gaming monitor? And then says the resolution is silly for that size of screen. But then at the end endorses the product saying its his new "gaming monitor" I mean which is it Linus ? and for $900-1,099 did you get to keep this as well Linus?
  7. but why. they never give you enough upgrades in terms of the hardware. its all so incremental ! Then compound the fact my friends havent got any updates for note 4 or 5 AT ALL
  8. Pretty open and honest review I feel regarding the note 5 . I ve never owned one because of those issues. For disclosure. Linus was given A free Iphone 6 and this Note 5 to place the Dbrand skins in as an ad and to place them . I would have liked to hear that. My supporting evidence for that is . the referral links in the more info section being used so Dbrand can quantify their investment here. I really liked the disclosure at the end that Dbrand provided the phones. I feel like Linus is being much more forthcoming. I hope this continues.
  9. you must be dense. of course its for placment and exposure. otherwise Linus wouldnt have made a video. and they wouldnt have sent him one. so do you honestly think it went down this way...... Stand by A wild ultimaker2 appeared. Linus catches it and makes a video..... Heck no it doesn't work that way. And bring the lawsuits on. Ill gladly subpoena the emails between Linus and their company
  10. Marketing company. makes advertisement. goes to TV/cable whatever and buys ad time for the time slot it wants. here this happens company emails Linus and offers a free Ultimaker printer in exchange for a review. Linus then makes said interview acting as a reviewer. when he gets paid essentially a frigging expensive printer. I know exactly how it works good sir. DO you?
  11. agree. even if you want SLI a 5820 is the best option. especially now faster GFX cards etc are coming. we might start saturating 16X speeds soon
  12. at this point we can no longer hold linus in standing as a qualified reviewer. All his tests must come into question at this point. hes almost blown up 3 zeons (that intel sponsored him with) by holding them with frigging zip ties plus countless other failures. and now this 4 MOTHERBOARDS FOUR!! And then the pci riser, the way he installed that was of a 4 year old kid on way too much meth or something. completely scattered or high, and no regard of showing any professionalism what so ever. Then he broke the NDA on the Dual Nvidia card he was just given on the WAN show. I mean who can keep supporting this guy. PLUS THEY PAY HIM FOR PROMOTION. and hes screwing it up. Linus needs to grow up, and they way he acted to the comments THAT WERE RIGHT, about the other boards. shows how childish he is. He also knows the paid reviews thing is a really big issue. which is why he has been skipping it. Well Canadian advertisement ombudsman has been in contact with me. and they are investigating. clear breaches! GROW UP. before you are fined into oblivion, and hardware vendors abandon your platform for lack of professionalism. This is a wakeup call DROPS THE MIC
  13. the brand deal is Linus is given a 4,000 US ultimaker 2 in exchange for the review. Thats the BRAND DEAL and in regards to total B. he discloses this very fact EVERY TIME! with ZERO ambiguity
  14. The competition Bureau of Canada states http://www.competitionbureau.gc.ca/eic/site/cb-bc.nsf/eng/03946.html#s1_4 1.4 Disclosure Issues in the Digital Economy Many of the kinds of representations that mislead consumers online create a false or misleading general impression because the advertiser has not adequately disclosed information necessary for consumers to make informed choices. The true state of affairs, if revealed at all, is often buried in fine print disclaimers or is obscured because of its formatting or placement in the context of the overall advertisement. The following outlines some of the more common examples. 1.4.1 When information is actually advertising One of the most powerful ways for consumers to protect themselves when shopping is to become informed. The online world has opened infinite gateways into new sources of information where consumers can educate themselves about products and services by referring to studies, articles and expert reviews, and also by tapping into the experiences of fellow consumers. This is an intensely pro‑consumer development. However, in many instances this can be completely undermined by advertisers who design online advertisements for a product or service to look like something other than promotional material. Some are made to look like unbiased news articles or headlines, others like independent sources of information such as expert reviews or blogs, while still other commercial representations masquerade as consumer reviews and testimonials. As consumers seek out and rely on information found online in order to help them make choices in the marketplace, advertisements that falsely pose as arms‑length information can be seriously misleading, and erode confidence in the digital economy.